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Seven Flowers Herbal Snuff High Blood Pressure

Chrysanthemum Flowers


Seven Flowers Known as Sevent Flower

It was impossible to lower my grandmother's blood pressure, a stubborn black cloud that persisted for three days. Taking toxic lisinopril scared her and after reading many of the 4,000 horrific testimonials she was sure she'd rather let nature take its course.

We tried everything, cayenne, celery juice, baby aspirin, bananas and all the natural remedies we could find. She was welling in water from the juices to the oxygenated water in a pitcher. She even called her doctor to tell him weeks before her blood pressure pills were creating pressure and pain around her heart. He denied the pills had anything to do with it, ignoring the easy accessible side-effect information on the web. She was certain he didn't want to take responsibility for what he was prescribing. Then something surreal had occurred.

She said she was rummaging through her dining dresser when her hand was directed to a tiny light green box that was pushed so far back she didn't remember it was there. It was placed on the kitchen table in front of me. Research entailed and when I read the documentations and testimonials on the Chinese medicine Seven Flowers I was asking why she hadn't taken this long ago.

It was to replace the high blood pressure med's or accompany them, and I thought this sounded promising. What I didn't know was that they worked just as well or better. We tried for three days to get it down and had no other alternative. She took three tiny tablets, and to our surprise her pressure dropped to 175/86 in just a few hours. Days later, her blood pressure oscillated from 155-175. Tuesday, the fourth day, it was lowered to 155/69. On day six it was 165/77 and on the seventh an almost perfect pressure of 132/70. Exactly thirteen days proceeding that very first day she registared 129/64 about noon and spent most of it in the yard gardening at 92 years old.

She believes she has found the natural remedy that she had longed to find. No swelling of the throat, no constant coughs or tearing, no more failing eyesight or pains and pressure in her heart. No more ringing in her ears, all these were some of the side effects she had lived with, but she didn't wish to go on that way for the rest of her life. She urged me to share her discovery with others also caught up in this disappointing web.

More good news: Seven Flowers can be purchased and stored for years without losing its potency. The proof: my grandmother's box was sitting in that drawer 6 years!

So, stock up.

She believes her husband led her to that green box. We wouldn't have slept that night, but she did so deeply because Seven Flowers induces sleep. Thank you, Chinese medicine.

THE SEVEN FLOWERS assists your body's own biochemistry. The ingredients:

*Water Fairy Flower *Honeysuckle Flower *Black Moss Flower *Chrysanthemum Flower *Brunella Flower *Sophora Japonica Flower *Ginseng Flower.

This is the original Chinese formula used for thousands of years.

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Additionally, any two combined of the following herbals they say work as well as Seven Flower Extract:


Seven flowers is an incredible product and discovery. Today, after four full months taking Seven flowers natural Chinese medicine for high blood pressure, my grandmother rests at 127/60! This is life-saving news and a side-effect-free remedy. The search is over for a natural high blood pressure medication, because ancient medicine plants of the earth know just how our bodies work.

Update: It's been over a year, the news is she is down to two flower pills in the morning and two at night and her blood pressure is usually between 120-130/ 70-80, that's low for a lady of 94. Seven flowers are the only pills she takes. I must add, a combination of Seven Flowers, drinking a lot of pure water, and not eating meat has done wonders.

Honeysuckle Flower


Additional Seven Flower Benefits

You can use seven flowers even for sleeping issues or anxiety as I do. You may not need many, adapt to what works by trying little at a time.

If you've tried Seven Flowers please let me know how it has worked for you, your friends or family.


Jill Quill (author) from ITALY on June 02, 2013:

Just bringing up the love :)

Subhas from New Delhi, India on April 22, 2013:

I love such kind of articles as these serves benefiting mankind and lighting up the hope of cure through natural means and detoxifying our body.

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