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Review of Hell Fire and Other Hardcore Fat Burners

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How Thermogenesis works

How Thermogenesis works

Which Diet Pills Work Best?

There are a countless number of fat burners/diet pills on the market today. Now you can not only find them in health and nutrition stores, you can also find them in Wal-mart, Kmart or pretty much any neighborhood grocery store. Each of them boasting that it works better/entices more fat loss than the next one. Now it even seems that the number of fat burners that are stimulant free are on the rise. Can these natural herbs burn fat just as well as the high octane stimulants such as ephedrine or caffeine? Which one works better? It's really hard to say if one is actually better than the other because they fight the fat in your body in two totally different ways. A stimulant based fat burner/diet pill attacks body fat by way of thermogenesis (the process that increases energy output, resulting in the elevation of your metabolism and allowing the utilization of fat cells as energy to assist in sustaining the metabolic increase). While a herbal based or stimulant free fat burner controls cortisol (cortisol is the stress hormone that causes fat gain and retention), influences thyroid function and augments fat burning enzymes. Obviously another major difference between the two is that a stimulant free product will more than likely be generally safer and have less of the side affects then a stimulant based product. For me personally, I've always preferred the stimulant based brands. I like the extra kick that it provides for me. However everyone is different and have distinctive responses to each supplement. The only real way to know how well it will work for you, is to try it. Trial and error. I have pretty much tried every kind of fat burner/diet pill under the sun. The ones here on my list are stronger, more hardcore and you generally do not find them over the counter in a grocery/nutrition store because of some of their content, but they are a definite must try.

Hell Fire Metabolic Incinerator

Hell Fire Metabolic Incinerator

Hard Core Fat Burners

Hell Fire Metabolic Incinerator

This is a product of Innovative Laboratories that worked absolute wonders for me, even in the times I struggled with keeping my diet clean. Of course some of that had to do with my genetics as well, but once I feel like my body has acclimated to a particular dietary supplement, I will cycle off of it and either try a different brand or just give my body a break from it. One capsule will do the trick. if your a hard core athlete you can probably handle two. It's recommended not to exceed 2 pills within any twenty four hour period. Hell fire does contain caffeine anhydrous and Ephedra (which is currently banned by the FDA in the United States). Initially when I started taking it, I did experience a little dry mouth. That being said, stimulants are a dehydrant, so water supplementation is absolutely necessary. More than the 8 glasses a day you should already be drinking. While taking this supplement I experienced an immense amount of energy which intensified my workouts and a significant amount of fat loss. I give Hell Fire an A++. This happens to be my personal favorite and definitely recommend giving it a try.

Hyperlean Mega Thermogenic

Engineered by Nova Body Science, Oxylite is also an outstanding fat burner. I'm unsure of all the ingredients in these pills as companies are not obligated to disclose the contents of their proprietary blends, It also contains appetite suppressants, mood enhancers and provided me with extended energy, almost to the point where it was too much. The desired result was definitely obtained. The only downside to this product was I did get a little jittery. It could have possibly been the shock of something new, but I didn't really care for that feeling. However my workouts were off the charts, so I give Hyperlean an A-.


Black Mamba Hyper Rush

Black Mamba Hyper Rush

Black Mamba Hyperrush

Another stellar product from those guys at Innovative Laboratories, Black Mamba's are extremely effective fat burners. (I personally prefer Hell Fire, but that's just me). Like Hell Fire, it also contains Ephedran brand extract. It provided me with extended energy in the gym, contains appetite suppressants and also improves mental alertness. I only took one pill at a time with this one as I could already feel the effects. Taking two may have been too much for me. Although I felt like a monster working out on these pills, I did get a little jittery, which is why I gave Black Mamba's an A- as well.

Diablos Hyperburn 60

Another product of Innovative Laboratories, by now you have figured out that they are pretty good at making these types of supplements. A fat incineration complex that provided energy, mental focus and burned fat. It also contained antioxidants and anti-cortisol (cortisol causes fat gain and retention). The only difference between this one and the others, was I didn't feel that rush as I did with the other pills. So if you don't like that hyped-up, jittery feeling, this maybe more your style. The Diablos got an A.

All of these fat burners, because of some of their ingredients can not be purchased over the counter or at your local nutrition store. they must be bought online or from a wholesaler. If you are an athlete that gets tested for PED's (performance enhancing drugs), make sure you check with your sanctioning body prior to using any of these products. These fat burners are a lot more stronger than most brands, so if you are a beginner or have any kind of underlying health condition, you should definitely consult your doctor before trying them. If you do decide to try them, test your tolerance by taking one capsule at a time for a couple of days. As stated previously, increase your water intake as well. If you can handle them, I am absolutely certain that each of these products will assist you in getting the results you desire as quickly as possible.

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Kevin W (author) from Texas on November 08, 2013:

There are many different species of Ephedra, the plant itself is not banned, the ones containing the ingredients of ephedrine alkaloids such as ephedra sinica, have been banned. It is pretty strong but its my favorite and still take it.

Spencer on November 08, 2013:

Hell Fire Ephedra is not banned by the FDA, that would be EPHEDRINE. Caffeine and ephedrine sold in the same capsule is illegal. Ephedra is just their brand name extract, which they clearly named after Epherine. Nothing in this capsule is illegal, but it definitely one of the strongest legal stimulants I have taken.

Kevin W (author) from Texas on July 13, 2013:

@Ms Dora- some of their ingredients are banned by the FDA, that's why you cannot purchase over the counter. If taken/used as directed....they are safe.....unless you have other underlying health concerns.

@dwelburn - the do have great names don't they? I tend to stick to Hell Fire, it worked well for me

David from Birmingham, UK on July 11, 2013:

They have some great names don't they? I did not know there were any products of this type that were as potent as these. I may give them a try.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on July 10, 2013:

Wonder why they cannot be purchased over the counter? Do you suppose that it is because of their negative side effects? Thanks for providing the information you have as well as your personal experience.

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