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Science Behind Sound Sleep

The motivation behind this article is to let people know the real science behind sleep,that will assist in recovering from chronic illnesses

Existential concept

Each and every human being on this planet earth is blessed with three most significant tools – Body, Mind and Soul; living within the existential laws of nature, and within a brief & defined period of time.

The bonding between the Body, Mind and Soul is designed by Mother Nature in such a way that, the Soul gets affiliated with the Body through Mind, and the Body gets affiliated with the Soul through Mind. This is known as the “Infinity theory” of nature.


Mind or the intellect has been designed to think logically, by dissecting everything into either good or bad, god or evil, right or wrong etc. For eg., to study a frog in a zoology class, it would be cut into two halves, to understand its characteristics. But the life of that frog has been taken out of the equation. This is the true nature of an intellectual mind. This intellectual mind of a human being has been the root cause of all the man-made disasters around the globe.

So in order to realize the deeper dimensions of life gifted by nature, the psychological aspects of the Mind need to be transcended beyond logic; only then the Body can benefit from the true qualities of the Soul and the Soul can influence the Body in the right way.


Before understanding the mechanism of sleep, we need to be clear on the way of lifestyle how it should be. To put it across in simple words, whatever lifestyle we live on a day-to-day basis should be in tune with the nature, so as to heed to the instinctive intelligence that the nature has bestowed upon us by default, and not deviating away from nature using the so called intellect. All of the below aspects need to be considered for a healthy lifestyle.

Whenever we deviate away from the laws of nature through any of these lifestyle disorders, medication becomes a necessity that will help us get back in tune with the nature. There are several medications in practice throughout the world, but below are the most commonly practiced.

As lifestyle is the most crucial deciding factor of our physical health and mental well-being, we need to be watchful of the blunders we commit in our routine life that are often ignored, and need to be proactive enough to quickly rectify them. If not, we will always end up playing a catch-up game to get along with nature with the support of medication throughout our life.

If we wish to take the very first step towards correcting our lifestyle disorders, the most essential one that needs attention is “Sleep”. Proper and quality sleep on a consistent basis can cure any chronic illnesses or can avoid any major diseases in the future. There is an interesting science behind Sleep explained below which we need to understand before acting upon it.

Pancha Bhootas

The Universe is made up of Pancha Bhootas, or in other words, five elements:


And even the human body, which is a tiny speck of this Universe, is also made up of all of these five elements. Guess how these five elements are designed? They correspond to each one of the below five major organs of the body.


Out of these five organs, the Sleep factor is governed by Liver, which is the King of Organs. The functionality it performs in the human body is extra-ordinary, and beyond the logical perception of a human mind. Now let’s delve into this organ to understand more.


Liver acts as both Space and also as a Tree/Plant. We all know how a Plant/Tree respiration happens.

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It inhales Carbon-di-oxide and exhales Oxygen throughout the day, exactly opposite to how a human respires during the day. It inhales Oxygen and exhales Carbon-di-oxide throughout the night, exactly same as how a human respires during the night.

Cosmic Energy

This energy is the universal life force which forms the basis of all existence, and which is essential to maintain the order of our lives and expand our human consciousness.

And how does this cosmic energy reach a human being? It is through the King of Organs, Liver.


During the day, Liver acts as a Tree/Plant and provides us this cosmic energy, which helps us to do all sorts of activities. Particularly, this powerful life force during the day is responsible for Out-of-the-box thinking and helps in creativity.

During the night, Liver acts as a Space and directly provides us the abundant cosmic energy from the Universe.

Now this functionality of a liver, switching between Tree/Plant and Space has to happen in a cyclic manner during the day and night. If this switching doesn’t happen properly, there arises energy imbalance within the human system. If this imbalance gets accumulated over a period of time, it starts affecting the other major/supplementary organs and leads to several other diseases starting from common cold/fever to cancer.

Timings that matter the most

The time when Liver acts as Space is the time when we need to have a good sound sleep. The rest of the timings we call it as Transition Time.

Liver acting as Space : 11PM to 3AM

Liver acting as Tree/Plant : 5AM to 9PM

Body preparing from Rest to Activity : 3AM to 5AM (Transition Time)

Body preparing for Sleep from Activity to Rest : 9PM to 11PM (Transition Time)

The Transition Time from 9PM to 11PM is a very significant one, as it is not an ideal time to do any sort of activity, either physically or mentally. This is a preparation time for having a sound sleep. If this preparation is not done properly, it will then adversely affect the quality of sleep from 11PM to 3AM. It then leads to a disturbed sleep, and the Liver won’t be at a full potential to act as Space during this time and there will be several distortions in the cosmic energy getting absorbed into us. This also impacts the very next day, since there is a lag in the functionality of the Liver to switch from Space to Tree/Plant. This is mostly responsible for the lethargy we feel while getting up in the morning, drowsiness we feel throughout the day, or some unknown sense of agitation or frustration or anger within us when doing any activity.

Do’s and Dont's in preparation of sleep

  • After 9PM, refrain from all the technological gadgets that we usually use – Laptops, Smart phones, Tablets, TV etc.
  • After 7PM, refrain from doing any strenuous physical activity, such as brisk walking or exercise.
  • Finish having dinner by max 8PM
  • Avoid having a heavy dinner, a light one can help in completing the digestion process well before sleep
  • A mild walk in the terrace under the moonlight will aid as a great preparation for sleep
  • Light an organic oil lamp in the bed room, and practice Trataka meditation. This will immensely help in eliminating the negative vibes both in and around us. A powerful mental detox.
  • Switch off the tube-lights by max 9.30 PM, and allow the body/mind to embrace the darkness. This will help the Pineal Gland activate Melatonin hormone that will greatly enhance the quality of sleep.
  • Drink adequate amount of lukewarm water before going to bed.
  • Practice any religious chant or meditation. This will help calm the nerves and cool down the brain from over thinking.

If these simple preparations are done religiously on a consistent basis, our health and mental well-being naturally improves and most of our chronic illnesses will seem to disappear over a period of time.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Subhashini Vishnu


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