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How To Escape Death With Shamanism

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Shaman, Spirit, Light

Shaman, Spirit, Light

At the Earthkeepers (free) Summit on December 20th of 2020, Dr. Alberto Villoldo talked about the shamanic way of healing death.

Death happens within time and makes us run out of time. The shamans can help people to break free from the river of time.

The shamans can expand the 8th chakra around them to create a bubble of light, of infinity and of timelessness. This bubble of light and timelessness allows them to step outside time where death cannot touch them. There, they step back in time to find the incident that caused someone’s soul to become fragmented.

A River of Time.

A River of Time.

The Source of the Sacred

According to Dr. Villoldo and his brand of shamanism, the 8th chakra is who you were when you were born and who you will be when you die. Master Shamans take their consciousness with them after death.

To connect with all of nature, explore your bubble of light and expand it further.

Shamans believe that we have two natures. We have a physical body formed by light tightly bound into matter, and a luminous body formed by the energy field around the physical body.

You can dream the world into being by co-creating reality.

— Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Dr. Villoldo talked of Einstein's special relativity equation E=mc2, where ‘m’ is the matter and the focus of western sciences; ‘c’ is the velocity of light; and ‘E’ is energy and the focus of the shamans.

The shamans dance at the ‘E’ level and find a spiritual solution to every problem.

Individuals have a sacred map for their life and their sacred journey. If you do not master your own map, you are bound the live a nightmare that has been mapped for you by others.

Re-Inform the Chakras

By rising above our genetic makeup, we overwrite impressions with light.

The science of epigenetics assures us that we are more than our genes. The belief that our genes are a form of death sentence is erroneous. Innovative science tells us that our destiny and health are dictated by 10% of our genes; the remaining 90% is our ability to dream our life. With diet, food, and beliefs we can modify our genetic expressions.

The shamans assert that you can modify the expression of your genes by clearing the imprints in your luminous energy field. The luminous process enlightening your field will let you clear out the sludge and re-inform the chakras with light.

Secret is Sacred

Secret is Sacred

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Why Are the Teachings Kept Secret?

The Shamanic secrets cannot be given away; they are offered freely. To embrace their teachings, you must set your life on fire (metaphorically) to transform whatever in your life that is stopped by death.

When the ‘Chi’ or “Prana” or life-force is stale, it means there are dense balls of energy inside someone’s luminous field where they attach themselves to an organ of the physical body. The shamans combust this stale energy with ceremonial and spiritual fire to remove the death that is festering within someone.

The shamanic secrets are:

1. Mastery of time:

  • The shamans' main concern is healing, preventing, protecting, and treating the sick. Prevention is preferred over treatment.
  • Death is inevitable. We are stopped from solving the problem of death because we keep running out of time. So, the shamans step outside time. They drop in between moments to step outside ordinary time and into infinity. In a limited time, they step into a state of pure consciousness to enter infinity.
  • Mastery of time is breaking free of the linear time where fate rules and you are the product of your past.
  • By changing the past, you can change your destiny to infinity. You can be the product of the future you want to see happening.
  • Synchronicity is a miracle where you drop in between the moments. You break free of the past and of fate, and loosen its momentum to accept your destiny.

2. Invisibility:

  • This is getting out of your own way. It is not about ‘me’; it is about ‘us’.
  • 96% of the universe is invisible to us and we know this when we observe that light seems to bend.
  • The shamans are the masters of the invisible world. One of their gifts is to know the moment of death of an individual. They can journey along the timeline of your future because everything leaves an imprint on time.
  • Your last days on earth should be spent enjoying life, keeping the last breath of life sacred.
  • There must be congruence between how you present yourself to the world, and who you truly are in your private self.
  • You are more than your name, degrees, accomplishments etc. You can become so light that you turn into pure light so that you do not disturb the creation or cause ripples in time.

3. Ability to keep a secret:

  • This is the ability to keep the sacred even in a world that laughs at it.
  • The word ‘secret’ has the same origin as the word ‘sacred’. Secret is the ability to maintain the sacred and not be seduced by the mundane. To be sacred, a secret must be honored.

You can disappear without ceasing to exist.

— Shamanism

Destiny vs. Fate

We select our destiny. Fate is pre-ordained for us and is fatal.

Soul retrieval is the past; destiny retrieval is the future.

Be Free of the Karmic Loop

Journey into the future to select a desired destiny. Dream the future by dreaming of health and beauty.

The shamans believe that the soul is all that is beautiful. The soul can become eternal because beauty is eternal. To understand this, you must heal the trauma and pain from your past and recover an essential aspect of yourself that you have lost because of pain, trauma and stress[i].

Death Rite

Set your luminous body free to return joyously to the world of spirit.

Humans have nine lives; they depend on how you spent your life with kindness.

If you let your old self go away, you can be born as a new person. Let the old self die to allow the new self to emerge.


When you listen and take the ancient wisdom into your heart, you become part of the lineage of wisdom keepers.


[i]The Search for the Soul article by Dr Alberto Villoldo. 26 December 2017.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Liliane Najm

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