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Release Repressed Anger To Heal From Eczema Symptoms

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema Symptoms

What Practitioners Say About The Root Cause Of Eczema Symptoms

Several times, I have been told by natural health practitioners that repressed anger can trigger or even be the cause of my eczema symptoms. Having suffered from dry skin and cycles of intense itching throughout my life, I am on the path to totally eradicate this condition that has plagued me for years.

My friends, in the natural healing field, explain that each emotion is a potent force that suffuses your entire body, including your skin. In fact, you can notice the effect of emotion yourself. For instance, your skin blushes when you feel love or embarrassment. Or you break out in cold sweat when you feel fearful. Your face turns crimsom when you are overcome with shame and anger.

Psychologists have the same opinion as well. Should you continually deny or repress your emotions, you become unresponsive and numb to the things that happen around you. Or you can well develop a general sense of melancholy.

What A Researcher Says About Our Emotions

Findings From Another Interesting Study

An interesting study of 128 patients in a hospital outpatient department was conducted to determine the relationship between repressed anger and the twelve symptoms or diseases.

Among the 27 patients who suffered eczema, it was found out that eczema symptoms flared up whenever the individual could not quite handle the intense frustration of being prevented from doing something or simply interfered with.

Practical Application To Our Experiences With Eczema

If what these practitioners and study say is true, eczema symptoms may well be the external manifestation of an underlying fire fuelled by suppressed anger. Hence if you are an eczema sufferer, ask yourself if you have been experiencing these:

- emotionally spent

- struck numb by the various events in your life

- putting on an external happy front but really feeling lousy inside

- bottling your emotions and thoughts inside

- no one to share your innermost thoughts with

- under undue stress but having no outlet.

Although I have not recognised right away that the emotions that lie deep in my subconscious mind, I did notice that whenever I was under stress, my flareups worsened. Additionally, now that I realise that there can be a possible link between repressed emotions and eczema, I have embarked on a journey to discover what my hidden emotions and thoughts are and how they have been sabotaging my best of intents often enough.

Various Skin Symptoms Indicate Our Emotional State

A repression in emotions is tied to dryness of the skin (and hence, eczema skin symptoms) while an excess of emotions can make the skin oily. If you have major issues like conflicting emotions, repressed feelings, grief and anguish, self-hatred, or inappropriate passions, you can find yourself having more severe breakouts in the form of rashes or blemishes that are hard to cure or treat.

Resources For Emotional Healing

Repressed Anger Is An Unnecessary Burden

There is no point carrying on life with the excess baggage of repressed anger. An excess baggage is a burden that exacts a great toll on your body. You get migraines and ulcers, and in the long term, suffer from strokes or tumours. More complex reactions result in eczema , shingles, psoriasis, or arthritis.

Your first body system to be affected is the gastro-intestinal or digestive system. You experience difficulty in swallowing, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, and gastric ulcer. In fact, it has been found that repressed anger is the most common cause of ulcerative colitis.

Bottled Emotions In A Safe

Free Yourself Of Negative Emotions To Deal With Your Eczema Symptoms

Hence if you want to treat your eczema symptoms or completely cure yourself of this condition, then you will need to release instead of repressing your buried emotions. When you release your emotions, you become free of the negative beliefs and thoughts that hold you back from leading the happy life that you deserve.

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It is important that you channel your anger into something healthier and more creative. Look for outlets that help you discharge the unspent emotions that continue to bury you alive.

There are many ways of releasing these emotions, for the purposes of dealing with eczema symptoms. I have picked up some tips and useful advice from various sources, and will leave this information to be the subject of another hub.


SKLim on November 26, 2014:

Would like to learn precisely how EFT can help in curing diseases.

Evelyn Lim (author) from Singapore on April 30, 2010:

Hello Claude,

Thank you for sharing about your experience. When something is not working, there is a tendency to blame the method. As you have clearly shown, it is not the method but finding the right words or emotion to address. Using EFT requires you to investigate what is it that you are feeling or thinking (the root cause) for it to be really effective. You need to aim properly to hit bull's eye! Hitting round the target may not alleviate your issues completely. In the case of eczema, there can be a combination of root factors. Which therefore may require a combination of healing modalities!

