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Silence Is Often the Best Answer

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You must often understand that silence is the best option. It may be one of the most profound answers that anyone can ever give without using language. If you approve or do not, you help others recognize your thoughts or emotions without saying a sentence with your mouth. We often go around and want to raise our argument, but we ignore that people are listening and listening. While it is better to say rather than do, sometimes in life, we find circumstances we don't understand or that it probably doesn't make sense to attempt to reach the ends. This is where we must learn to be calm.

In such a scenario, it is necessary to consider which weapons to use. By throwing your mouth at the garbage, you will not want to find yourself a fool. Of course not! Of course not! This is why you can choose to be silent. Silence is a slap that knocks the senses of others. It's strong enough. You must see if this weapon is to be used. On the other side, you can still be careful not to be dumb. Like make fools understand it's useless, so it's the same!

On the other side, try to remain silent and composed, rather than speak with fury and resentment. Why fool yourself because people can't take things as they are? You don't need to be protective often. Since you know that whatever people think of you is insignificant and you care. Ignorance is, in such a case, a demonstration of intelligence. Even if you don't pass sentences, silence is always one of the smartest answers. Let your actions tell you the facts. Why dump your voice into these trivial tasks?

Silence is a decisive matter. It can convey a somewhat meaningful message without using sentences. Silence literally will change your voice, and your soul will be shifted by silence. Silence is like a slap in the brain of someone. Silence is going to change the universe. The universe's going to move. A stupid person speaks of dumping and says meaningless phrases, but why do you not just keep it instead of overreacting and throwing backward? A stupid mentality is purely committed to bringing together more people and is usually successful, but it's an entirely different story if you're silent.

The fool failed in his unconscious plan by remaining silent and showed a sense of wisdom. Keep calm, encourage your point to be better articulated. Being quiet means you don't think what the person thinks, so it doesn't matter. It also helps the fool worry about what he or she is doing and could shut it up. Keep quiet, give a firm post, but in those cases, you can't keep it. It is usually used whenever somebody says very, very sensitive things to you and your family.

In every aspect, Words can be distorted into mere sound and smoke.

I was never a word here, a smile, a smile, I rumbled when a question was asked, I smiled when asked to answer and screamed rather than expelled. I'm not an articulate person when it comes to language. So how do I speak to them? I know the words? Why should I spend too much energy, saying words while my body expresses more? Why should I lift my voice, learning how to sound, or knowing with a look that I want?

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Is it bad? In silence, maybe because I don't speak the right words or express myself more in my silence than in my words, I find myself more understanding. When I'm quiet, it seems that people talk more, that I hear more from you, listen, I see, I can read.

Is it bad? I can say more words. Words are too thick. I'm sorry, I forgive you, I enjoy you so much, and I miss you. But must I be serious? You can't say whether I love you. You can't see how much I've loved you. And I'm not going to say what I missed you and didn't even realize that you were left, but my deeds will be much more accurate than my voice in my quiet gesture.

Maybe it's a negative thing, so while I'm wounded, I'm not communicating. I look, I fret, and I'm waiting. I wait. Wait for the other excuse. It may be damaging that some people misunderstand your silence, want to ignore your silence, and start to wonder if you are good and if what you need is a little space.

Nevertheless, silence always beat big words.

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