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Man & His Scent - Why so Fearless


Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are carried away by a man’s brand of smell? Not that he looks like Thor or his brother Loki – but simply of a moment’s Abracadabra. It kind of there's something unusual in the air.

Is it the brand of his cologne? I think there's more to that.

An urge of sudden attraction? Not exactly.

Or an incantation? I don’t think so.

It sounds weird, but every man and woman I asked about this phenomenon says they've got the curiosity but simply can’t explain the reason why. It could be that:

Other than the enzymatic match that comes along, we are all caught up in the wonder of men becoming one with the Absolute.


The Gallantry

My idea of masculine scent is a blend of aromatic fougère (fern smells), musk, pine, cedar, with some notes of floral. Wow, sounds like I'm a perfumer, huh. But honestly, I'm thinking of fresh robustness that cools yet stands in strength.

Are we the same?

If women can possess an impeccable sense of fragrance for style, men likewise are capable of eluding a barely credible sense of scent, but of adroitness.

A man's scent subconsciously impacts his emotions. Once he is boosted by the way he smells, the virtuous in him rules, not for power but for the greatness of those around him. Be it to complement a dress code, a meeting, a date, a party, or casual days, it defines his inclination towards taking charge and do what needs to be done.

A whiff of masculine signature doesn’t mean a shout-out, it's purely a detail that grabs attention as when someone says “he's not just a guy but man."


Him and His Cologne

Wearing cologne amplifies assertiveness in no way to signify self-importance, but rather for sequence and nonchalance. He can present himself in a well-tailored suit or plain jeans and a shirt, or with hair that’s slicked backward, all driven by a scent that he loves.

Even his after-shave cologne can build a beguiling sense of confidence when it comes to women. If your sixth sense picks up a hint of macho-ness in a man's scent, that sensation came from his valued inner masculinity.

For the stronger sex, fragrances are not mere scents but the essence of how real men likes to be detected as masculine, or the word they like - muscle-bound. The distinctive, urbane, and classic-smelling ardor exudes sexuality, strength, and composure that make them want to forge ahead.

Women often sense this vitality from thirty feet, and for men, it is something in them that is irresistible. Something they call, masculine charm.


His Scent and His Confidence

Physiologically, when a man wishes to thrive, he must develop an organized disposition, and that includes how he connects to a certain fragrance.

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Different scents evoke different psyches, but to a man does not only help him create a good first impression but a warm way for others to remember him. One thing is sure - he becomes unforgettable.

Going for an expensive or casual scent does not mean vain and foolish, but purely his personal preference. When a man is fascinated with his own smell, it creates an intense passion that likewise extends to how attractive women may find him.

Most men inherit the cologne practice from their fathers and other males in the family which is influenced later by contemporary choices. Fragrances, colognes, and perfumes can bring them everywhere with confidence so long as they think they’re wearing something not for the world to see, but for them to feel great.


The Fierce Sense

A man's signature scent is more than just a scent that he likes but something that reminds him of times when he can feel powerful.

Men, in all aspects, are known as strong beings. But real man has what it takes to lead, walk by, and escort the seemingly independent women of today not to compete but to brace, protect, and secure.

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength." Ralph Sockman

Since being gentle is mostly a feminine facet, his strength is exemplified by being kind, gracious, mild, patient, and reasonable. Smelling good becomes an expression of how he can surprise the world with the staying power of exotic, unusual, intense yet subtle, and spellbinding aroma only men have the ability to possess.

What can you say of men wearing copious amounts of tobacco- and coriander-laced colognes? What about florientals?

In Essence...

Speaking of attractiveness, the way fragrances attune to body odor creates an individually distinct odor mixture. It's different for everyone, but in a man's scent, the sensuality emanates from a magnificent stir of perfume and the masculine pedestal.

Nevertheless, how this thing has been overlooked doesn't matter. Why question something that awakens a moment of freedom, peace, love, and sensuality? Let the beautiful connection transport your mood into something that helps express your uniqueness. Thank that person in silence for the happiness he shares with you and the world.

Do you have the same thoughts? Share them.

Oh, by the way, HAPPY FATHER's Day to fathers reading this.


CJ Sledgehammer on June 03, 2012:

Too shy? Around little ol' me? :0)

Thanks, Tonipet, I really do appreciate your kind words and the faithful woman that you are.

Best wishes and be well - C.J. Sledgehammer

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on June 03, 2012:

CJ hello! How are you? I very much wanted to tell you of this hub but I was shy, so I just hope you would get the chance discovering it, and you did! You're wonderful :=)

Yes, I really loved that quote, its so short but worth defining what a real man is. I agree with you a 100%, "If a man is truly powerful and truly confident, he need not prove it to the world...he just owns it."... and the world sees that!

Our LORD JESUS is the PERFECT Man. HE got ALL THE ALMIGHTY Power, yet chose to be gentle- my Savior and Bestfriend Who has been with me since I was small.

Now that another real man found this article, I am happy. Thank you for the good wishes. I wish the same for you, your family and your children!:=)

CJ Sledgehammer on June 03, 2012:

Well done, Tonipet. Perhaps our earlier conversation should have been conducted here. I did not see an article about manly scents when I first visited you yesterday. :0)

I really like the quote you included with all this great information. You wrote:

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength." Ralph Sockman

You know, that's the way I feel about it too. If a man is truly powerful and truly confident, he need not prove it to the world...he just owns it.

For instance, if we were to consider our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, I think we would see a man that exuded gentleness and humility to His perfect core. Jesus was the most powerful persona in the universe, while He walked this earth, yet He did not need to prove it to anyone...He just was.

Great article, Tonipet, thanks a million!!!

May our Heavenly Father bless you with the desires of your heart - C.J. Sledgehammer

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