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Relationship Between Suicide and Depression

I am trying to reduce the problems in society. I'm trying my best to get people out of depression and into a healthy life.

Relationship between Suicide and Depression

Relationship between Suicide and Depression

Suicide is one of the main and leading reasons of annihilation and death among the accustomed public. (Lozano, Krug, Mercy, 2013; Dahlberg and Zwi) and among those people who are detain in jails. (Hayes, 1995). According to the WHO (World health Organization) estimated that the fatality by suicide is more than the fatality and death by battle and murder. (Krug, 2002). Depending on the ideation of suicide as far as depression is concerned, people commit suicide because of depression. (Beck et al and Lester, 1977; Emery, steer and Beck, 1981) and prior suicide struggle (Cole, 1988; Dexter and Towl, 1995). When compared with the normal population, the rate of suicide increased. (Bland et al, Newman et al, Dyck et al, and Orn et al, 1990; Green et al, Andre et al, Kendall et al, Looman et al, and Polvi, 1992). Suicidal number in the US arrest facilities are nine time higher than normal population. (Hayes et al, 1995; Hayes et al and Rowan et al, 1988). Suicide is one of the leading reasons in the prisons of Canada. (Bland et al., 1990). Ericson & Burtch (1979) researched the suicide ratio in the jails of Canada from 1966-1976 and found that the people who commit the suicide in prison are 6 times more compared to normal people. People who are in prison and suffering from the mental issue need special assistance from the professional of mental health. Those who are in prisons and in jails are in life danger.. Those are suffering from the psychological and depressive mental situation, they need expert mental professionals. Proper and systematic suicide blockage programs are assumed necessary to reduce the suicide. (Hayes, 1995; Canadian Correctional Service). People surprised to listen high rates of suicide in prisoners, it is not the matter of wonder as these people suffered from depression and this depression leads them towards; suicide. (Bland, 1990; Reitzel et al; and Harju et al, 2000). In addition to high degree of depression, culprits under proper suicidal instruction also able to experience other important and negative issues like anxiety, lethargy, weakness, fatigue and confusion. (Biggam et al and Power et al, 1999). According to the psychologists, depression is one of the most treated problems among the criminals and culprits. Next most treated is anger which is very frequent. (Boothby et al and Clements et al, 2000). Different researchers have studied and research about the suicide. As per the Bonner & Rich (1990) view the suicide as not the single but multidimensional way and different variables are involved like international, social and environment significance. Researchers see the act of suicide as the person first planning then go for the suicidal action.

Depression is a mood disorder due to which there is a feeling of deprivation and sadness in interest. It is also called depressive issue or clinical depression. It affects person's thinking and feeling and leads to the different problematic physical and emotional issues. Depression differs from individual to individual. There are some important and significant symptoms. This thing is very important to remember that normal depression is the part of life but it become very problematic when the more symptoms come out.

Common Symptoms

  • Feelings and Impression of Hopelessness

In such a state of despair, the person understands that these conditions will always remain the same and nothing will change in the future.

  • Failure of Patience in normal Activities

Depression causes a person to give up their hobbies, give up social activities, and lose interest. In depression, a person loses his pleasure and joy.

  • Hunger or Changes in Weight

One of the main causes of depression is that a person starts to lose weight or gains weight. Within a month there is a difference of about 5% in weight. Depression is usually accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia, sleep deprivation.

  • Sleep Issues

Sometimes sleep can be disrupted. A state of insomnia develops.

  • Irritation and Impatience

Feeling restless, angry or violent. Your tolerance level decreases and you don't feel better as well as you have more problems like short temper issue.

  • Loss of energy

A person feels sluggishness, fatigued. A person feels issue to perform even small tasks.

  • Undefined Body Pains

A person has body aches, headaches, stomach pain and back pain.

Research shows that activity points of sufferer with types of depression issue show that uni-polar victim had high motor activity point/level compared to bipolar sufferer. (Wolff EA; Putnam FW, 1985)

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Furthermore a person also indulges in concentration issue. He cannot focus anything properly. He can be involved in dangerous sports, speedy driving etc.


If a person is depressed, it is usually the case that his family and friend can help him in this regard. They comfort him and try to eliminate the causes of depression but this is only when the depression is at an early stage. If depression worsens, friends and family can do nothing and require professional help. Important and significant clinical diviner of anti- depressant therapy/treatment result is an early change of depression signs. (Henkel V, 2009; Kim JM, 2011). Many electro-encephalography based ways can be useful to predict the response to anti-depressants. (Losifescu DV, 2011).

Many psychological and psychological mechanisms mediate the outcome of drill/exercise on depressive thoughts. The physiological add decreased activity of the HPA axis and elevated neurotransmission of beta endorphins. (Duman C, Schlesingera L, 2008). Disman R, Berthoud H, 2006). Severe depression responds to the anti-depressant therapy and medicines. Medicine is usually prescribed by the psychiatrist and general physician. After using the medicine, patient feels better after few weeks. Often bipolar disorder persons do fine on lithium. Psychotherapy alone or with the addition of medicine can be beneficial. Psychotherapy objective is to raise deep and insight awareness of unconscious. Further therapies take behavioral and cognitive way and try to change the pattern of unhealthy and unhelpful ways to think. It is also put try from therapist to help the depressant to come out from isolation to enhance interpersonal skills. Group therapy is also very useful to raise the insight about self and hookup to others. Psychotherapist can help a person in difficult situation of life. By the permission of the person, therapist can arrange meetings with the person's family and friends to explore the paths to sought out the issues. Suicide is one of the leading reasons of death in youngsters. Depression is a major cause of suicide. People who are suffering from the depression, they feel suicide is the only solution to come out from the permanent mental depression. People who have the mind towards suicide can be helped and saved. Through discussion and brain storming solution can be made. On the other hand if person will not discuss the problematic issues to the family or near ones, these tensions will go high and make further issues in life.


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