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Review of daiya Cheeses

I mainly have to eat dairy and gluten-free foods. I want to help other people that have to eat this way.

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Dairy-free Review

I think dairy-free products are not as hard to find as they used to be. I have tried more than one brand of dairy-free cheeses. I will start the review by talking about daiya cheeses. As far as I know, they have cheese slices, shredded cheese, and macaroni. They offer cheese options with a liquid creamy sauce you can buy separately or with the noodles. Cheese sticks in this brand I bought last week.

My favorite daiya cheeses

I was pleasantly surprised when I just ate one of the daiya cheddar cheese sticks. I like the sticks better than the cheddar slice options. I prefer the Swiss-flavored option over the cheddar if I eat the slices. The thickness of other sticks tastes pretty good, especially when eaten with some fruit like grapes.

daiya deliciously dairy-free cheddar style DELUXE CHEESE SAUCE

This option of the daiya cheese so far is my favorite. I usually buy just the sauce because I buy my own pasta and pour this sauce over it. It is so good I have to stop myself because I like it so much; my husband Ray also likes it. After that, I tried the Alfredo sauce option, which was also great; however, the cheddar-style creamy sauce is our favorite now.

I have read and watched quite a few reviews about this cheese brand. While some did not care as much for it as they would have liked, others did. So if you like macaroni, cheese, and creamy sauce, you may enjoy them. The company also makes a four-cheese and a white cheddar option.

If I believe in a product, I could sell it, and I believe in the company that makes daiya cheese. I will write more about this cheese brand soon. Also, I have another brand of dairy-free cheese that I like a lot, and I will write an article about it soon.

Eating daiya cheeses has helped me change my eating habits and make the journey more enjoyable. My new normal is getting better all the time. I also have to eat gluten-free, and daiya cheeses are all gluten-free. So I look forward to eating once again. The only problem is that I want the creamy macaroni and cheese deluxe sauce almost daily. So save a little of the creamy style pouches so you can squeeze some on top when you heat any leftovers. It is so great!

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The reviews I write about are honest in every way because I hope that honest reviews will be behind products I want to think about purchasing.

Here are more options when it comes to daiya cheese:

I have other dairy-free option brands to try, and hopefully, dairy-free eaters will want to use some of my suggestions for themselves.

The link below is a review with two real people talking in a video about the New York-style daiya cheesecake. They liked it after comparing it to a well-known company's brand. Watch for yourself; now I want to buy this option.

There are more daiya options, such as salad dressings and pizza options. In my future articles, I will write more about the salad dressings and the pizza options.

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