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Setting My Goals for 2022

Karen Hellier is a freelance writer and eBay entrepreneur. She lives happily in the mountains of North Georgia with her husband and her dog.

My Goal setting friend Christine (right) and Me

My Goal setting friend Christine (right) and Me

Why I Set Goals Every Year

I don't remember when this started but every year my friend Christine and I set goals in January. Then we meet or call each other halfway through the year, and re-examine our goals and our progress.

I set my goals for 2021 and write an article about it which you can find by looking through some of my published articles. I am disappointed in my performance of last year and didn't reach many of my goals. They say those who write down their goals have a much better chance of reaching them.

The problem for me in part last year was not going back to my list of goals and checking in to see how I was doing and in doing so, keep my motivation up for completing my goals.

But it is now January of 2022 and time to create new goals to reach for this new year.

Below is a list of my goals for 2022.

Goal #1 Weight: 145 Pounds

Current Weight: 155 pounds

Goal Weight: 145 pounds

I have struggled with my weight for years. I have been on diets, exercised, and tried some crazy fads.

While I have never been considered "obese" I have been overweight probably since the age of 42. At that point, my kids were heading into their teen years and I was working and didn't have a lot of time to plan healthy meals for myself, or to exercise on a regular basis.

A few years later I got divorced and had even less time for myself once I became a single mom.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 175 pounds at the time and determined to get my weight down. I lost 20 pounds, but have pretty much plateaued there. I NEED to lose these 10 pounds this year so my BMI will be under 25. I don't want to give breast cancer any footholds to attack my body again and being overweight can increase a woman's chances of getting breast cancer.

So this is the year I HAVE to lose those last 10 pounds.

UPDATE: 3/29/2022

I wasn't doing very well with this goal so I asked my doctor for ideas on how to get off this plateau I have been on, and he referred me to a dietician. She suggested I try a 1,500 calorie per day diet and gave me some worksheets with some meal ideas to follow. I have lost a few pounds now and feel encouraged but won't really feel it is working until I drop the first 5 pounds.

Goal #2: Adapt a Daily Schedule Again

I used to have a daily schedule where I would clean the house on certain days of the week and have other days for writing. But I got away from it since my mom died last year and never got back to that schedule.

I am going to try to get back to it again and here is what it looks like:

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1) Clean the kitchen including the sinks, stove, shelves, refrigerator, sweep the floor and wash the floor.

2) Clean the guest bathroom


1) Either go shopping for eBay or write from 10:30 am until 1:00 pm

2) Grocery shop in the afternoon


1) Either go shopping for eBay or write from 10:30 - 1:00 pm (if I didn't go on Tuesday)


1) Dust the house

2) Sweep the floors and then use a Swiffer on them


1) Clean up any personal clutter around the house

2) Write from 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Goal #3: Send 24 Care Packages Through the Mail

I love to send unsuspecting people care packages filled with little things that I think will make their day. Sometimes the care packages will have something I know they need, like something before starting chemo or having surgery. Other times they will just be something I saw and thought that person would like.

I usually just send random care packages when I get around to it. This results in a lot of clutter around the house. So this year, I want to send out 2 care packages a month.

I have a calendar and will use the initials CP on dates that I have sent them, so that should help me keep track of how many I have sent.

Update: I Joined Soldier's Angels to Help with My Package Sending Goal

I decided I needed to be held accountable for this goal, and within the first week of the war on Ukraine, I rejoined Soldier's Angels which requires that I send 1 package and at least 2 letters per month to a deployed soldier. I used to do this about 10 years ago, but life got busy and I stopped. There are a few options people can choose, and they don't all involve sending a monthly package, but I chose the one that required that because it will help me reach my goal

If you are interested in finding out more about how to support a deployed US soldier, follow the link below for more information.

How to Join Soldier's Angels to Support a Deployed US Soldier

  • Welcome - Soldiers' Angels
    Soldiers' Angels provides aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their families. Will you help us support our troops?

Goal #4: Grow Veggies in Our Yard

This goal was on my list of goals last year also, but I never did it. I became paralyzed when doing research on growing vegetables and couldn't find containers that I knew for sure wouldn't leach chemicals into my vegetables.

