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Refreshing and Cooling: Health Benefits of Water

Health Benefits of Water: Why you should drink more water

Two thirds of the human body is made up of water. It is important to keep hydrating our bodies by drinking fluids especially water because our muscles, the brain tissues and blood all mostly contain water. It is by far, the cheapest and purest natural remedy to thwart off many of the health problems caused by too many toxins in the body. Too little water in the body causes dangerous and painful health complications.

Let's start by drinking eight glasses of water a day!

Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking water can prevent dry skin and premature wrinkles.

By drinking water, you can flush out toxins from your body and you will have less acne as a result.

By drinking water, you can flush out toxins from your body and you will have less acne as a result.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Water

!. Prevention of indigestion and constipation. Helps soothe and clear out your bowels thereby preventing constipation. It also increases body metabolism, generating energy for digestion. It is not good to eat while drinking water because this will cause digestive problems. An hour before a meal will do.

2. Flushes out toxins. In the morning when you just wake up take at least a glass of water and this will enable clear bowel movement and flush away toxins through urine. Flushing toxins from the body gives you clear skin and prevents common infections thereby keeping you healthy.

3. Increases productivity. The human brain is made up of 90% water so it is very vital to keep a constant water level for maximum alertness and better concentration span.

4. Clearing acne; Helps to prevent pimples by flushing out toxins. Acne is caused by build up of toxins in the body as well as poor bowel movement. These excess toxins have nowhere to go so they sprout out on the surface of the skin as pimples. So to clear out your bowels, you need to drink a lot of water which goes hand in hand with roughages(fibre).

5. Regulate body temperature. Drinking a lot of water, keeps the body cool in hot summer thereby keeping your body temperature constant and maintain the water balance in your body preventing dehydration. In hot days in summer, keep a bottle of water by your side to refresh your system and keep your body fresh and hydrated.


6. Prevention of bladder infections. A higher number of people today suffer from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and this is simply due to neglect of drinking enough water. It helps to clear our the bacteria in the bladder and replenishes the tissues. During treatment of a bladder infection it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water. For a healthy and well functioning bladder keep drinking lots of water and urinating frequently which is a good way of cleaning out bacteria.

7. Prevent and fight kidney stones . Drink two eight-ounce glasses of pure water every four hours. This natural medication can help get rid of kidney stones no matter what the cause or type. A study conducted on kidney stones showed that men who drank the most fluids cut the chances of getting kidney stones by 29%. In ancient times, Hippocrates, a famous philosopher recommended drinking water to ward off kidney stones.

8. Glowing and Healthy Skin. The skin if made up of cells like any other part of the body and these cells are made up of water. In order to function properly, cells need water so instead of using anti aging creams or products, drink water which will naturally prevent wrinkles and keep you looking younger with radiant skin. Water replenishes the skin tissues, prevents dry skin caused by dehydration and also combats very oily skin.

9. Weight Loss. Amazingly, water has no calories or fat so it is also a good replacement for sodas and other carbonated soft drinks when on a weight loss programme or strict diet. Drinking water helps to break down by-products of fat hence losing weight at a higher rate. One of the best ways you can enjoy the health benefits of water for weight loss is by replacing sodas and other caffeine drinks for water!

10. Fights Infections. Yeast infections of the mouth and tongue can be easily warded off by drinking water more frequently. This will induce urination which flushes out sugars that are one of the primary cause of these infections. Respiratory tract infections as well as common colds affect mostly the throat area, making it sore and dry. Bacteria that causes these infections lodge in the throat so drinking water helps to clear out the bacteria as well as hydrating the tissues.

Now you can freely sip away a large bottle of fresh spring water while enjoying the great health benefits of water!


Elder DeBorrah K Ogans on October 03, 2013:

Healthmunsta, Nice! Informative hub on the heath benefits of drinking water.Great tips! Water is my favorite beverage. As a matter of act I think I'll have a glass right now. Voted UP!

Thank You for sharing, Peace & Blessings!

healthmunsta (author) on September 28, 2013:

Hi flemin san! Thanks for commenting!

flemin san on September 27, 2013:

Hi. I'll be sure to drink more water. Hehe. I like ur pics btw

healthmunsta (author) on September 26, 2013:

Thank you very much, thebiologyofleah!

Sometimes I'm so busy that I forget to drink water, and I know that if my lips are getting dry, I'm probably already 'dehydrated'. Lol!

Leah Kennedy-Jangraw from Massachusetts on September 26, 2013:

Informative hub about the benefits of drinking water. I am rarely without my trusty water bottle throughout the day, refilling it often.

I have never heard about not drinking water while eating so thank you for sharing that tip. Although that will definitely be a hard habit to break.

Voted up and shared!

healthmunsta (author) on September 25, 2013:

Thank you very much ChitrangadaSharan!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 24, 2013:

Very nice and useful hub about health benefits of water!

You have pointed out some great benefits of drinking water.

Thanks for sharing--Voted up!

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