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Schizophrenia, a Silent Death Angel


First of all I would like to introduce this disease.

What is schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a mental illness. About one percent of the world's population is affected at some point. The incidence of this disease is equal in men and women. People living in cities are more likely to get this disease than people living in villages. The disease is rare before the age of fifteen but can start anytime after that. The onset of the disease is most likely between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five.

What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?
The symptoms of schizophrenia are of two types, positive symptoms and negative symptoms.

Positive symptoms
These symptoms are called positive symptoms because they were not in good health and appear to be in a state of illness. These include the following symptoms.

If you see an object or person in the absence of a human being, or when you hear sounds in solitude when no one is around, then the process is called hallucination. The experience is to hear voices alone. These sounds are as real to the patient as they are to us. They feel that these sounds are coming from outside and are being heard in the ears, even if no one else is hearing them. Am Maybe these voices are talking to you or talking to each other.

Some patients also have hallucinations of seeing things, smelling or feeling as if someone is touching them, but these are relatively rare.

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Delusions are thoughts that the patient fully believes in but has no reality. Sometimes these thoughts are caused by misunderstandings or misunderstandings. The patient is 100% sure of his or her opinion, but everyone thinks that his or her idea is wrong or strange.

There are many types of delusions. Sometimes people feel that other people have become their enemies, wanting to harm them. Some patients feel that special messages are being broadcast to them on TV or radio. Some patients feel that someone is taking ideas out of their mind, or that the thoughts they have are not their own but have been put into their mind by someone else. Some people think that someone else is human. Or the unseen forces are controlling them, making them work against their will.

Muddled thinking or Thought Disorder
It becomes difficult for patients to focus on tasks or things. Patients do not pay full attention to reading newspapers or watching TV, continue their studies or do their work with full attention. Patients feel that their thoughts keep wandering and there is no one between their thoughts Does not link After a minute or two, they don't even remember what they were thinking a few moments ago. Some patients feel like they have a fog on their brain.

Negative symptoms
Negative symptoms are things that used to be in a state of health but are no longer in a state of illness. Although the negative symptoms are not as noticeable as the positive symptoms, they do have a profound effect on the patient's life. Patients feel that;

Interest, energy, feelings are all gone in his life. Patients are neither very happy nor motivated to do anything.

It is very difficult for them to pay attention to something or work. They also lose the desire to get out of bed or go out of the house.

It becomes very difficult for patients to take a bath, keep clean or change clothes.

Patients are reluctant to meet people, it is difficult for them to talk to anyone.

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