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Believing Is Seeing: A Satirical Prose in Rhymes


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

God has no religion.

-- Mahatma Gandhi

Wondrous Is the World Created by Religious Imagination

Wondrous Is the World Created by Religious Imagination


With yet another Christmas Holiday approaching, I should find an inspiration to write about Santa, Jesus, even a god should find a place in that story. But, believing in a sort of unfathomable universal intelligence -- which would describe me -- is pretty far from any religious indoctrination.

Meaning that no organized religion is my cup of tea. But, oh, yes, I got baptized as baby, along with being given a name by which I would be identified for the rest of my life, beside being "officially" a Catholic. You know, that was to signify the beginning of a long process of my being told by authorities who I am -- so that I don't have to strain my mind over it.

My intellectual appetite for a satire could be seen as my act of rebellion against all that cultural brainwashing, with the only difference that there is no resentment involved in my case. Let's say, I am borrowing Jesus's words from the cross when he raised his eyes and said: "Forgive them, Father, for they don't know what they are doing".

And they surely didn't, because they inherited all kind of never challenged crap from their own parents, who got it from theirs -- who knows how far back into the long history of paradigm's intellectual arrogance and dogma.

So, if you can hear me, o' mom and dad, up there -- I am not blaming you for trying to make a good church goer out of me. Out of a touristic curiosity I have been in few of the famous European cathedrals, but that was, like I say, for pleasure, not for business of contacting my Maker.

Thus, on this cold and sunny December Sunday morning, I am not in a church to be saved, but sitting here at my home with an unholy intention to write a couple of pieces of my prose in rhymes -- and make it mildly satirical. Not mocking, but "playfully un-religious".

So, here I go with my satirical creations.

From Here to the Farthest Point of Earth People Find Peace in Prayer

From Here to the Farthest Point of Earth People Find Peace in Prayer

The mind is its own place, and in itself it can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

-- John Milton

That Lively Religious Imagination

Once that we devotedly believe in a god

we tend to ascribe everything to his will

and we might even see it as a little odd

but while spoil so popular people's thrill.

Believing can be balsam to our heart

healing our pains and giving us hope

it doesn't have to make us very smart

but feels helpful at the end of our rope.

We create a god that created us

no one says it has to make sense

belief is shunning every brain's fuss

it works best with a dose of pretense.

Make-believe world is in human domain

and no one should rain on that parade

belief is not meant to be toy of brain

it's understood from the first grade.

They say dreams die first before we die

people use anything for stress release

to some it's a kind of a pie in the sky

others have gods for their peace.

II create my joy with my own sheer will

so I don't need any religious crutches

religion doesn't provide my magic pill

but I respect others' escape hatches.

We May Believe First, and Then Kneel, or We May Get Indoctrinated First, to Keep Kneeling Until We Believe

We May Believe First, and Then Kneel, or We May Get Indoctrinated First, to Keep Kneeling Until We Believe

In heaven, all interesting people are missing.

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Just Kneel and Believe

Wouldn't it be nice to admire

a world of true spiritual grit

but all this is just a satire

not meaning a bit of it.

With quite few of gods around

dwelling in celestial real estate

and all the prayers so profound

life on earth has got to be great.

Billions of all true believers

surely inspiring world peace

converting liars and deceivers

and causing global love increase.

Millennia of such divine teaching

created a Shangri-La on our earth

with powerful convincing preaching

securing for each of us a sure rebirth.

Love is turning the world around

love is an essence of our being

love is everywhere to be found

love is the crux of our believing.

So don't be some atheist goofs

kneel and join the dude who prays

and don't dare to look for any proofs

for He is said to work in mysterious ways.

Just like I warned you at the very start

some things are only part of dreams

satires are trying to sound smart

with nothing being as it seems.

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