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(Urticaria) Relief from Hives and Eczema Rashes In Under One Minute, Naturally

I've had Urticaria for a long time. Many people have so great to share any relief with others. If you have remedies yourself Please share

Typical Hives (Urticaria) Rash


Chronic Hives and Eczema Rash

I've had chronic hives for the last three years. If you're reading this then you've got them too or know someone that has.

One of the most depressing things when you are first diagnosed with hives is that you'll read that for 60% of cases, the reason why you've got hives is never known.

I've never accepted that because I can't see how you'd get hives nor eczema without there being an underlying problem such as an allergy.

One in five people have hives at any one time, so that means if you've got hives now, so have another 60 million Americans.

Most hives will only last for 24 hours and the causes can be obvious such as too much fruit in one sitting, or, it can be simply explained as a heat rash.

But if you do suffer from hive or eczema rashes one thing's for sure. They don't just torment you with itchiness but if you have a T Shirt, or, shorts on they can be very embarrassing as well, as, in my case, after three years I'm so used to them that I can be in a meeting and look down at my forearm to see it covered in a red rash that I wasn't even aware was there, well it wasn't there five minutes ago. That's how fast they'll flare up.

I've still got flare ups from hives but they're a lot less intensity than six months ago and the time between hives flare ups is getting longer and longer. I'm betting on them completely going within a few months.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share my experience with you as it may be of some help.

Doctors analysis

I hate doctors (white coat syndrome probably). I've only been to a doctor four times in my life and two of those were for insurance medical check ups. My hives rash first appeared about three years ago and it wasn't actually a flare up. It first started at night sitting down to watch a little television with my wife. I'd get a single itch say on my wrist or forearm just as isolated as a mosquito bite. But before I knew it I'd be bleeding from that spot from not consciously scratching it. Then while I was sleeping I must have had the same problem with my back (scratching in my sleep) as when I woke up they'd be little smears of blood, once again just like mosquito bites, over the sheets.

But strangely when I woke up the mystery rash that I wasn't aware of when asleep was gone. This became a big pain as we'd have to change the sheets each day.

My wife and I both assumed it must be bed bugs so we did what anyone would do and stripped and vacuumed and washed anything to do with the bed and surrounds. But they still kept coming.

So, I just want to say here, that my hives didn't start with any kind of flare up, they were simply very itchy isolated mosquito type spots. They didn't seem to happen at all during the day just at night. After about three to four months of this my lower arms and upper back were quite a mess. But I never had any hives outbreak in any area apart from those two.

After about six months I did start to get flare ups and started to take a diary where I'd write down exactly when they happened, where they happened and what I'd eaten and when.

The flare ups

These hive flare ups as you may very well know were bitterly uncomfortable as they'd be in soft type places like behind the thigh, the buttock or inside the knee. Possibly the most uncomfortable though was on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands. The palms would come up in not raised hive type lumps but just little itchy patches. The soles were worse because the skin is so hard that scratching does little to relieve the itch.

So, I'd had enough and decided to go see a doctor. Actually I was getting pretty worried not knowing what this rash was about and was starting to presume it was something much more serious that my body was trying to tell me about.

You've got Chronic Urticaria

So I got to the doctor along with my wife and had a photo on my phone of a decent rash that I took on my inner right thigh. He took a look at it, and then turned to his computer. He did a bit of fiddling for a minute or two and said you've got Chronic Urticaria. Once a doctor says 'chronic' that makes you jump a bit but he said it in such a way that he might have said ' you've got a common cold.' Even though whatever it was, was 'chronic' I felt instant relief because I really thought he was going to follow it up with 'make sure your affairs are in order.'

So, he really didn't tell me a lot about it except basically it was chronic hives and there wasn't a lot he could do except would I like a prescription to prednisone. I refused on the spot. I've never taken prednisone because my mother literally died when she was about 45 years old with a severe asthma attack (interesting this one - I was outside playing as a twelve year old when this happened and was surprised to see our local doctor who was also a close family friend come rushing down our driveway with a resuscitator in his arms. I knew nothing about what was going on but some time after she got home from the hospital she told me that they'd lost her and she actually saw the white light plus such a peacefulness that she didn't want to come back. She lost every hair on her head for the next two years. Perhaps the shock?).

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After this very near death experience, she was prescribed prednisone. For sure it kept her alive (she died at 86) but she went from a very slim seven stone over the years to a somewhat bloated figure. That wouldn't worry me as it didn't her but because her asthma attacks became chronic the doses of prednisone went up and down. She'd try hard to keep the doses to a minimum to keep the weight down and then have another attack and have to raise them again. A huge side effect to the prednisone was for the last twenty years of her life her skin on her legs was wafer thin. At the airport in Hawaii with my father, finishing a holiday when she was 65 or so, a suitcase went into her ankle. If it was you or me, you might have a small bruise, but she was rushed to hospital profusely bleeding and had to have a skin graft. That was the beginning of it and she would have had this episode repeated at least another 15 times. In fact she died in hospital a day after a tiny poodle belonging to my sister in law, jumped up and scratched her leg - tearing the skin off like paper.

So, you'll understand why when the doctor said Prednisone - I said no thanks.

Natural remedies for Hives

Well, as you do, now that I knew what I had I jumped on my Mac and went to find what would cure it.

First I found Fexofenadine. This is an antihistamine primarily used for people with Hayfever but works on hives rashes as well. I bought it and couldn't believe the relief. If I had a flare up, within half an hour it was gone and gone for the day.

But I found that the worst time became about fifteen minutes after waking up. If I was still in bed I had hives rashes everywhere. Strangely, a hot shower would take a lot of the heat out of it, or, maybe it was just being vertical.

