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Realities of Our Lives


Realities of life

My Friend,

As much as we all want to live easy lives full of happiness and joy, actuality is that life can be very tricky at times.

Apart from of what we are, what we do, or how hard we try, life will pitch us plenty of curve balls to knock us off pathway. We can get derailed all of a sudden from our plans and goals at a blink of an eye.

As I’ve gone through life and become more and more aware of how this world really operates, I’ve made some explanation that I feel are just the harsh realities of life

8 Harsh Realities of Life

  • You can't go back. Learn from the past. ...
  • Busy doesn't equate to productivity. ...
  • You actually do have the time. ...
  • You might not live to see tomorrow. ...
  • Failure is part of the plan. ...
  • Life isn't perfect. ...
  • Do things you love. ...
  • You can't rely on anyone but yourself.

Some of these realities are within our control where we have the ability to change the circumstances or outcome. Some other realities are just not within our control and things we have to accept.

So, I’d like to share with you the some of my observations of the harsh realities of life that most of us will encounter.

1. Bad things happen to good people

Whether it be ourselves, people we know, or just others in the world who are genuinely good people, bad things will happen. They may experience crime, illness, disaster, or tragedy — good people are not excused from these events.

Conversely, there will be good things that happen to bad people. There are people who aren’t kind, caring or giving who have intentions of hurting others but somehow, they prosper in certain areas of their lives. Fair? Nope, it’s just the way it is.

But never look at those cases and say something like “well he’s not trying and he’s reaping all of these benefits!”

You still have to try and be your best at all times.

2. The educational system doesn’t provide the right tools for success

The present educational system isn’t set up to educate you to live a victorious life. I define a victorious life as one of happiness, purpose, and profusion. But then again, you have to define what success means to you.

The system is out-of-date and teaching so much material that is almost irrelevant and often, not applicable or needed in formative years to develop the proper behavior for living well.

Topics such as mental health, sympathy, finances, how to think, how to flourish, and how to manage emotions are all necessary skills in life. Many people today suffer from poor mental and physical health, dire financial situations, and have out of control emotions that lead to anger, fear, worry, and depression (as I had in the past).

3. The government isn’t here to help you

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Although the government surely offers help and programs that many people benefit from, their purpose isn’t always to serve the public as one would like to think or hope.

There are always politics and concealed agendas with every decision made and therefore, the citizens aren’t on the top of the precedence list.

It’s best not to rely on the government’s assistance for your future and well-being — take matters into your own hands.

4. Money is extremely important, no matter what people tell you

Money makes the world go round. Practically everyone wants money but many don’t want to admit it. Society, friends, and family will tell you that loving money is a bad thing and that money is the root of all peccadilloes.

Though, each one would love to have more money if they had the opportunity, why else do people play the gamble week after week hoping to win that big payout?

Money is necessary for people to eat, to have clothes, to have shelter, and for having life experiences. It can be used for good through charities, donations, building schools, funding humanity programs.

5. You will have to fail at something if you want to do something big

Many kids are taught that failing should be avoided — you shouldn’t take risks or odds for fear of latent consequences. This conditioning often leads to many people to put boundaries on themselves and their growth for fear of failure.

But if you have any big dreams or goals, you have to believe that failing is not only probable, it’s a certainty. Failures can often be the greatest lessons that we learn in life and should be looked at it as just that, lessons in life.

6. There will always be hate and crime

There will always be people who are filled with hate and consign ill acts upon others. This will never change and as I mentioned in #1, these crimes often happen to good people.

And as much as many people would love to enjoy world peace, it’ll never happen (unhappily and regrettably). But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

7. The health and food industry doesn’t care about your health

Take a look at most commercials, newspaper, and magazine ads and you’ll see pharmaceutical products and processed foods all over the place. Processed foods are inexpensive, tasty, and easily accessible but aren’t the best for our bodies.

Though, these supposed solutions do not address the root cause your problems and can often lead to unenthusiastic side effects.

8. Negativity is everywhere

Cynicism and negativity are ever-present. The number of people living in unconstructiveness far outweighs those who are positive and hopeful. Be careful about whom you surround yourself with and what they have you thinking, saying, and feeling.

Learning to be aware and control your emotions is important in overcrowding out negativity in your life. Focus on what have been good, what’s currently good, and the good that you’ll create in the future.

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