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Recover from Setbacks and Master Your Life

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Recover from Setbacks and Master Your Life

Recover from Setbacks and Master Your Life

Life is not a straight road that you can just keep on driving on at a constant. There are bound to be certain turns and bends that we will be required to make at some point in our life. At times, we may not like the way things turn out and we tend to be uncomfortable with the outcome.

Nevertheless, these occasional detours we make will enable us to discover things about ourselves and give us a new perspective to ponder on. We must know that it is impossible to have a smooth sailing life, as it will not enable us to harness our true potential. It is good to note that these experiences we go through are learning curves that we can derive important lessons to improve ourselves.

Learning is necessary for growth and we sometimes make mistakes or blunders that we wish we had not. But take a look back and reflect on it, you will see how these blunders that you wish you had not committed contributed to the person you are today. Some of us may have a past that we are not proud of, but it should not be a deterrent to improve our situation in life and have a better future.
You are the driver of your life, and just like driving, you have the capacity to maneuver your life around if you find that the path you are currently on will not bring you to the destination you desire.

“Our circumstances don’t define us, our actions do”

Our circumstances don’t define us, our actions do

Our circumstances don’t define us, our actions do

We may not have much say on the cards we are dealt in life, but we have the power to not let it stand in our way of achieving the life we desire. Many of you must be familiar with the term ‘Life is unfair’, and it is true in the sense that nobody or nothing owes us anything in life. It is up to us to work for what we want, and sometimes we may not necessarily be rewarded for the effort.

However, that does not mean that we give up and stop putting in the effort. Things should never come easy to us, as most of us are aware of our attitude towards things that come free and easy. Working to earn it is the best way to savor and appreciate it more. There are times as well when we cannot predict what will happen; we can be living the good life and the next second something may happen to us that could turn our world upside down.

Certain extreme events may even break our spirit and makes us stop on our tracks. But, we must bear in mind that life doesn’t stop just because we happen to be facing a tough time. Every second wasted mulling over things that we have no control over will just take the life out of living. No matter how tough it may seem, take a step back and reassess what is happening. Then, muster the courage to regain control by deciding the next course of action to move forward. Bear in mind that we have control over our fate by the choices we make and the actions we take.

“Mistakes and failures are meant as a lesson, not a death sentence”

Mistakes and failures are meant as a lesson, not a death sentence

Mistakes and failures are meant as a lesson, not a death sentence

Making mistakes is one of the characteristics that make us human, just like the saying, "To err is human." But this does not give us the excuse to drown in sorrow and condemn ourselves that we forget to live. The other half of the phrase says, "To forgive is divine."

Thus, go ahead and make the mistakes but forgive yourself for it, learn the lesson and move on. Making mistakes and learning a lesson from them is part and parcel of life. If we tread so carefully in life for fear of making mistakes, we may not have lived at all.

Perfection is impossible, but learning to derive lessons from our mistakes is the essence that defines us most of the time. The blunder or error we commit is meant to awaken us and test our character. Hence, it should be seen as a motivating force to push us forward in life.

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Our life has its ups and downs and we should not let our bad days define our entire life just because of one mistake or failure that happened to us. Like the wheels on a bicycle, there will be times when we are up and times when we are down, which resembles the way life is. We just need to keep pedaling and moving forward to bring about the change that we want.

There are two ways to approach mistakes and failure, and I believe those that succeed and triumph in life are the ones that decide to overcome it instead of succumbing to the regret of committing the mistake.

“You reap what you sow. So, choose wisely”

You reap what you sow. So, choose wisely

You reap what you sow. So, choose wisely

Believe it or not, we hold the power to project and manifest the kind of life we desire. It all boils down to the thoughts we feed our mind, and how we choose to master it will make a difference in our life. I believe what we choose to allow in our life is what we deserve, and we make it a reality through our constant affirmations.

Our mind is like a force field that attracts more of the same kind, so if you choose to feed your mind good thoughts, you will attract more good and vice versa. That is why many motivational speakers emphasize positive thinking and being optimistic to attract what you want. In terms of tangible mode of actions, means the effort you put in will yield the exact result that is deserving of the effort invested.

If you put in mediocre effort, you will likely end up with mediocre results. Thus, if you desire to be accomplished in great ways, the effort and means required of you will, of course, be much greater. In a sense, most of us want to be great, successful, and accomplished in life, but when it comes to walking the talk, many of us fail to deliver.

Accomplishing something in life follows a simple principle in gardening; if you sow weeds don’t expect to have an apple tree in the end. So, decide what you want and work towards it with the correct intention, seek proper guidance, and execute it fearlessly.

“Try, fail, and try again”

Toddlers learning how to walk

Toddlers learning how to walk

If you reflect, this principle of never giving up when the going gets tough begun during our early years.

As toddlers, the phase when we learn to walk is the period of trial and error; we fall and hurt ourselves many times, but do we stop trying?

We never stop but keep on going until we successfully manage to master our motor skills and walk without falling. We were so fearless and resilient when we were younger and during a time when we know nothing. Thus, it is crucial we learn from this and restore the courage and bring back the same enthusiasm and gusto we have towards life.

It is understandable that as we age, our responsibilities increase and the consequences of our mistakes are much substantial compared to when we were much younger. However, this should not deter us from ever being afraid of falling and failing. The outcome of such experiences varies as we go through the different phases in life, as we have different goals and objectives to fulfill.

We are meant to live life to the fullest and fear will always be a part of our survival instinct, but learning how to overcome it will allow us to challenge ourselves to the limit and bring us to greater heights. Recovering from a setback is not an easy thing, depending on the severity of the issue. Each person may have their coping mechanism on how to get back after a period of disappointment.

It is crucial to remind oneself that regardless of how bad it may seem at first, things will eventually get better. It is understandable we may feel a range of emotions - sad, angry, disappointed, and helpless but it is up to us to take charge of these emotions and not allow it to overwhelm us. Sometimes, in the spur of the moment, we may react and do certain things that may not reflect the best of us, but we will eventually have to face the consequences of our actions. It is easier said than done, but it is necessary to come to terms with it in our respective ways.

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