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Five Reasons Why you Should Quit Betting and Gambling Addiction for Good

I had the opportunity to support a loved one quit betting and gambling. The knowledge as I'll discuss will be beneficial for others

I can't do this anymore, I've lost my Job, family and friends, I must quit for good

I can't do this anymore, I've lost my Job, family and friends, I must quit for good

Five Reasons Why you Should Quit Betting and Gambling Addiction for Good

Betting and gambling addiction has wrecked so many live, broken up homes, relationships, and destroyed careers. Undoubtedly, quite a number of players have indeed become addicted and unable to quit. I remember of one feasible courting that never befell because the gambler would time and again miss their marriage classes. Fortunately, he sought help and was rescued, but he had lost a good woman.

Hence, I believe that anyone who is determined, and resolute to quit gambling will succeed when the genuinely seek help. In this article, I have discussed five reasons why you should quit betting, and quit gambling addiction for good; Likewise, I hope you will enjoy this article.

Financial Reasons

Addiction activities has always incurred heavy financial lose on players, and may eventually declare insolvent. Gambling and betting must never be considered as a means to an income or passive income, because one day you may eventually stake your whole income, sell off properties, or borrow money to feed this addiction.

Realization of the fact that living in debt, and been unable payoff bills underwrites credit worthiness and personality is enough stigmatization on its own. Moreover, most addicts are beclouded in their financial thoughts, and hardly able to come up with a meaningful investment idea.

I have read of celebrities whose lives were wrecked owing to gambling, some declared bankruptcy, and one in particular left a suicide note but was luckily rescued. Addiction renders you financially helpless and miserable. It is therefore pertinent to walk away for good from what has sabotaged many upcoming talents and destroyed the careers of artist, and sports persons.

Academic Reasons

Academic life of students and scholars who engage in gambling usually takes a negative nose dive once the habit is started. For students on scholarship or support funding may end up having such offers cancelled or withdrawn. Moreover, poor academic performances begin to show up in the form of self efficacy doubts, lack of motivation, loss of focus, inefficient studying techniques, and low enthusiasm for learning will eventually affect students grading, and class of degree obtained.

You may notice academically focused students beginning to avoid your company like the plaque. A sensitive and concerned lecturer may call your attention to your recent poor grades or refer you to counselors. Seize the opportunity to vent your addiction challenges and come clean. That will begin your recovery process of gaining the capacity to subdue addiction and overcome it. Therefore, betting and gambling have no beneficial effect on the life of students.

My mind is made up; Am walking away for good no matter what

My mind is made up; Am walking away for good no matter what

Social Reasons

The social reasons to quit gambling addiction and betting addiction are straightforward. Gamblers end up hurting family and friends owing to their obsessive behavior that creates vacuum in family relationships and conflicts among friends. The least of what you will to do is to embarrass yourself before your kids and it’s totally unacceptable and awful.

On the other hand, a gambler may decide to play a quick game at the office and losses, which then sets-off the bad mood throughout the rest of the day, and occasionally harms your career. This ascribes you a negative person, and society will tend to avoid your companionship, and makes you get shamed and discredited.

The positive news is that cutting-off from fellow players, and disengaging from all forms into conversation that rekindles interest in gambling will begin your recovery process. Move on to befriend people that are not gamblers to develop social resistance. After you quit gambling, reconcile with people that you wronged during your addiction days; a second chance is always available.

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Psychological Reasons

When addiction gets the greater part of your psychology, a number of the symptoms will include shopping for accumulators, firing last minute adjustments to already placed bets, adopting new tactics to win, failing to recognize your losses, and always thinking you will become the aggregate winner sooner than later.

Psychological influence is powerful, and makes you consider advice from family and friends to be irrelevant. The solution is that you must walk away from entering the betting centers no matter the attraction and urge. Also cease from holding, and funding any online gambling account which keeps affecting you emotionally.

Move forward by turning down all comps offered to you from gambling companies. Similarly, take advantage of foundations offering free classes of how to quit gambling and betting and be part of it. Finally, consult a certified gambling therapist to get counseled. It is important that your progress gets monitored and supervised by a specialist to ensure you’re getting the best.

A touching story on why you should quit gambling

Spiritual Reasons

When gambling addiction gets hold of you spiritually, you will notice a loss of joy, and less focus on you when you commune with God. The trust and confidence levels you have built over the years from fellowshipping with God will begin to lack substance, and slow down your spiritual growth. It will also erode your confidence in God towards meeting your daily needs, and you may find yourself seeking Gods consent to play or win every now and then.

To break free spiritually is to totally make a complete turnaround. Consider instructing them to permanently close your account and delete your data. Spiritual change must of necessity be holistic, hence, be contented with your job pay, and if your salary is insufficient, hold down a second job to augment your income. Also, invest in education to improve yourself or learn a new skill that will give you a pay rise. Finally, I suggest seeking spiritual counseling to help you renew your relationship to God.


In conclusion, there is no panacea for quitting betting and gambling addictions. An individual experience, training, believes, peer pressure, and background occasionally compound addiction. However, social activities, for example, yoga classes, music club, gym club, and community services also contribute significantly towards recovery. However, one thing is needful, you cannot do it alone, being supervised, and progress monitored is very needful. I hope that some persons reading this article will make quality use of it and open up a new chapter of their lives.

I sought help and got one; now I have found a new life

I sought help and got one; now I have found a new life

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.

— Proverbs 13:11

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Amarachi Nkwoada

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