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Should You Give up on a Dream Goal?

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When you have changed

- the person who saw that dream is no longer the same person as now. It is OK to change the mind about things. I mean, I bought a dress that I loved when I tried out at the store, and now, two weeks later, I have not worn it once! Why? Because my thought changed. The same can happen with dreams and the future you imagined. You swore you would never let go, but now you feel like you should. Then do it. Do not hold onto something you do not want anymore.

When the finish line is hard to reach

- and I do not mean that you are lazy or not strong enough to push yourself forward. What I mean is that what is taking you to get to the finish line, is turning you into a half-human, rather than exciting or inspiring you! You should know when to give up on a dream.


You are afraid of being judged.

- if the fear of being judged by others, when you give up on the dream you said you never will, is keeping you from letting it go, then you have some real talking to do with yourself. Do not focus in what other will say, because they will never shut up anyway, even if you follow your dream. Focus on you, because in the end, it is your journey, not theirs.

You do not know who you are.

- you cannot remember who you were before you dreamed a certain future and you are not sure of what you will be once you give that up. Any adjustment takes time and if you think too much about it, you will never be able to take a single step toward new goals, a new future. It is better to start walking in an unknown path, until the right one shows up, then to continue walking the path you know so well, but that is leading you nowhere, or at least, not where you want to be.

You have not gave up on your dreams because it feels good having a dream.

- the greatest vice of our century is the belief that everyone must have something to pursuit and even if they do not have for the moment, they must find as soon as they can and start pursuing it. The destination has changed, so stop pursuing that dream. Sometimes you should rest still, with no dreams, with nothing to pursue for a while, so you can understand what you really want to do at the end.

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Your dream is a Haute one.

- that kind of dream that created Channel, or Vogue, or Forbes magazine, or Apple. You certainly have other things to do in your life, that maybe are not related at all to the things you imagine, but they make up most of your life. Why hold on a dream just because you think is amazing? Every dream is amazing, and more wonderful is when you push the Play button.

Love to shine.

- love the person you are and the person you can become. Do not focus on the person you could be, no matter how marvellous he/she would be, when you do not love the path that will make you that person. You can always become a better person by doing things you wish and love to do. Do not strain yourself onto something you do not want to. You will exhaust yourself and others that surround you. You will become moody, self-conscious and it will all reflect in your life a little later, when you will start losing things you care about, just because you did not give up on a dream that you did not like.

We are humans and that means that cutting the ties for us it is always a little hard. For some others is even harder to put an end to things that they end up with the person they do not love, with the job they hate, with the family that get into their nerves, with the friends that drag them down. Do not be the person because of a dream.

Dreams can change. Just because you made a plan, does not mean you cannot change the plan.

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