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Road Rage Problems and Solutions

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Every day, now we are dealing with a problem called road rage. The press includes some information daily on greater examples on this issue globally.

Peoples become used to it. It has become the talk of the problems of many countries. Peoples suffer too much from it. How much do you know about Road Rage? Come to me, I will show you the exact state.

What is Road Rage?

It is a state defined as excessive anger or angry behavior among motorists. These angry behaviors include yelling, rude nature, slang, threats, risky driving, tailgating etc.

Motorists aggressive to others cause Road Rage

Motorists aggressive to others cause Road Rage

Local Motorists Aggressive when driving cause Road Rage

Local Motorists Aggressive when driving cause Road Rage

What are the Causes of Road Rage?

What is inflicting this? Many humans appear to wonder. But there is no exact cause and solution to it. There are different kinds of traffic rules created to solve these problems, but there is no significant change.

If you honestly think of it, there are no surprises here. There are many layers to these issues. Some of which are convenient to understand, and some are a little greater complex.

Excessive physical and Mental Stress: Stress is another important contributing agent at the back of the phenomenon. Peoples usually bear many types of physical and mental stress in their daily life.

This includes high cost of livelihood, decrease social status, official stress, remiss relations, etc. All these waves create anger, frustrations, aggressions. These can spill over in the structure cause vocal or bodily violence.

Psychology: Psycho condition is one of the main causes of street aggression. Psychology includes ego, mental stress, mental disorder, way of thinking, behavioral change, etc.

If any driver has an ego problem, he may think that he can drive well than others, does not need to compromise with other drivers. Generally, the ego acts like a virus and transmit aggression to human.

Unskilled Driver: Unskilled driver can create a pathway block; avoid rules, accident which may lead to street wrath.

Competition Mentality: Drivers usually make competition among them. They try to drive fast and go faster than other vehicles. This situation creates aggression, dander, accident, and Road Rage. It is a common fault of drivers. This mainly happens because of excessive pressure from vehicles owner, the lust for money, fare target, etc. among rent driver.

In a Hurry or Late: Suppose you have an important meeting with your clients or in a hurry to go anywhere, but you have been delayed. This failure can change your mind to aggression and bore. Thus, hurry or a late situation can create this issue.

Traffic Jam: Sometimes, there is a long line in the traffic and it remains a couple of hours. It mainly happens because of excessive population and vehicles. Drivers get excessive bored standing at a traffic signal for a long time which leads to aggression.

Tiredness or Sickness: During tiredness or sickness, our body feels bore with everything. It affects our minds badly and changes. It may lead to aggression and street dander.

Drug Addiction: Abuse of drugs decreases personality. Drivers, who take drugs or alcohol, usually involve with misbehavior and aggression with other drivers.

During addiction time, they lose their mind. They do not even know what are they doing. So, they can involve road offenses. These situations create aggression among drivers.

Avoid Traffic Rules: Sometimes, drivers do not maintain traffic rules. They drive vehicles at an excessive speed, avoid traffic signs, and make a driving competition among them. These are all causes of street dander. These can create serious accidents.

Unsupportive and Helplessness: Sometimes, families and friend circles have emerged as smaller, much less supportive and greater superficial in their interactions. These create different emotional disturbances that permit human beings to deal with frustrations.

However, it additionally takes away the everyday interactions that instruct human beings on how to deal with every different situation.

Stubborn Youngster: Youngsters these days are now not being taught to appreciate elders, be patient, deal with things, or let small irritants slide. They develop up aggressive and impatient situations. These all attitudes of stubborn youngsters cause of this issue.

Excessive stress and anger are the main reasons for road rage.

What are The Common Behaviors of Drivers?

  • Aggressive Attitude
  • Yelling
  • Hurry Mode
  • Abuse Slang
  • Dominate Others
  • Create Block in the street
  • Make Competition with others
  • Break Traffic Rules

Is Road Rage a Mental Disease?

Generally, we mention excessive anger, temper outbursts, aggressions among motorists as street wrath, but in medical science, it has another particular name and that is Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). It is a lesser-known psychological disorder characterized by sudden unwarranted anger.

It mainly grows from the adolescence period, but we can’t recognize this being unconscious and lack of knowledge. National Institute of Mental Health takes a survey on 9282 U.S. adults questioning different diagnostic issues in 2001-2003.

