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My Experience Using Sananga Eye Drops to Improve My Eyesight

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In November 2019, I decided to try something new. I placed an online order for two 10 mL bottles of the Sananga eye drops that are said to have physical and energetic healing power. My experience in using these eye drops was thought-provoking.

Source of Sananga

Sananga is claimed to be[i] a powerful Amazonian remedy and tool. It is made by a medicine family in Brazil from the root bark of a shrub called Apocynaceae that grows inside the Brazilian Amazon. The bark of the root of this shrub is crushed to a fine powder and strained several times through a cotton mesh, after which it is extracted into a juice.

Traditionally, Sananga has been used by the indigenous tribes of Brazil for hunting as it stimulates their vision, awareness, concentration, and strength.

Stated Benefits

Some believe in the physical healing power of Sananga. Others believe that the healing is more energetic than physical.

Sananga is said to improve vision, strengthen the connection to the spiritual realms, expand consciousness, and open the third eye. It is also said to help activate and decalcify the pineal gland, and clear a person from negative energy.

I read that in macular degeneration and the black patch in front of the central vision, there is a material build-up on the cornea. Proponents of the use of Sananga claim that it helps recover from macular degeneration. Traditional medicine disputes this claim.

The Sananga plant is considered a mind-altering plant used to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness along with improving eyesight. It is usually performed during a special spiritual ceremony and is mostly good for the Ajna chakra thus enhancing intuition. Physical sight is linked to the third eye, intuition, and spiritual sight.

My Experience

On January 30th, I picked up a package with the two small bottles of the Sananga eye drops that I ordered. It took two months to have the package delivered to me from mapachoperu. No instructions were included in the delivery. The bottles were small, transparent, and contained a liquid that looked thick and yellowish.

I had the good idea of doing online research before the first application.

Each 10 mL bottle is said to contain about 300 drops. One or two drops are to be applied in each eye. This should be done in a quiet and calm environment, preferably in the evening. I understood the reason for this recommendation after the first application.

Stings Like Fresh Chili Pepper

Stings Like Fresh Chili Pepper

Users are warned that they will feel intense pain as the liquid stings the eyes like fresh chili pepper. The advice is to apply the eye drops while lying down and to focus on the breath while going through the pain. Once the pain is gone, meditate on a candle light. Apply the Sananga eye drops daily for one to two weeks, then stop for a week to give the eyes time to rest before restarting.

The bottles must be kept in the refrigerator which would make them last six months. They would mold if kept outside the refrigerator.

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That same day, I applied the Sananga eye drops for the first time around eight-thirty in the evening.

Lying down on my bed, I switched off the lights but kept a flash light and a box of tissues next to me. I applied one eye drop in each eye. At first, I did not feel anything. After a few seconds, I felt an intense burning sensation in my eyes followed by an excruciating physical pain all over my body so much so that I had to sit down. I forgot to focus on my breathing, and in hindsight believe that I should have placed the bottle in the refrigerator beforehand.

I became worried because the pain was intense. Lights were exploding in my head and I saw a circle of light on the top of my head. I tried to bring my attention back to my breathing but instead kept looking at the circle of light. Finally, I managed to focus on breathing deeply. The pain lingered for about 15 minutes. I decided then and there to forget about the whole thing as I started perspiring and feeling butterflies in my stomach.

Finally, I opened one eye then the other and tears came rushing down my cheeks. I found myself crying for no reason. After a short while, I felt an overwhelming sense of deep calm, clarity, and coolness. This feeling was wonderful.

It took me a good hour before I started feeling back to my normal self. I could not turn on the lights as the light felt too bright and my eyes were dry. It took me a long time to go to sleep as my senses were alive and my head clear.

The next day, my sinuses were clear. My eyesight was clear and the colors were bright and alive. I guess mucus was clouding my eyes and the Sananga eye drops dried them up. I applied normal eye gel for dry eyes all day.

I was drawn to the benefits of Sananga but afraid of becoming addicted to it because I experienced a great high after the pain was gone. It was my first time ever using a psychedelic. I meditate on a regular basis, so the mind-altering aspect was not new to me.

Two days later, I applied the Sananga eye drops to each eye and waited for the pain that did not take long to assert itself. It was not as intense as the first time. I do not know if this was due to having kept the bottle in the refrigerator or perhaps that my body did not need as much clearing as the first time. My eyes and sinuses were clear for several days afterward.

On one occasion after the application, I felt a pounding in my head that went on for about 45 minutes. I kept my focus on my breath. After an hour, my sinuses and my eyesight cleared. The lights did not bother me, but the pounding in my head did not disappear completely until the next morning.

The last time I applied the Sananga eye drops was on February 20th. With the news about the global spread of COVID-19, I did not want to do anything that might lead me to see a doctor. I have not applied the Sananga eye drops since then.

In Hindsight

I should have specified in my order that I wanted a mild solution for my first application, not a potent one.

I also should have consulted with an ophthalmologist first. Traditional medicine does not usually believe in these extra things we do for ourselves. I doubt that an ophthalmologist would have endorsed its usage, but I do not regret having tried it.


Online research on the risks of applying the Sananga eye drops makes me cautious. Potent Sananga burns away the first layer of the eye where dust and bacteria accumulate, in order to improve vision. If a potent Sananga is used too much, other layers of the eye can be hurt that could damage the vision.

Sananga eye drops


[i] article posted by Psychedelic Times Staff, Jan 2, 2017, Articles, Traditional Medicines

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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