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Review: The Whole30 Challenge


I once weighed 194 pounds. In 3 short months I dropped 27 pounds.


The Commitment

In October of 2019, my wife decided that she wanted to try and do The Whole30 Challenge.

Trying to be a supportive husband, I told her that I may willing to join her. Before I made that commitment, I had to know what it was all about.

Once I had heard everything that were going to have to cut out of your diet, I said that I would join her if she waited until January 2020. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I didn't want to be limited on my food consumption even though this was just a 30 day plan.

The Whole30 Plan

The idea behind the Whole30 Challenge is to eliminate foods that may cause allergic reactions, ill health or joint pain.

The program is only for 30 days and then you can slowly add foods back into your diet. As you add the foods back, you can notice how your body reacts. If you get aches, pains or get ill then you know what foods you need to eliminate from you normal diet.


What Can I Eat?

The Wole30 Challenge is basically a more strict version of a Paleo Diet. Once you have finished the Whole30 Challenge, you should easily be able to transition in to some form of Paleo Diet.

Basically what you are eating are fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat.

You are also allowed various seasonings. The most important may be Ghee. Ghee is a class of clarified butter that really tastes a lot like regular butter.

You are avoiding dairy, sugar and grains.

See the table below for some of the foods that are acceptable.

Source; delish.com






Ground Beef




Bacon (pastured and sugar-free)




























How Did I Do?

I was strong for the first 14 days! I love cereal so for breakfast I made a Whole30 compliant cereal. Since dairy is not allowed on the Whole30 plan, I had to use Almond Milk. Sweetener is also not allowed so the Almond Milk was not very good. I think I did pretty good lasting 14 days.

My wife finally suggested that I add vanilla flavoring to the Almond Milk. That helped a little but it still kind of sucked.

On day 16 my wife got a 24 hour virus. She couldn't keep anything down so I got her some saltine crackers and Sprite Zero. That helped a lot. She fell off the program for that 24 hour period but then hopped back on board.

Once again I was being the supportive husband and took the temptation of the crackers and Sprite Zero out of her way. The fact that I ate the crackers and drank the Sprite Zero is just a minor issue.

I was back on the plan by day 19.

A Message From God

The Almond Milk had really been bad and my wife finally conceded in letting me eat regular cheerios and use whole milk. Both of those are legitimate to use after the Whole30 Challenge is over.

I got a message from God on day 21. There is a standard procedure where I work. If someone has food that they do not want, they leave it in the break room. 99% of the time someone will jump on it and have it for lunch or a snack.

On day 21 there was a personal size pizza with 2 pieces left just sitting in the break room. I had taken a late lunch that day so it was nearly 2:00 PM. This was clearly God telling me to get off the Whole30 Challenge and get back to my normal eating habits. I completely fell of the wagon there. Pizza is my weakest link.

I still supported my wife. In her presence I stayed on the Whole30 Challenge, except for the cheerios for breakfast.

What Were The Results?

My wife noticed that the aches and pains she had suffered in her joints had greatly decreased and in some cases had vanished. There was no question that some of the foods that she had been eating was causing problems for her. She also lost 5 pounds during the month.

As far as aches and pains were concerned, I could not tell any difference. The one thing that did happen was that I no longer liked Coke Zero. What had once been my soft drink of choice was now no longer appealing to me. Today, I rarely have soft drinks and when I do it is just a small amount.

I do think that taking the Whole30 Challenge is a good idea to see if your diet is affecting your body. I encourage those who are struggling to give it a try.

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