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Self Love, Self Respect, Self Importance


Self Love, respect and importance

The 3 things that moulds a person's life.

The way to live a free life.

Self Love frees a person from all the worries,all the pain and it brings joy and happiness. That's what love does. It empowers a person from within,it gives a person the reason to live and be merry. Without it a person feels suffocated and jailed in their own body. Respect is the most important key that frees a person from their own thoughts. When there is enough respect a person does not think bad about themselves as they respect themselves more than to discourage one's self. Self importance frees a person from being tricked into being wronged or doing something wrong because whenever they will think about letting a person wrong them they will know & prevent it from happening as they are more important than that and they love and value themselves more than that. Self love,respect and importance not only teaches a person to love themself but it also teaches them to love respect and see other people's importance. These three things mould a person to accept and love themself as they are and not want to even change a thing about themself. As we know we were and are all born different. These three things teach you not to compare yourself with other people for you are you and you do not need to be anyone else or compare yourself with anybody else for that matter .

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