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Poison Ivy Rash Oozing Yellow Puss

red rash with liquid coming out

When it gets to be Spring and Summer time, along with doing yard work and outdoor activities comes rashes, bug bites, and poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. It can be hard to determine what a rash or mark can be.

I recently got a rash that puzzled me and I had a hard time finding any information about it. It is pictured below, Along with the redness of the rash, it would ooze out a yellowish liquid that would harden. If I put a bandage on it, it would rip of the yellow scabs when I would take it off. Every time, it would just continue to ooze more of this liquid substance. If I moved around it would cause the "scabs" to pull away from the wound and it would start oozing again.

This continued for about a week before the oozing finally slowed down.

pussy oozing rash


How to Treat Red Rash with Oozing

So what is this rash, it is an extremely bad case of poison ivy. The itchiness would be the most intense while sleeping. The only thing that seemed to help was calamine lotion. I tried using sprays and creams for poison ivy and it didn't do much of anything.


Penny on December 02, 2014:

My husband recently got what we think ispoisonsomething or other from being in the bushes. It is full winter, he was dressed for it, heavy jacket

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Hat, gloves long pantsInfact there was snow on the ground, how on earth could he have contacted this? It is very bad on his arm. Oozing like mad, disgusting looking. He has gotten it many times, but did not expect it through his clothes in winter.

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