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Uses and side effects of Emin Tablets





This is a common over the counter medication used for vomiting, allergic reactions, motion sickness and to induce sleep. It is a first generation antihistamine with some unpleasant side effects. However, side effects can become more severe in older patients. This medicine is available in tablet form for adults and liquid form for children.

How does Emin works?

The drug works by blocking histamine (H1) receptors in the body. In addition, Emin crosses the blood brain barrier and enteres into the brain , so sedation and drowsiness are common side effects. But the sedation can become tolerable in time.

What are the common side effects of Emin?

Drowsiness is the most common side effects of Emin. Headaches, urinary retention and blurred vision are also common side effects. Nasal irritation, fatigue and dry mouth are common side effects too. When you are taking Emin, then it is important to avoid operating machinery, driving motor vehicles, and excessive intake of alcohol or take any other medicine central nervous system depressant.

Some patients may have dizziness with this medicine. Frequent nightmares can occur with this drug. The loss of muscle coordination is another problem. Some people may have abnormal elevation of mood.

How can you avoid the side effects of Promethazine?

Take this medicine only in recommended dosage. Overdose can cause serious problems such as severe drowsiness, severe dry mouth and urinary retention. In addition, this medication should be taken with a full glass of water. Do not crush the drug before use. Use this medication with food to avoid sudden side effects.

What are the side effects that are not so common?

Sometimes patients may have low blood pressure, increased heart rate and cardiac rhythm abnormalities. Sleep disturbance is another annoying side effect that may occur. Very rarely, patients may receive tremors and convulsions (fits).

Other rare side effects that are characteristic of Emin are exforliative dermatitis (skin peeling off), tinnitus, short-term drop in blood pressure, and abnormal central nervous system stimulation.

If you have following conditions, then do not use Promethazine without doctors advice?

Make sure you meet your doctor before taking this medication if you have following problems.

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* Kidney disease

* Liver Diseases

* Block of urine or prostate

* Glaucoma

* Epilepsy

* Sleep apnea or make sounds when asleep

In addition, you should not use this drug, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless prescribed by a doctor.


Promethazine is an over the counter antihistamine medication used for many common conditions. But it has some unpleasant side effects.


Even though the author of this article is a Medical doctor, contents of this article are for information only. You should always consult your doctor, before starting or stopping Emin. In addition, medical information can change over time.

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