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8 Psychological Reasons for Suicide

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Moon is a professional psychologist for 3 years and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from NU.

What is Suicide?

The end of life means death. Many are familiar with the word suicide. Suicide means to die in a suicidal manner. When a person thinks that suicide is the only solution to his worldly problems, he chooses the path of suicide. Suicide is not normal behavior but it is a pattern of abnormality. There are many psychological reasons behind suicide. The following are psychological reasons for suicide:

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Measuring Suicidal Tendencies

It is known that in about 90% of cases, if the symptoms of suicide are detected, the urge to commit suicide can be alleviated. Psychiatrists try to change and refine the use of certain scales to identify the suicidal person's self-destructive and self-defeating thoughts. Levels of hopelessness can also be measured. The measure of suicidal tendencies in Los Angeles is measured using a measure called the lethality scale.

The Cause of Suicide in the Eyes of Psychologists

Different people have viewed suicide from different perspectives. Eminent psychologist Sigmund Freud thinks that 'suicide is the end of mental conflict'. When a person develops a rival attitude towards the object of love, suicide is a reflection of the enmity of the person's subconscious mind.
According to Carl Meninger, "Suicide is a perverted desire where a person wants to destroy himself or he thinks someone will kill him, that is, he wants to die."

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Extra Parental Expectations of the Child

If the parent has extra expectations from the child that cannot be met for the child, it creates stress for the child. They choose suicide as an easy way to get rid of this stress. There are also many parents who do not evaluate the child's skills, opinions, enthusiasm. Their own will-reluctance imposes on the child as a result of which the color, form and rhythm of the child's life is lost and in such a situation the children want to be freed by committing suicide.

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Relationship With Parents

An important psychological reason behind suicide is the psychological conflict caused by the parents. Children who are in conflict with their parents in the family are more prone to suicide than others. Conflicts with parents lead to a lack of self-confidence. As a result of losing self-confidence, they begin to feel worthless. It doesn't matter if he is a parent or not. Also such children cannot form a good relationship with anyone in the next life or fail to hold it even if they can. Because there is a kind of bitterness between their own ideas, beliefs, expectations, mutual exchange, so they do not hesitate to ruin life at any time.

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Economic Crisis

Many commit suicide because of the economic crisis. Failing to cope with the economic downturn, many choose to commit suicide. Unemployment also increases the tendency of young people to commit suicide. Unemployed youth develop frustration, depression, apathy, etc., which leads them to commit suicide. Another reason for suicide is sudden dismissal.

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Reason for Suicide According to Cognitive Theory

Cognitive theory states that a person cannot accurately evaluate an event by looking at it in his or her imaginary sense. An impression of negative attitudes is firmly entrenched in their thinking as the person sees despair about himself and future life. They look at life with a failed, diversified, indifferent gaze. Then they commit suicide.

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Some Strong Reasons for Suicide

Depression is a powerful and fundamental element of suicide that motivates a person to commit suicide. Then there is oppression, harassment that can happen physically and mentally.

Separation of Parents

One of the psychological reasons for suicide is divorce. Children of families whose parents have divorced are more prone to suicide. This is because after the separation, the mother or father of the child becomes separated from each other which creates intense emotional conflict between them and they become insecure about life. They can easily choose the path of suicide at any time as they have no need of their own in life. Growing up with emotional conflicts, they show hopelessness and are reluctant to live for trivial reasons.

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Lack of Family Support

Many times in life there are many kinds of crises, and if there is no support from the family to deal with these crises or if the family is not on the side, then the person begins to feel isolated. This sense of isolation leads to frustration, depression, emotional conflict, and negative attitudes about life. As a result, he begins to feel lonely and unconnected, which can lead to suicide.

Reasons for Suicide

Reasons for Suicide

Addicted to Drugs

People who become addicted to drugs are more likely to have mental health problems. For example, there are errors and instability in controlling emotions, depression with agitation, etc. Which later made him prone to suicide. Addicts fail to properly control emotions such as anger, anxiety, tension, or guilt. There are always conflicts between drug addicts and their family members. Their uncontrollable emotions poison their lives as well as those around them. They cannot see the beauty of the earth. They commit suicide due to lack of vitality and abundance of life.

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Moon (author) from New York on July 23, 2021:

Thanks ISHIKA MEHERE for your appreciative comment.❤️❤️

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 23, 2021:

Thank you for this article, Moon. Someone I know committed suicide and everyone is still trying to recover from the loss. I do understand that suicide is not lead by a sudden emotion, rather it is the cluster of stressful thoughts that makes an individual take this extreme step, I wish more and more people find someone whom they can reach out to while feeling down.

Hope you have a great day ahead Moon.

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