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Reiki Natural Healing Works on Metaphysical Causes of Autoimmune Diseases

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You lie down, relax, and let the Reiki practitioners do their work. No touching takes place.

You lie down, relax, and let the Reiki practitioners do their work. No touching takes place.

Reiki Natural Healing is a Japanese approach for stress reduction and relaxation that stimulates healing. It is directed by the laying on of hands without touching. It is based on the notion that an invisible life force energy flows through us and causes us to be alive. If people's life force energy is low, then they are likely to get sick or feel stressed. If their life force energy is high, then they are more able of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two words. Rei means light universal, and Ki (Chi) means vital life force energy.

Energy healing works with the energies of the body in a structured manner to improve health and promote well-being.

What is Healing?

Healing is the process of becoming healthy again. In Reiki Usui Natural Healing, the healing power passes from the Great Spirit through the Reiki practitioner's spirit to the spirit of the person seeking healing. The healing passes from the Spirit, through the spirit, to the spirit and is reflected in mind and body.

As a biofield healing approach, Reiki has no side effects, is not invasive, is economical, and does not require that the client “believes in it” to be effective.

Symbols are used in Reiki Natural Healing.

Symbols are used in Reiki Natural Healing.

Distant Healing

The laying on hands on a person is not the only way to promote healing. Distant healing, also called remote healing, is a big part of the practice. Distant healing with Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Permission of the individual must be obtained prior to the start of the distant healing session.

Reiki Usui practitioners do Reiki distant healing sessions using the energy fields of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and etheric levels of being of the person asking for healing.

What is an Autoimmune Disease?

An autoimmune disease is a condition where your immune system erroneously attacks your body. The immune system inaccurately thinks that some parts of the body are external and releases antibodies that attack healthy cells.

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other external invaders. When it becomes underactive or overactive, it is usually due to an immune system disease. If the immune system is overactive, the body attacks and damages its own tissues. If the immune system is underactive, the body's ability to fight invaders causing vulnerability to infections is diminished.

Overall, autoimmune diseases are common and affect more than 23 million Americans and about 2 million Canadians. Reiki in-person or distant healing, yoga, relaxation, and meditation are beneficial to help promote healing.



Metaphysical Causes and Possible Solutions

Metaphysics is the science of exploring the roots of things. It is the study of the ultimate nature of reality, and the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, and actual and potential.

Experienced practitioners of Reiki natural healing work on the first causes of some disorders. They work on those areas of the body that require healing. When asked, they customize their healing sessions accordingly.

In alphabetical order:

Arthritis. The metaphysical cause of arthritis in general is the feeling of being unloved.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis is the build-up of uric acid. It may be caused by resentment, anger, and limiting giving and receiving. One possible approach to healing is doing creative expressions such as painting, coloring, writing, crafts, and making music.
  • Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones wears down over time. It may be caused by a passive state of anger and resentment and an overly critical personality. Try re-evaluating your goals to find out if they are still important to you. Believe in self-love.
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Bursitis is the inflammation of the lubricating tissue causing joint pain. It may be caused by anger and aggression that are held for too long. Express your anger in a harmless way. Watch your feelings as they surface and transform the energy of anger into a positive energy.

Circulatory disorders such as hypertension may be due to an inner inflexibility of attitudes, opinions and ideas. Try to let go of rigid opinions. Give yourself more freedom to allow your circulatory system to flow freely.

Diabetes is any disorder characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood and increased urine production. It may be due to a longing for love and an inability to let yourself be loved. Let love in from all around you. Let go of the past and believe that fun, love, and friendliness are the basics of life.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a debilitating fatigue and flu-like symptoms. It may be caused by over-expending your physical, emotional, and/or mental reserve of energy. Motivate yourself with an objective and a goal. Avoid dwelling on past or existing situations to avoid projecting bleakness into the future.

Gout is a painful inflammation of the big toe due to excess uric acid in the blood. This may be due to stiffness of the body and an excessively rigid attitude toward life for too long. Try to find peace and tranquility. Nurture inner openness and receptivity and let others do their own thing. Get on with your own life.

Liver problems. The liver is responsible for several critical functions in the body. These functions may become weak or lost if the liver gets injured or unhealthy. This can cause substantial damage to the body. The liver analyzes, cleanses, and judges what is beneficial for your body. Find out if you are putting too much emphasis in one area of your life over other areas, and if you get easily irritated. Let go of anything that is excessive for you and find the freedom, kindness, love, and trust that are within you.

Pancreatic problems occur when the pancreas becomes inflamed. The pancreas represents the sweetness of life. Problems here indicate anger and frustration as life seems to have lost its sweetness. Let love in from all around you. Let go of the past and accept that fun, love and affection are essentials of life.

Shingles are clusters of blisters on the skin that affect the roots of the peripheral nerves. This may be caused by fear and long-standing tension, being too sensitive, and suffering from uncertainty and indecision. Find out why you are indecisive. Trust the flow of life, accept what happens, and you will find guidance.

The thyroid gland regulates the rates of metabolism, growth and development. Disorders at the level of the thyroid may be caused by feelings of humiliation and guilt. Feeling that you do not get what you want, and acting immature. Reclaim your personal power. Know that you are complete, and reject any opinion of you that does not uplift you.

Many patients all over the world report feeling an improvement in their heath after having Reiki sessions done on them.

Misconception: "Energy healing doesn’t work"

Critics of energy healing say, “I tried energy healing once but didn’t feel any improvement.”

In fact, energy healing works in a way that is not the same as traditional medicine. Traditional medicine aims to alter the body with medications or surgeries. Energy healing works by changing the subtle energy fields of our bodies.

Energy healers believe that the disease starts from the outside in, from the outmost layer of our biofield known as the aura into our physical bodies. By the time physical symptoms appear, the disease has already infiltrated the energy body. Energy healing functions from the outside in. We at times do not notice the effects because the changes do not happen instantly on the physical level.

According to the American Counseling Association, the biofield is a field of energy that encircles and extends out from the body about eight feet. No part of the energy system can be seen by the human eye but the biofield can be felt with the hands, often as a result of pressure or change in temperature.

You can ascertain the results of energy healing by paying attention to positive changes in your mood and energy level, and not just the disappearance of the symptoms that you want to alleviate. Many people find that their symptoms heal in time naturally as their energy improves.

Reiki Usui Natural Healing

Reiki Usui Natural Healing is based on an ancient natural healing practice that channels universal life energy mostly through the hands of the Reiki practitioner into the body of the person receiving Reiki. This stimulates the healing energy of the vital life force known as Chi.

The practice of Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It releases blocks, allows a free flow of vital healing energy, and bring the body back to balance.

Reiki practitioners channel the vital life force energy. They are not healers. They do not have to know how it works as the life force knows where it is needed in the body.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Liliane Najm

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