They had found about 5-7 percent of national representative samples had IED disease, which equates to approx. 16 million U.S. adults. It is a higher amount than other mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

What are The Common Impacts of Road Rage?

It can create numerous odd situations, such as-
• Accident and Injuries
• Create Violence
• Physical Fights
• Delinquent Victim
• Public Safety Vulnerability
• Legal Issue
• Create Extra Stress
• Vehicle Damage
• Social Distance

Which Countries and Cities Have the Worst Records of Road Rage?

Now, it is a common event for big cities. Recently, BBC announced a list of countries and cities associated with the worst street wrath records. A big country like America is not even in the top three numbers! Isn't it weird? Guess, which city can have the worst records?



South Africa



Great Britain

Washington, D.C.




Bullet Statistics

• 20% of UK drivers have experienced this more than 10 times.

• About 9 in 10 UK drivers experienced this at least one time.

• 70% among them involved offense.

Survey: BBC

Bullet Statistics

• In every year, About 30 murders happen in the US only due to conflicts and aggression accelerated by street dander.

• 8 among 10 Americans experienced this at least once a year.

• About 82% of American motorists have this in past years.

Source: Zebra

What are the Solutions of Road Rage?

Different steps can be taken to reduce this issue. But these all have to take jointly both with the government and general peoples. Here are some possible solutions to reduce this issue-

Anger Management: Anger and aggression are the main cause of this incident. So, peoples have to find out some solutions to reduce anger and aggression.

They have to reduce their ego and build a polite attitude. If people can reduce their anger and aggression, most of these problems will be solved.

Listening Music: Listening to music, podcasts, or any other playlist can cool your mind and give you an amazing environment. It can remove bareness and aggression created by traffic jams or other monotony situations.

Cold Mind: Drivers need to rest properly at home or during a long drive. It will keep their mind cold and calm. It will reduce aggressive attitude and dander.

Reduce Tension and Stress: Tension and Stress are the main indirect reasons for this issue. Usually, peoples bear different types of tension and stress.

They can take medication for stress if need. Moreover, every possible step has to take from them to reduce stress which can reduce dander.

Raise Awareness: Awareness can be the most powerful option to solve these problems. For this purpose, governments, Social communities, or NGOs can take different kinds of steps to raise awareness.

More and more advertising on Radio, Television, Social Media, Posters, and Banner can raise awareness about it.

Drivers Must Have Driving License and Skills: Drivers must have to have proper Skills with a legal driving license.

Avoid Competition: Drivers usually make a competition among them to go faster. They have to avoid a competition mentality which can reduce wrath.

Raise Morality Among Youngsters: Morality has to raise among our youngsters. For this purpose, country-wise different steps have to take to educate our youngsters with moralities, make polite them from primary level.

Our youngsters have to obey their older persons. Similarly, our older also have to build mentality and be helpful to make good relation with our youngsters regarding their age problems.

Modify Traffic Rules: To reduce street anger, our traffic rules have to modify. On the other hand, our roads have to extend to reduce traffic jams.

Family and Social Support: Family and friend circles have to give support to our peoples so that they will remain mentally cool. Only Family and social support can reduce these problems in a significant amount.


Government as well as all citizens and organizations have to work for reducing these problems.

Which Things Drivers Need to Keep in Mind?

  • Times are valuable to everybody. So, they shouldn't make a competition with other drivers.
  • Keep calm
  • Keep Patient
  • Cold mind
  • Avoid aggressive behavior Maintain traffic rules
  • Take a break
  • Reduce frustration and anxiety
  • Don't stop suddenly
  • Avoid slang or abuse speech

Words of the Bottom Line

Factors that causing these problems not limited, so we have to identify all possible reasons and try to solve them accordingly. We won't find an answer in sight till there is a massive change in the way human beings control and manage their frustrations and anger.

However, with the help of our Government, different anger administration classes, laughter clubs, yoga centers, NGOs, social media, social communities, and way of life administration professionals are all making an effort to reduce and solve these problems.

Our small dents and efforts can be the beginning to take part in the solution of these sea-like problems. It is the right time to start a lengthy and challenging journey towards solutions for this issue. In these ways, we will be able to reduce these and make our world better for ourselves and the next generation.

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