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Rowing Time Comes With The Merach Q1 Rowing Machine


Exercise With A Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is an interesting exercise device in that it’s more likely to be found in a gym than in a home. Plus people look askance at it because they’re really not sure how to use it or what it does for them. And say you should get past that, well then there’s the argument that pops up in the mind that the rowing machine is so long that there’s not going to be any room for it to be kept between uses — being that it has a long horizontal rail. So let’s address all three of these issues: the purpose of a rowing machine is that it uses both your upper and lower body on every stroke, which can aid in strengthening and toning muscles (your feet when pushing and your upper body when pulling) along with improving endurance. It’s also low impact which can be very important for a lot of people (you know who you are) and can be good for the heart and lungs due to being cardio exercise.

Now as to its length, that‘s no longer is an issue if the rowing machine can stand up and so only take up a little space — because it goes vertical (sort of the same idea of skyscrapers in New York City due to a shortage of real estate space). So once you’ve assembled the Merach Q1 Rowing Machine (which isn’t such a big deal by the way), then you know it’s going to be able to stand away from everything and not take over the room when it’s not being used.


Assembling A Rowing Machine

So a rowing machine consists of a number of parts, which for simplicity sake consists of a person sitting on a seat with their legs in pedals and pulling on a handle/strap that makes the seat move back and forth — you can say that there’s a rail system tied into all this. But before it can be used, this rowing machine has to be assembled, but don’t despair or become frustrated because there aren’t that many parts that need to be put together — in fact the biggest part, being the flywheel is already assembled and ready to go. The assembly process follows this route, and yes all the tools needed are provided. You start by attaching a front and rear stabilizer (basically two rods that you keeps the whole thing stable when flat on the floor), followed by putting the padded and molded seat on the rail assembly that connects to the flywheels . This is followed by attaching the pedals and locking the seat from underneath. The pedals, which are oversized, then get attached to each side and a shaft insert locks it all in place. As we said, that’s a bit simplified but in reality that’s pretty much it for real. So you’re looking at maybe an hour or two/three at the most, which means you can take your time and not get flustered.

Why didn’t we mention about putting the 16 speed adjustable electro-magnetic control resistance shuttle knob on? Because it’s already assembled — you push it to get it to go and then check out the display screen there: it’s for resistance info and recording data like paddle frequency and exercise duration and calories burned in real-time.


The App

So you’ve got it assembled and you step back to admire your handiwork, only to realize it’s not going to be used where you are now. No big deal — just stand it up and use the built-in wheels to maneuver over to where you want it, then restore it to ground position. This practice helps because now you know that raising it straight up is how it’s going to be stored when not using it.

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So now you can use it when you want and the tablet/smartphone holder works to hold your mobile device. Which is good because there’s an app you can download. It’s called the Kinomap app and can be used to auto record training data, calories burned, time and distance among others. And in case you wondered, the tablet/smartphone holder can be adjusted.


Electro-Magnetic Resistance

So this electromagnetic resistance is quieter than other systems because it has less friction and works smoother. That’s aided by the aluminum alloy double slide rails as they’re less noisy during the seat pulley action as well as harder to damage. Add to that the pedals being rotatable which translates into less of a chance of ankle twists and that there’s a strong tension strap and the handle is silicone-based for a surer grip — all of which seems to say Merach put some good effort into making this rowing machine a comfortable and sane ride.

The Merach Q1 Rowing Machine is can provide a full body muscle exercise and has a fat-burning effect, thanks to cardio exercise. But the best part just might be that it’s available to use whenever you want because it’s right there. Just figure about 6 feet horizontal space for running it, and less than 3 feet for storing. And keep the wegift under 350 lbs. And in comes in black or white too. For more details go to

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