I live in the mountains in Georgia and the soil is red clay which is not very conducive to growing vegetables so I need to find a healthy type of garden bed to use.

As a breast cancer survivor, I am determined to eat more organic food so I will be trying again this year.

Goal #5: Create a Vision Board

I have wanted to create a vision board for years. This past year I even bought some materials to create one, but then never did it.

So 2022 is the year I will create a vision board.

As I get older, I am grateful for all of the time I have had here on earth, but don't know how much time I have left. I still have things I want to do and I think a vision board will help me to do them.

Goal #6: Attempt to Start a Breast Cancer Support Group in My Community

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and successfully beat it. I am a breast cancer survivor now.

I live in a community with lots of other women who are also breast cancer survivors and have often wanted to start a group for us to get to know each other and offer support.

When I first thought of doing this it was Spring of 2020, which was also the start of the Covid pandemic, so that went out the window. But with Spring coming up soon, there are lots of places in our community where we can just meet outside at picnic tables so this is the year I am going to attempt it.

The goal is to "attempt" to start one because I can't control the outcome and whether or not people will even want to participate.


Goal #7: Pay off My Credit Card

I have one credit card with a lot of debt on it and it has been wearing on me and dragging me down emotionally for years.

2022 is the year I am going to pay it off. I am about to make a fairly large payment on it and then will chip away at the rest over the year.

I will write specifics down when I look at my finances at the end of January and start paying the rest down then. Stay tuned...

Goal #8: Sell $4,000 on eBay

Last year my goal was to sell at least $3,000 worth of items on eBay. I was happily surprised to see that I sold about $130 more than that. That was one of the goals I did reach in 2021.

So now of course I would like to improve my sales and this year I hope to sell at least $4,000 worth of items on eBay.

The hard part is finding items worth selling. I used to just list anything I thought I could make money on. But that meant if I listed something that I only made a $3 -$5 profit on and by the time I drive somewhere to buy it, list it, then pack it up and bring it to the post office to ship it, it seemed like a lot of time to devote to something I was only making a small profit on.

This year I hope to list fewer items on eBay but that will make more of a profit per item.

I only sell on eBay part-time so I think $4,000 is a good number to shoot for.

Goal #9: Earn $1,200 Online

I love earning money online and one way I do that is through passive income. If you aren't sure what passive income is, here is a definition from an article I found on the Shopify .com. blog I will include a link to the article below.

"What is passive income?

Passive income refers to active income that requires minimal work to earn and maintain. Passive income sources include investing in mutual funds, selling products online, teaching online courses on sites like Udemy, or other tactics where the earner doesn’t have to participate.

Passive income provides residual income with minimal time and effort. It can improve your personal finances and give you the freedom of time. Not having to trade your time for money can reduce stress and anxiety, and can make you feel more confident about your financial future."

I have three ways I currently create passive income and that is from two writing sites and Zazzle. As an example, I love it when I can be sound asleep and someone buys something from my Zazzle site that I created in the past, but I don't do any more work to earn money. It's so nice making money while I sleep from passive income!

I also hope to get paid to write articles on a paid-to-write website called Textbroker. (See goal #11).

Article from the Shopify Blog About Creating Passive Income

Goal #10: Have 300 Hubs Written on HubPages

I have had this goal for a long time.

It was on my list last year, and I am currently only at 252 Hubs published. I should probably shoot for a lower number, but that isn't my real goal. So I will leave it at 300 and write what I can.

Goal #11: Apply to Write for Textbroker Again

I used to write for Textbroker. I stopped for a few years, and they closed my account but there is a nagging voice in my head that keeps telling me to try again.

If you don't know what Textbroker is, it is a content mill website where people pay for articles and writers sign up to write articles and get paid for what they write. The amount you get paid depends on what level writer you are. The Textbroker staff decides that.

I don't know if they will accept me back, and I am afraid they won't because I stopped writing for them. But I will never know until I try so it is the final goal on my list.

Now to Get to Work...

Okay, now it's time for me to get to work accomplishing these 11 goals.

Do you have goals for 2022? Let us know by taking the poll below.

2022 Goal Poll

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© 2022 Karen Hellier

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