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Show Up As Your Authentic Self Hype

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Being or Authentic Self; What Are They Saying?

The big Hype on being your AUTHENTIC SELF. What does that mean exactly?
I like the way this goes, Malcolm Barnard’s idea is that "clothing does not reflect personal identity but actually constitutes it."

What happened to dressing nicely? Presenting ourselves to the public with zest, decency and respectability; what happened to that?
Us American entrepreneurs strive to become bigger yet, "In wearing cargo shorts, polo shirts, New Balance sneakers, and baseball hats, we are “living out” our personal identifications as a middle-class Americans."

What happened to the way we used to dress just to walk down the street? What a picture for the eye to see, a fine lady with hat, umbrella, and gloves with a tinge of color on her face! I don't know about you, but I'm an artist and like to look at things that make me feel good. I love color and things that look alive and feel happy. Even my own face in the mirror.

Lately, it's the thing to encourage people to get on video publicly showing and shining their so-called "authentic" selves. "Be real" they say, "people want to see real." Which people? Yes, but they do not want to see gross, do they? You won't make their day better if you get on a live looking like you crawled out from under a rotted log left decaying in a dark abyss at the bottom of an unknown sea, unless it's the dead sea. But, that is your authenticity~ they scream!

Remember everything is energy, if you look at it that way everything change. There is energy in what people are looking at. Do you feel better when you are unshowered frumpy in dumpy ugly clothes no make-up for women or when you motivate yourself to smell fresh and look your best? For me, looking at a clean colorful face or a handsomely shaved man (or finely groomed beard) feels better than looking at a worn-down dull unappealing face and blue lips. And the clothes have energy! Casual frumpy clothes say one thing, and colorful nicely designed clothes make you feel another, no question about it.

So, one day you are frumpy, the next you're looking great. That's fine if you're not showing up for a brunch with people online. Some religious people think make-up is what monkeys wear in hell. Masking is different than enhancing. And does authentic mean being completely nude? Then why do we even wear clothes then?

I guess what I'm expressing here, is the wish for the whole of society to undertake a esthetic transformation and be more mindful of how we are presenting ourselves. Maybe some spiritual people would say, "I wear a robe and that's it", sure, ok if you're based in an abbey, right? I myself do not tend to migrate towards dumpy looking people, but I'd gravitate towards the old lady in the market that's smelling sweet wearing a laced-up blouse and cameo brooch.

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What are your thoughts on this?

There is also something called "privacy."

Do people really want to see what I look like when I'm in the bathroom? Are we now supposed to satisfy even that type of curiosity because all the 6 figure earners are doing it? Rest assured, they are not all doing it. We would never see Bob Proctor like that.

Isn't there something we need to leave to the imagination?

A bit of wondering what that person does in the privacy of their own yard or home? I do not enjoy following a person that looks like a plain dull housemaid. Yes, many will resonate with that, but when I'm looking for someone to look up to or follow or learn from, won't be that type. Many of us dress down when we're at home working, but to expose everything, I'm thinking it might change the very image of the person we thought they were. Or does this breach in privacy add another more human dimension to them? I wonder if that would turn you on or off? Maybe most people resonate with the average "look" so, would showing a non-private representation of themselves motivate others into becoming better versions of themselves?


Loving yourself has zero to do with what you feel like wearing on your body. One day it may be a dressy blouse because you're in that kind of mood, or a moppy sort of man's shirt could do the next day. The love for oneself doesn't shift because of that. One that wishes to make up their face can love themself. Another that wants to roll out of bed, brush their teeth, and leave their face plain can also love themself. Love is a connection to the world of endless possibilities it's that feeling that all is everything and you're a part of it. With that foundation nothing can shake it not even wearing make-up or not wearing it because you do not notice if it's on or not if you are connected.

Do what you wish and for those reading articles telling you that not wearing makeup or not dressing up means you're depressed and don't care about yourselves, know that is so far from truth. And for those that hear psychologists saying they proved people that make-up their faces have higher levels of anxiety and insecurity, know that you can mark that as totally inaccurate.

Many unhappy people dress up and look nice everyday and plenty of happy-go-lucky people do not dress up at all. Trust your inner connection more than what you're reading by so-called people with diplomas.

What you wish to show the world is up to you, whom you attract will be an exact replica of how and what you are presenting. Ask yourself, which type of people am I truly wishing to capture?

© 2020 Jill Quill

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