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Shamanic Prophecies for the Year 2021

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.



The Year 2021 is the year to leave the worn path of our lives and become a vital part of the change on this planet for the sake of humanity and all of life on earth. This is the message that Dr. Alberto Villoldo conveyed at the Earthkeepers Virtual Summit 2020.

This is the 8th day of creation, the time of fulfillment of all the prophecies of the shamans.

A remarkable alignment between the planets Saturn and Jupiter occurred on December 21st. The last time these two planets were so closely aligned was 800 years ago in the year 1226, and before then it was when the Star of Bethlehem announced the birth of Jesus Christ.

The prophecies of the indigenous people of South America, Indonesia, Africa, and other places all say the same thing. Now is the time to start developing wisdom and intelligence to lead humanity beyond the twenty-first century.

A new kind of intelligence is needed, the intelligence of the soul, and the spirit that opens our vision into the invisible world. The ancient science of shamanism explored the invisible realms that exist between the worlds. Now is the time to feel empowered into bringing a new reality that the Ancients called ‘the 5th Sun’; a higher plane of consciousness that will transform life on earth.

Eagle level.

Eagle level.

The New Human


Serpent level. The first revelation is that we will become disease-free and will heal faster. We will not suffer from chronic illnesses that plagued humanity in the last century including cancer, heart diseases, and dementia. We will become the new humans.


Jaguar level. You have to reset your flight-or-fight response. You have been hyper-alert since the day you were born. You need to practise a deeply emotional reset forgiving those whom we believe wronged you.

Practise gratitude and feel grateful to the lessons that the Spirit saw fit to make you go through.

Heal emotions by saying thank you, by not getting caught by the stories you crafted around what happened to you that would keep you in the victim's frame of mind.


Hummingbird level. Practise at the level of the mystic, of your own sacred journey that has nothing to do with the accumulation of wealth. Instead of asking ‘What was my life about?’ at the end of your life, ask yourself now “What is the journey of the rest of my life like?”

Redefine the maps that you use to guide you in this life.

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Eagle level. This is the source, the blueprint, the luminescent energy field. The interaction of the quantum field of creation and the update of the information in your energy field will help you be free so you can craft your own destiny.

The shamanic prophecies talk about the dawn of a new human. Be an earth-keeper instead of an earth spoiler.

Each one of us can be a new shaman. We carry a small piece of the sacred dream to bring to the fire from our hearts to the world.

Walk in beauty and leave a small footprint.

— Shamans

Fate of the Earth

The prophecies do not speak only of the fate of humanity; they reveal the fate of the earth. We are living in a time of upheaval, of extinction of species, of the birth of new species, a time of great re-balancing and re-adjusting.

For the shamans, this is the decade of earth changes, of tectonic changes, and of fluctuations in the earth’s electromagnetic field. These changes are ushering in a new period in the history of the planet.

Some of the medicinal people of the Americas have started changing the opening of their lodges to have them face the west. They believe that soon the sun will start rising from the west and that the shamans of the future will be from the west.

This decade of earth changes is preparing for a new geological era in the world because 99 out of 100 species on this planet have become extinct.

This period of tremendous upheaval and creativity is the dawn of a new human species, of a new time for the planet.

Our prayers and offerings are not only for our personal renewal but for the renewal of our loved ones and of humanity. Women and men of earth will become renewed and will be reborn into their relationship with the earth, the great Mother.

We need to connect with Mother Earth, or else we will face a strong reaction. Those who do not connect with the earth will face raging fires, hurricanes, storms, and a terrible imbalance.

To those who are in harmony with the earth, blessings and good things will come. This requires that we accept the time that is and graciously embrace the time to come.

The change in the earth will become acute as the earth seeks to balance itself. The earth has been imbalanced for a long time. Even our prayers will not be able to bring back balance. The creators in the Heavens are witnessing this and their intentions for our planet is one of ultimate peace.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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