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Simple Money Spells and Rituals to Attract Money and Abundance - Part 1


What are the Money Spells and Money Rituals

We all know by now that money does not grow on the trees. Some of us have to work very hard, sometimes two or three jobs, to make the ends meet. A lot of people, however, believe that money can be attracted and the money situation can be improved with few simple money rituals. The Internet is filled with the advertisement of the money spells for sale. They will cost you about $20 a spell on average. If you don't feel comfortable paying for something you don't even know is going to work, try these simple money spells and rituals. They are absolutely free and fun to perform.

So, what are money spells and rituals and how do they work for money attraction? For hundreds of years certain cultures have been practicing certain rituals for attracting good fortune. Some of them may seem like a total nonsense to the outsider, but these were traditional ways many people have followed. Some rituals even may seem weird and completely unacceptable, because there are people who have committed such despicable acts as human and animal sacrifice for attracting wealth.

Some money rituals are very simple and may include passing a special coin from generation to generation or a gemstone, which is supposed to attract great wealth. It may be a talisman inherited from a grandfather who has built a million dollar business. It also can be a first lucky dollar your family earned after they created a profitable source of income.

There are few more things that can be important for people who care about their finances. For example, quite few people carry written money spells in their wallet to attract more money. I know few people who have a special dollar bill in their possession and that bill is said to be a lucky bill, because it will never let the wallet dry out.

I have come to understanding that it's all about what you believe in. If you believe that certain money spells and rituals will work for you, then more than likely you will experience more money flow and abundance.

New Moon Abundance Checks

You have probably heard of this ritual or similar one from someone who is into abundance making. This ritual is very old and, in fact, nobody even knows where it came from and who could have possibly come up with the idea.

The basic principle of this ritual is to write a check to yourself during the first 24 hours of the New Moon. There is something magical about this ritual and lots of people claim to be able to generate some extra money from nowhere right after they wrote an Abundance Check.

For this ritual you will need to have a check book. You may use your own check book, or you may print fake blank checks from the Internet. So, during the first 24 hours of the New Moon, take a blank check and start working on your abundance. Leave the date blank, no need to fill it up. Write your name on the first line which says: "Pay to the order of". Write "Paid in Full" on the dollar amount line. Sign the check on the bottom with the signature "The Law of Abundance" or "Universe", whichever you prefer. There is nothing else that needs to be done! You may put your Abundance Check in the safe place and then destroy it in about 3 weeks. You may repeat the ritual every New Moon.

It's absolutely essential to be a strong believer when it comes to money spells and rituals. Although believing is the key to success, I have come across numerous posts from skeptics who said they didn't believe in the Abundance Checks but, somehow, got the unexpected money after writing those checks. I think it is well worth trying, because it's totally free and takes only few minutes.


Green Candle Money Spell

This next money spell involves just few thing but has very promising results. You will need to have a green candle in your possession to perform this simple spell. The green color of the candle is associated with money, since the color of money is green, as we know. You will also need a piece of paper, matches or lighter, and a small amount of peppermint oil.

To begin with, write the desired amount of money on the white piece of paper. Focus on that amount of money and visualize how you are going to use that money. It can be used to pay a bill, to buy something you have wanted for a long time, to donate to charity, to buy a gift for someone, or put away for your retirement. Just have a clear picture in your mind about what good is going to come from your receiving this amount of money.

Next, rub some peppermint oil all over candle. Place the candle on the piece of paper with the written amount and light it up. Let it burn for few minutes continuing to visualize the money coming to you. It's important to spend some time while the candle is burning feeling as if you have already acquired this desired amount of money. Feeling that you already possess this money helps manifest it faster.

After this, move the candle to the side, fold the paper few times like a letter and seal it with the wax of the burning candle on the line of the folding saying: "Money, money come to me!" Repeat this phrase three times. Let the wax cool and place the piece of paper somewhere away from other people - try to keep it private. At this point of time, let it go and don't touch the sealed piece of paper until the money comes to you. As soon as you receive the money, you may get rid of the piece of paper and repeat it again for the new amount you desire. The green candle can be reused again. Needless to say, you need to be careful with the burning candle!

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I have found many versions of the green candle money spells involving few other things like coins, dollar bills or gem stones. You may try any one of them. It's all about what you feel comfortable with.

Green Candle Money Spell


Use Citrine Gemstones to Attract More Money

Citrine has been known for thousands of years as a very powerful gemstone to attract money, great wealth and abundance. If you want to be abundant with money, it's absolutely essential for you to wear Citrine jewelry, have some Citrine in your wallet, and have few Citrine gemstones around your house.

Here are few facts about citrine:

Citrine is a quartz very closely related to Amethyst. It has beautiful yellow color which varies from stone to stone. You may find some eye-catching stones with the color going from light yellow to deep orange on the tip of the crystal. It is believed that the deeper the color of the stone, the greater power it has. Citrine is considered to be a very powerful manifestation stone with unique ability to attract wealth to its owner. It helps to release the fear and anxiety and bring good financial luck to business people and salesmen.

There are few ways you may use citrine to attract more money and abundance into your life:

  • Buy some Citrine jewelry and wear it daily.
  • Purchase few Citrine stones and place them in a small plate somewhere close to the sun. The sun will enhance the powers of Citrine and "charge" it. Keep the stones in your house to attract money on regular bases. Meditate on your Citrine stones to ask for abundance.
  • Place few Citrine stones around your work place, for example, your desk or close to your computer.
  • Keep few Citrine stones in your purse or wallet to attract money. For the best results, keep the Citrine close to the dollar bills.

Green Adventurine

Green Adventurine

Green Adventurine as Money Attracting Gemstone

Green Adventurine has been known as a money attracting stone through centuries, and is very popular among the lottery players and gamblers who are always looking for a big win. It can be worn on your neck as a good luck talisman or money magnet since it's also called "Money Stone". Gamblers believe that it brings good luck into the game of chance and they always carry it with them while gambling. It's also a good stone to help with business and sales for those who prefer to earn their living offering services and products to the other people.

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