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Common Traits That People With Narcissistic Personality Disorder Have

Fathima is currently studying Mental Health Nursing at Manchester Metropolitan university and has studied Health and Social care in college.


What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?

NPD is one of several types of personality disorder and is characterized by constant pattern of lack of empathy, deep need for excessive attention and inflated sense of self-importance. They idealize their self-image of themselves as it enables them to avoid feeling insecure, shame and emptiness.

Their behavioral pattern is often arrogant, self-centered and not having much empathy for other people, some people often describe NPD people as being manipulative, selfish, patronizing and demanding. This form of behavioral pattern affects every relationship aspect that they have from work, friends, family and intimate relationship.

People with NPD are resistant to change because they have to admit that their behaviour is wrong and have to face the shame that comes with their actions, it's easier for them to blame it on others instead of taking accountability and will view any criticism as a personal attack towards them. It's easier for everyone to go along with their demands in order to avoid any outburst or conflict.

By knowing the signs on what you should look out for, it will help you avoid being trapped in constant cycle of havoc and disruption preventing any harmful impact on your emotional and mental well being.

Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Unrealistic sense of self importance

One of the defining characteristic of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is grandiosity which is where they have an exaggerated sense of superiority. People with NPD believe that they are "special" and that they are too good for anything average. In order to try and make such unrealistic narrative come true they will outright lie about their achievement and will force other people to confirm such untrue reality. If you try to talk about their work or relationship you will always here what they have done, how much they contributed or how lucky the other person is to have them in their lives and more.

Need constant admiration

People with Narcissistic traits will often find ways to be praised for things that they have done no matter how small or big they are. They need constant supply of admiration in order to protect their ego and sense of superiority, occasional compliments is not sufficient for them. Instead they will seek out people who will enable their craving for affirmation however these relationship are one-sided as it's always based upon what the person with NPD wants not what the other person wants. If the person refuses to give admiration and praise the narcissist will lash out on to said person, to them such act is a form of betrayal

Lack of empathy

People with NPD are unable to empathize with other people feelings, in other words they are unable to put themselves in other people's shoes. This means that if someone is having a bad day or is in emotional pain, they are unable to respond with appropriate emotions in fact they will appear as if they do not care about the individual troubles and will just go on and on about what's troubling them. Due to how self-centered Narcissist can be they will refuse to listen to other people's problem because the attention and focus is not on them.

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Strong sense of Entitlement

Narcissist people believe that they are special, due to this they will have this unreasonable expectation of receiving favorable treatment from other people. They will expect everyone around them to drop what they are doing and cater towards their every needs because again they think they are so important that everyone should comply to their wish. If anyone refuses to comply to Narcissist individual request it will cause them to go into rage mode and lash out to those who refuse to give favorable treatment to them.

Exploit other people for their personal gains

In a narcissist eye other people are like a prop who are meant to be used in order to gain their personal goals. They will use people in order to achieve what they want and once they have achieved their goals they will immediately discard the other person as the other person no longer serves a purpose to the narcissist individual. This if often done without any guilt or remorse, in their world only their needs, goals and feelings matters everyone else is not taken into consideration.

Creating a fantasy world in order to support unrealistic view on themselves

As reality does not support their view about themselves they will create a fantasy world where they create self-glorifying fantasies that depict unlimited: power, attractiveness, success, ideal love and brilliance. Such fantasies protects from feelings the inner shame and emptiness so anything that goes against their fantasy is met with defensiveness and rage leading those around the Narcissist to walk on egg-shell so they don't upset them again.

Do not fall for their manipulation

Narcissist are known to be very charming which can make it harder to know that they are Narcissists right of the bat, they know how to draw you in as they are good at creating flattering self-image of themselves and are good with their words. They appear to be confident and out going which would make you even more attracted towards them, you may even feel like they may full fill your long desire of feeling more important. However all of this is just wishful thinking and it can create havoc in your life.

There are things that you should remember when entering any sort of relationship with a Narcissist:

You need to realize that your needs will not be full filled let alone recognized- It's important that you remember that a Narcissist isn't looking for a partner or friend rather they are looking for someone who will act as an enabler for them, where you do what they say and give constant praises. Never become an enabler especially to a Narcissist.

Don't make excuse for a Narcissist- You need to realize and understand that the Narcissist in your life are not who they're really are and they are not who you imagined. So it's very important they you do not minimize or make excuse for their behaviour as being in denial will not improve your situation. In reality Narcissist are unable to change how they behave which means they will be very resistant to change, this is where you need to question yourself if you are willing to be treated like this.

Observe how they treat other people- By seeing how the Narcissist treats other it gives you a rough idea on how you will be treated down the line, if for example they manipulate, disrespect others, lie and hurt others then that's the same way you will be treated as. If you think that you will be spared because you are special to them you must drop such fantasy because with Narcissist they will not change how they behave it does not matter who the person is, it could be a stranger or a really close friend the Narcissist will always treat everyone around them as if they are nothing.

You should never lose you self to a narcissist- When dealing with a Narcissist you will find yourself that you are molding into someone that the Narcissist wants you to be, they may try to make you change your appearance or may discourage you from pursuing your dreams. You don't have to let that happen in fact you shouldn't let that happen, you should focus on what you want to achieve instead of focusing on what the Narcissist wants to achieve.

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