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Repossessing My Mind: My Most Cherished Life Achievement


Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Nothing to Brag About

According to many a fine scholar, notably Dr. Robert Lanza, MD ("Biocentrism"), being reputedly one of the hundred most respected scientists in the world -- objective reality does not exist apart from our observing.

Now, with absolutely no ambition to match those elaborate presentations in that field with my own humble speculations -- but almost four decades prior to knowing about the existence of such a field of research, as a teenager I titled one of my essays: "Nothing Has a Suchness until We Give It One".

Not bad at all for a young, horny punk whose next thought might have been about "how to make that little brunette like me".

Fast-forward a couple of decades, and there I was writing another, a little longer text depicting my idea about a basic primordial pair of sensations which I named subjectness and objectness.

In short, they were to describe a force stemming out from our personal space as a will and intent, making us feel like subjects, or doers in the world, and the other force felt as invading our personal space giving us a feeling of an object of the world's doing something unto us.

All that came out of my nagging obsession about an intuitive need to detach myself from the hypnotic influences of the society, and to use my own mind, explore my own unused potential, be free in my soul.

With almost a feverish working on myself, using anything that looked usable in those over thousand books on human nature -- I came to a stage where those outer voices became quiet in my mind.

And without hesitation I am calling my most cherished achievement -- that freedom to choose my own thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs, to be mentally pro-active, not a re-active automaton anymore merely giving a personal version to the minds of others, while believing it's "me".


Born "Cool" -- Turning "Sovereign"

I'd like to mention how I don't take any credit for my early, and then life-long interest in these matters -- as it didn't involve a forced, ambitious effort on my part, but rather came from within as a part of my nature. So, I didn't "decide" on pursuing any of it any more than I decided to have brown eyes.

What might have contributed to that unfolding were the post WW2 conditions in Europe, which made many of us youngsters mature before our time. Most of my teenage friends were a peculiar combination of little adventurers, ball-kickers, swimmers across the dangerous currents of the river, mountain climbers -- and chess players, readers, even little philosophers, all that when we were not busy impressing girls.

In my own combination of developing personality traits, which were forming in a pretty disorderly manner, I might have been an extreme at all that. And it certainly wouldn't have been easy being me, hadn't it been for my innate phlegmatic temperament that allowed me to instantly drop any mental weight in favor of keeping a calm disposition.

These days the expression phlegmatic temperament got its new name of being cool.

Mind you, that temper, which was marked by a certain lack of care about possible bad outcomes, made me do my own share of crazy things, many of which would surely be left out of my autobiography if I ever wrote one. But it all somehow nicely blended with a sense of inner freedom, which was elegantly growing into something that would eventually become my personal sovereignty.

After schooling, army service, and marrying my teenage sweetheart, my twenties found me in Canada as an immigrant from my native Croatia, then a part of the communist Yugoslavia.

There was nothing organized about satisfying my hunger for learning about man and life -- as I might have grabbed a book on neurology, psychiatry, astronomy, physiology and nutrition, philosophy...or something from the bag with esoteric practices -- meditation, zen-Buddhism, occult, self-hypnosis, yoga...whatever.

However, no matter what I was reading of that non-fiction literature, my mind always gravitated around the topic of personal de-hypnotizing from social influences, using my own mind and slicing away any left over layers of obstacles to scoop into my unused potential.

That alone may explain why I never developed any affinity towards religious teachings and political ideologies, which always gave me a feeling of an intellectual claustrophoby.


Assaults on Our Mental Freedom

Although I like seeing myself as an exemplary law-abiding citizen, with no rebellious tendencies which might be suggested by my mind-style, "authority" is a dirty word in my psycho-philosophy of life.

Wherever I look I see the effects of massive brainwashing done by the Rasputins of political, religious, medico-pharmaceutical establishments, with a reluctantly challenged stale paradigm defining for us what is normal.

That background laughter in TV sitcoms even tells us when we are supposed to see something funny in those situations. And I can't help but smile when my wife says how in fashion bright colors are in style this season.

Nations get divided by political manipulators to make it easier for them to be handled. Besides, in every government there is a department whose job is to monitor public mood and use media to keep them in a constant state of anxiety and existential fear, for then they more readily cling to the protective hand of the Big Daddy.

In this article I won't even go to this current pandemic, because it's too big a theme to be covered in few words; however, suffice it to say that it's one of the biggest rackets that's ever been invented to crush the human spirit.

In one of the books I read long time ago -- I think it was titled "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" the author is talking about medical mafia. And even if we don't want to be so harsh, the fact is obvious that they keep propagating the myth of our "fragile health" with our vital interest to keep using their services.

Mankind has survived with no medicine and in some horrible hygienic conditions for eons, and now we see generations worrying about every little sneeze that befalls us.

The dietary supplements multi-billion dollar business is blooming by dragging through mud the Big Pharma and conventional medicine with their own racket warning about soil, air, water, noise, electronic pollutions and chemical imbalances fixable with diets and supplementation.

In short, all these authorities have made everyone scared-shitless for survival of their precious asses.

Well, we truly are a messed up species; so you, religious folks be careful when you are saying that God created us in His Own Image -- for it's a pretty scary thought that our celestial boss might look anything like us.


Ordinary to My Core

Other than my modest studious attempts with this passion to keep my head above the murky waters of social brainwashing -- I am actually an ordinary dude who's been around for some 77 trips around the sun, while just using my head for little more than for wearing a baseball hat.

None of my thoughts could ever make it into some prestigious scientific magazines, and writing here for these Hub Pages is even a more obvious proof that I have no ambitions to make more of my ideas than they deserve it.

My kind of thinking never did, and never will make me rich or famous, and maybe that has a lot to do with my early in life decision to pursue all those things that no money can buy-- like happiness, health, youthfulness, peace of mind, and harmony within myself and with my world.

So, as you can see, I am not claiming any expertise at any of the themes I am writing about. Just a simple dude giving a hug to his wife every morning and baby-talking to his living room plants.

Perfectly aware that talking to my plants may be that last stage before people usually start talking to themselves -- unless it's that already.

Personal sovereignty is not so much of a concept to be discussed about, as it is an experience. More precisely put, personal sovereignty is not possible due to smartness -- but oftentimes in spite of it, because thinking just spoils everything that feels best when coming from the soul itself.

With these last words, I hope that some of you may have found something resembling an inspiration in any part of this article, or in the whole of it. -- Blessings to all.

© 2021 Val Karas

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