Claude on April 03, 2010:

Hello, I write here once more : just a small healing story. When I went on this site, four days ago, I had a bit of eczema on my forehead and in an ear. So, as I do now for many problems, I tried EFT :

- "even if have some eczema, I deeply and completely accept myself."

I do that during one or two cycles, nothing happens. but another sentence came to my mind :

- even if I'm afraid to have eczema in my eyes like Larry had...

I never had eczema in my eyes, and Larry was one of my pupils many years ago; what was this poor kid doing there, I did not know at all...

Never mind, I tried this sentence during a cycle... :

- even if I'm afraid to have eczema in my eyes like Larry had...

Nothing more. But I had suddenly an impulse to look on Internet at "eft+eczema" : why not ?

Then, I've found your site "Release repressed ANGER to heal from eczema symptoms"

ANGER ?! I felt that was the key, but it needed to be precised :

- even if there is some anger, a lot of anger, a big lot of anger, under this eczema, I deeply and completely accept myself...

After hardly half a cycle, I began to understand : the eczema on my forehead had begun at a moment when I felt devaluated, taken for an idiot, exactly like Larry was devaluated by some of his teachers (not me !).

The day after, I had no more eczema, even in my ear where it used to happen often before.

In EFT (and in some other technics), they say that all the diseases come from repressed emotions. So you can heal, by yourself or with help from medecine, "psy", or who you want... Good luck.

Claude on March 30, 2010:

to Chuck and Fox :

why do you tell that EFT does not work ? EFT is one of the many technics which do help to heal, either physical or emotionnal problems, (both are linked of course). perhaps it has not helped you, but EFT has helped many people (me included),everybody can check that by reading witnesses on the site

and anybody can learn it freely and in some minutes, just have a look on "you tube", you can experiment it very easily.

Perhaps if EFT has not worked for you, it can be for the following reason (not at all that you would be a kind of "naughty pupil" of the EFT, I don't want to culpabilize anybody !): perhaps you have not said the right sentence, there is just one or two words to change. it has happened to me and to many people as you can see in emofree. com site : sometimes I feel myself discouraged while tapping "for nothing", and then, another sentence comes to my mind, and then everything begins to change : my breath, my emotions, and it begins to work !

so, please, don't discourage people to use this super technic : perhaps others are better for you, but EFT is very useful for many.

Friendly (excuse my english, "not perfect at all".)

metaphysician on June 27, 2009:

It's all back to the issue of energy blockage. If we can't released it get trapped in the body and create all of the un-easiness or dis-eases in the body.

Now at least I know that anger can lead to a lot of dis-eases!

Fox on May 25, 2009:

I agree with Chuck -- just try to think about your feelings, feel them. I did EFT for many years, and it's just another way to blame the person trying to get help. "OH, EFT is not working for you because you haven't dug deep enough" "OH, you need to work with a practitioner because the issue is too deep to resolve yourself" "You haven't done enough EFT" Doing EFT will give you a whole new set of issues to deal with after you realize it's not working. Plus, a lot of the "practitioners", years after starting, are still overweight, poor, and none of their EFTing really seemed to help them. Just do common-sense things your mom would suggest -- write something, scream, cry, think about your problems. Don't invest in EFT. Email me if you have more questions.

Chuck on May 20, 2009:

Forget the EFT. It is non-sense. The only way to get through the emotional repression is to feel your feelings. Get to the belief behind the emotion.

Evelyn Lim (author) from Singapore on February 10, 2008:

Yes, EFT is one of the few techniques that I use to help me with repressed anger. I have meant to provide this info on another hub, together with other tips :-)

Lori Jackson on February 10, 2008:

Good insight into the causes - gotta agree about the emotional aspect of many, if not most chronic ailments.

Are you familiar with EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique? It is an easy to learn, easy to do, technique that anyone can do to neutralize negative emotions in just a few minutes. There is a free manual on how to do it on the EFT website

It works very well where other techniques have either failed or have taken literally year of work. I use it daily and everyone I know that has used it has been delighted with the results.

No, I do not have any connection with the EFT people or their website. It is just that after years of invovlement in natural health and my specality dealing with the emotional and psychological aspects of overweight I am completely 100% convincened that this is the strongest technique available to the average person. And yes, I did say correctly that the information is free.

About-The-Home on February 08, 2008:

Like the hub.

Too much stress is giving me high blood pressure and eczema on my hands.

Must try to calm down

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