So the Fexofenadine was great. If you've only just started getting hives go get some - it's a fantastic relief. You can buy a non drowsy pack that you can drive with. Oddly, although it's non drowsy I find if I can't sleep I have a couple of tablets and I'm out like a light. So if you're a light sleeper get some too. There's zero side effects.

Only problem I had with the Fexofenadine is that I guess after three to four months my body was completely immune to it.

Not only that, I really hate taking chemical type drugs like aspirin and go for natural medication if I can.

You might have done your own research and you'll know like I do that there's a lot on the net about chronic urticaria. On the forums there's lots of 'this worked for me.' I fall into this trap every time and if it worked for them then I'll buy and try too.

IHerb is a great site for natural medicine and there's plenty of reviews to back up different medicines.

One thing I'd stay clear of, is a trap I fell straight into of buying different forum suggestions of medicines like Vitamin E or C, because when you have hives it's because you're deficient in them. Others will say you're high in acid and low in alkaline. Thinking this I then spent money on PH testers along with making sure every glass of water or anything I drank had Alkaline drops in it to boost it up from its acid level. Just saying that there's an awful lot of stuff like this on the net as assured remedies for chronic hives and it doesn't work. You'll just spend wasted money and be swallowing a whole lot of very large pills.

Starting to see an Improvement in Chronic Hives through a Diet

So going back to the beginning, the first thing you'll ever read about with the causes of chronic hives and eczema is that it has to stem from an allergy.

I completely agree with that and one by one started dropping things from my diet for at least three weeks to ascertain the results.

First things were foods high in histamine. These are: vinegar, mayonnaise, beer, wine, bacon, hot dogs, olives, pickles, sauerkraut, pepperoni .. and others.

To be honest, I don't eat a lot of food containing these things anyway. I love beer but don't drink it frequently enough for that to be an issue. I do drink wine most nights. So that was a sacrifice, but I swapped over with gin and water. After a month, no difference, so I resumed that diet and wine and beer.

I then had what I'd call a breakthrough about three to four months ago. My wife suggested that I might have a gluten allergy. Like most people I'd eat a couple of slices of bread as toast in the morning, might have a filled bread roll or a small pizza for lunch and maybe a pastry in the afternoon.

When I looked at what I was having, there sure was a lot of grain in it. My wife who's quite alternative and doesn't have a lot of that stuff anyway was telling me that grain hundred years ago was okay but now it's so processed and could have all sorts of genetic materials in it that it's not just the gluten but the whole grain is just simply bad for you.

An example of how bad it is, is a family friend living in Shanghai. She had a baby there and after about a year the baby was collapsing and almost having fits. She was obviously very worried and took the baby to all kinds of specialists in the States. None could work it out. So, thinking perhaps it was an allergy she did the same thing and started to wean things from the baby's diet. It actually turned out to be gluten.

There's all kinds of alternatives on the market with non gluten with breads etc, but I decided to do a paleo diet with some exceptions. I wouldn't eat any grain at all - that's bread, pasta, pizza, rice, but I would still go dairy. Reason is that I don't do a lot of dairy anyway. One white coffee a day only. A little cheese at night.

So, I changed my diet overnight from a fairly much grain based diet to vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and nuts. You know it was really easy and I feel so much better, fitter and healthier. Funny thing is I can't say I've lost a lot of weight which I thought would happen but maybe that will come in time naturally. It just feels so much better to be putting a bowl of fruit down your throat each morning instead of bread. Bread just doesn't have any goodness at all for you so why eat it. It's a good filler and that's all but your body must hate you for it.

Now. I've had lapses. If I've been in town and hungry, well down goes a burger or something like that. But that's maybe once a week so I think that's okay and having one doesn't make me change my diet back again.

So, how about the hives. Has this change in diet helped them? Yes, Yes, Yes. I've seen a huge reduction in intensity of them. I still get flare ups every day but they're not nearly the burning hot or itchiness that I've experienced in the past. Also instead of lasting for maybe an hour, a half hour is probably the worst. Also, instead of seeing my entire inner arm ablaze, at worst it will be an area maybe three square inches.

So I reckon they'll be completely gone in a few months. Why so long? I think it takes about four months to rebuild your system and flush out the old, especially with so many years of grain.

Now, I'm going to tell you about instant relief from these damn hives and eczema rashes.

Super Fast Remedy to Getting Rid Of Your Hives or Eczema Rash

I only discovered this about a month ago but it works a treat. It suddenly dawned on me one day that I should try ice on my hot rash to see the result. So, having a flare up, I grabbed a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer and pressed them down on it. The pain of ice on your skin takes a little bearing until it gets used to it. That takes only about five seconds though. You've then got to count slowly to thirty and you should find on lifting the ice pack off that the flare up is in its last stages. If it's a bad flare up repeat, this time for a full minute and I guarantee that it's gone.

So then I went to Amazon and bought a couple of ice packs that are used for sports injuries. Best $6.00 I've ever spent. They're pliable so bend into or around the rash.

I bought two as I roll one up in newspaper and take it in the car with me. It only lasts for about three hours out of the freezer but still has an effect even after that.

I'd love to know if you've had or got chronic hives and if you've got any suggestions for getting rid of them.

I've recently had some fairly instant itch relief using this Lemyka Cream. It contains organic Aloe Vera which is well known in the medical world as a cure for

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


Shakeel on October 24, 2020:

I take DECADRON injection,allergy goes after an hour.But i figure out the prob where it comes chewing tobacco.

frogyfish from Central United States of America on March 06, 2020:

I'm sorry for your chronic hives situation as I only occasionally have a flareup. You presented your case well here. I do wonder if your hives were really 'gone', or just less itchy/irritated for a while. I've tried heat, but that wasn't much of a relief at all. I do take homeopathic remedies which help reduce symptoms for a while. I will certainly keep your advice in mind!

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