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Risk Factors of Heart Attack and Diet Control to Prevent It


Nowadays heart attack has become major health issue for many people and whenever people cross the age of 40, they start concern about the heart health.

Let us think why the majority of the people worry about the possibility of getting heart attack. The reason is very simple. In our daily life we see it is common that people below the age 40 years die just because of sudden heart attack and this is the main reason for the most people get panicked about this serious health problem.

What are the Risk Factors of Heart Attack

There are of course many risk factors of heart attack and they can also be classified as modifiable and non-modifiable.

Modifiable factors are things or activities that we can change ourself to prevent heart attack. On the other hand non-modifiable factors are things being just out of control. They are really not in our hands.

Non modifiable Factors of Heart Attack

Let us now look at some non-modifiable factors of getting heart attack.


This is nature and unavoidable to mankind. Whenever the people become old, they are prone to get the heart problem.This is first among the non-modifiable factors.


Secondly comes Ethnicity which is also a non-modifiable factor. The researchers say that people from Southern Asia are having more possibility of getting heart attack than those from western countries like US, UK and other European countries.


This is the third one which can not be changed. Genetically many people have chance to suffer from heart attack even under the age of 40 years. Hence, those people should be very careful in order to prevent the heart attack.

Modifiable Factors of Heart Attack


The most important modifiable factor is smoking. These days people particularly youngsters are unaware of this risk factor. Experts say that smoking is the worst habit as it increases the chances of getting heart attack 2 to 3 times than other factors. Researchers assure that if a smoker stops smoking, the chance of getting reduces to 50 percent and smokers should stop smoking if they want to extend their life time.


This is another non-modifiable factor of heart attack. Particularly over belly must be controlled in all genders and for men the belly size should not exceed 40 inches whereas for women the same should be within 35 inches.

Work out

Working out is of course the great thing to avoid heart attack and it will be good if you work out for at least 120 minutes a week. Moderate exercises including cycling, jogging can also responsible for giving favorable results.

If you are fit and confident, you can also involve in intensive work out including weight lifting. Elder people can choose easy activities including walking around the park and doing meditation to get rid of problem.

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Over Stress

In this modern life style, the stress has become an important factor of getting heart attack. Make sure that you are leading a peaceful and stress free life. The over stress will definitely become the reason for heart attack.

Good Sleep

Good sleep is very important for preventing the heart attack. Doctors say, it is necessary to have sleep for at least 6 or 7 hours every day. So, if you are careless to have good sleep, there will be a chance to have heart attack.

Diseases in Control

People with diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problem should regular visit their family doctor. Blood sugar level, blood pressure should be monitored regularly so that one can avoid getting heart attack problem. Persons having cholesterol problem should often check up LDL (low density liboprotein) level which is a bad one and the ratio between Triglyceride and HDL should also be controlled.


Diet Control to Prevent Heart Attack


Eating plenty of vegetables rich in fiber content can largely prevent heart attack. Of course vegetables are naturally not rich in carb but they have good amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health of heart.

Take Necessary Fruits

Fruits are also playing an important role on the health of heart. Citrus fruits are more preferable than other types of fruits and however, the amount of fruits should be in control. Excessive fruits may also lead to unnecessary problems.


People without diabetes can also take adequate quantity of grains including rice and wheat, but it is better prefer whole grains as for as possible. But, doctors say that the amount of foods from grains should be in control.

Good News for Non-vegetarian Lovers

Eating only vegetarian foods are good for long living. However, doctors say that people can also take non-vegetarian foods and they also confirm that eggs and any type of non-vegetarian foods will never affect the health of heart. But, the problem comes when the amount of non-vegetarian foods exceeds the limit. You can even easily find out which is correct limit when you eat such type of foods.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods including maida is certainly injurious to good heart health. In addition to this people should avoid all the oil fried foods. Sweets and food made from refined oil will also affect the good health of our heart. People should prefer naturally prepared groundnut oil, coconut oil or ghee.

Mediterranean Diet

It is also a good means of the prevention of heart problem. Mediterranean diet is nothing but having only minimal or necessary amount of carb a day and in this diet all the fruits, vegetables and non-vegetarian foods will be taken. But, the people will take care about reducing the food containing carbohydrates.

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