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Signs You Are With Incompatible People

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

You Will Never Be Enough For Those People

What am i?

What am i?

There Will Always Be A Misunderstanding

Have you ever found yourself constantly thinking what the other person meant? Have you ever constantly doubting yourself, am I the wrong one here? if so, there’s a pretty good chance you have found the one! The one that isn’t destined for you in this life, not in the previous and absolutely not in the next.

We are made of energies.

When two incompatible energies happened to meet each other, collision happens.

Huge misunderstanding occurs that can spark an argument.

When the other person presents their point, you can’t seem to understand where is the person coming from and the same thing happened to you. when you present your point of view, the other person has no idea what you’re talking about or worse, understood it in a completely different way.

It’s not just in communication but also in actions. I have witness two different energies colliding with one another. When someone is sending a message to Becca who’s sitting down, her husband got furious.

He stands up and said “don’t deliver a message to someone who’s sitting down. sit down and talk!”. Now in her husband’s mind, he’s hoping that his wife will find his action to be hot and sexy.

The husband has a longing to be appreciated so he did what he thought would make his wife finds attractive in men. However, this is not the case for this couple, Becca thoughts her husband action is demeaning.

She thought her husband’s action has put him on the same level as the person who rudely delivers the message while standing up.

What happens next is that the couple will only feel dissatisfaction toward each other as they simply have different definitions of values.

When You’re In Each Other’s Presence, You Constantly Feel Tired

When the other person is around, you always feel lethargic. When two incompatible energies are together, they suck the energy out of each other so the two people will always feel tired and lost.

With so many misunderstanding and actions have been taken to improve the relationship, the relationship only spirals into the beginning. The very much place they’ve begin with. It seems
like conclusions have been made but no ending has been proven to succeed.

As time went by, the problem continues and become bigger and bigger to the point where both parties feel so done with each other.

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You’re Constantly Hurt By One Another’s Action

As I provide the example, no action seems to suit the other person point of view. I’ll give another example. Jake is turning the light on while her wife is sleeping.

Jake feels fine when the light turned on while he’s sleeping so he’s assuming that his wife will feel the same. Unfortunately for Jake, his wife is incompatible with him. As soon as the light turned on, her wife nags at him for disrespecting her in her sleep.

In his wife’s mind, turning the light on while someone is sleeping is just so rude. In this situation, none of them could see each other’s point of view. Neither Jake nor his wife could see the other person experience.

When we are compatible with people, we know what actions that are acceptable and what is not acceptable. We know how the person is feeling because we feel the same way too.

Another sign is that, they’re not from the same page. Of course, turning the light on while sleeping is a minor example and should not be used to determine whether or not you’re compatible with your partner.

You Can Never Succeed When The Other Person Is Present

When two incompatible energies are together, none of them will lift each other energies so they will experience many failures together. They will fail to read each other minds, fail to feel what the other person’s feeling so they can’t guess what the other person’s going to do.

I’ll make an analogical example about this one. let’s say two incompatible people are in a relationship, they will be asked to read each other’s mind. The woman will be asked to be in a room where she has two choices. The first choice is to dance.

The second choice is to write a letter. Now the boyfriend will be asked to write “write a letter” on a letter if he thinks that his girlfriend is
writing a letter or he will have to open the door if he thinks his girlfriend is dancing.

If the girlfriend is dancing but the boyfriend writes, then the girlfriend will take half of his money without losing hers, the rest will go to the game makers. if the boyfriend opens the door and found out his girlfriend is dancing, the boyfriend will take half of her money without losing his.

if the girlfriend is writing and his boyfriend opens the door, then all of their money belongs to the game makers. if the girlfriend is writing and her boyfriend writes, 50% of their money will be split between them equally and 50% of their money will go to the game makers. Then both of the couple will change the role.

This time, it’s the girlfriend who is asked to write or open the door. You can imagine the disappointment and arguments that followed afterward.

They could have kept all their money but they've failed because they're incompatible.

What are other signs you have found your incompatibility with other people?

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