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Shadows of Hell - Narcissistic Abuse

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Shadows of Hell - Narcissistic Abuse

Shadows of Hell - Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissists will push all our buttons by twisting words, changing the rules and rewriting history. Then, when we finally break down and react, they will declare in the coolest tone, “I can’t put up with all your drama.”


Narcissistic Abuse

Love Bombing

Love Bombing

Idealization (Honeymoon) Phase

Desires awaken;

a vibrant new start!

Elation charges

a once deadened


Glimpses of paradise,

as lips quiver

and meet;

arms tangled together,

glistening with perspiration

and heat.

Eyes search the depths

of each other’s soul;

all dreams granted;

the glorious fulfillment

of every sought


Narcissists Create Drama

The look of shock ...

The look of shock ...

Devaluation Phase

Lo, dejection dooms

each new day

as he chastises her

for keeping

his affections

at bay.

What possesses him

to lash out

with such volatile hate?

Is she so wretched

as to beckon

this most foul plate?

No Contact

When the memory kicks into high gear ...

When the memory kicks into high gear ...

Such vulgar titles

he spits upon

her personal breed;

she examines

her ineptness

in tending his needs.

Dread arises each morning

darkening orchestrated

melancholic tunes;

a nightmare out of control

surrounding every twilight’s

fluorescent moons.

Proctologists Versus Clinical Psychologists

Proctologists know more about Narcissists than do psychologists.

Proctologists know more about Narcissists than do psychologists.

Discard Phase

Ushering along her desertion,

he blows her one last

violent shove;

she gazes up at him,

and his long-time,

(newfound) love.

Discarding his soulmate,

he skips away,

ringing fresh marriage bells;

but for her,

it is the beginning of recovery

from the shadows

of the Narcissist’s Hell.

Toxic People

No Contact

No Contact

Shadows of Hell - Narcissistic Abuse

Two-year-olds do not change; instead, they grow out of their behavior. Since Narcissists remain the emotional age of a toddler all their lives, they cannot “grow out” of their Narcissism.


Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

Shadows of Hell, Triangulation

Caught in the tangles

of their insidious triangles,

they love to watch us dangle.

Abusive Women

Men are victims, too!

Men are victims, too!


© 2021 Tamara Yancosky


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on March 02, 2021:

Thank you, Dora. Your words are true about them using our desire to help them to further hurt us.

I believe that the balance as a Christian when dealing with Narcissists is to love and pray for them while also keeping our distance from their dangerous toxicity.



Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 02, 2021:

Both your poem and your quotes are very revealing. Thanks for these illustrations which help us identify these people and their malicious behavior. After all, we still want to help them and that's how they are able to hurt us again and again.

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