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Raise Your Vibrations and Feel Good Today


Feeling Of Low Vibration

Have you ever felt a sinking drop in mood after you had done something you wished you had not done, or when someone says something hurtful to you? Have you felt that gut wrenching jerk of your stomach when you make a mistake somewhere in thought or action and then you feel like the pits and cannot pull yourself out of the mood you dropped into. These feelings are our bodies way of letting us know that we are in a low vibration.

We can drop into a low mood by simply remembering a painful event from the past and reliving it in our mind. There are many reasons we get stuck in a low vibration and become stuck in a rut. We can get stuck in the feeling of guilt or anger which are very low vibration emotions. Being in a low mood is not a happy place to be in becomes a distressing place because of negative thoughts we are having and saying to ourselves. These negative thoughts are the cause of a low vibration and rethinking them is the reason for the feeling of the low mood.

Science shows us that the human body is made up of energy that is constantly vibrating. We all have an energy field and depending on what vibrational frequency we are in, we will draw to us similar things, people or events that are on the same frequency to us. All matter and psychological processes such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are composed of energy and all have there own frequency. Negative thoughts and emotions create a lower vibration within the body as body resonates with the thought. The frequency of loving thoughts and the feeling of love is higher than the frequency of guilt.

I am writing this article in the state of feeling low vibrations. What I mean by being in a low vibration is that I am in a low mood. The reason for my low mood or vibration frequency are the same as usual, I became unaware of what thoughts I was having and had a negative thoughts about a situation and latched on to them. My thoughts become images in my mind and I now see memories I do not want. In low vibration life is no fun and I am not doing what I want to do, what I would enjoy doing. My body is resonating with the vibration of disappointment which is a negative emotion. My vibrations are brought about by the thoughts I have. The more negative thoughts I have the more my body will feel heavy and remain in low vibrations. This frequency makes me feel contracted and powerless to change my situation. My inner being feels crushed with the density of my low vibrations which are brought about by the negative thoughts that I think. My thoughts are in control of my physical vibrations. Being in a low vibration is what I feel when I am having negative thoughts that are making me feel depressed and anxious. Low vibrations in the body feel like shame and guilt and leaves me feeling miserable.

Unless we learn to identify what frequency we are vibrating from we cannot change the frequency. Without learning to raise our frequency, our lives will not change and we will go on feeling miserable. The feeling of being in a low vibration indicates to us what vibration we are in. A low vibration of the body equals low mood.

Feeling Of High Vibrations

Being in a higher vibration feels amazing and everything feels wonderful. We know we are loved because we are loving ourselves. Being in a higher vibrations means that we feel good about ourselves and our lives. We know we have the solution to all our problems when we are in a higher vibration. We feel excited about life when we vibrate on a higher frequency. We are creative human beings all of us and the higher the frequency, the more potential and creative power that energy has.

When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we feel better, we are calmer, and happier. We feel relieved and our mind is clearer and so we know what we are needing. We are aware of our needs no matter what they might be and we make sure our needs are met. We feel good about life, we feel excited, joyous and loving. We feel happy when we are in a higher frequency because we know that good times are on the way. We believe everything will work out because we can feel the higher vibration which is drawing to us similar vibrational beings and situations.

We develop a deep trust in ourselves, our lives and the universe when we are vibrating on the frequency of love. We vibrate on a frequency of love by thinking of, and feeling of, loving thoughts about people, places and things. We have many thoughts of gratitude when we change the frequency we feel from low to higher.

Vibration Chart


How To Quickly Change Our Vibration

We can quickly change our vibrations by focusing on only what we want. When we think about and focus on what we want, our vibration changes. Most of us are focused on what we don't want and are not aware they are doing it. If you are in a low vibration, change your thoughts to what you want and you will get more of what you want. You get back in life what you focus on.

The human body is made up of energy and when it is vibrating in it is resonating with everything that goes on within our own heads. We hold the power to change our vibrations and what we attract in life by the means of the thoughts that we think. Change your thoughts and your life will change. Changing the thoughts changes the vibrations that we emit so changing what we draw from life.

To quickly change vibration, stop and become aware of the vibration you are in right now. Take two or three deep breathes and focus on your breathing. Feel your stomach breathe in and out and focus on that feeling of breathing for a moment then ask yourself what vibration you are in, by looking at the chart above.

Ask yourself the following questions about why you are in the low vibration you find yourself in. These are my personal answers condensed.

(Q) What am I feeling right now?

(A) Fear, guilt, shame, anger and disappointment.

(Q) What was I thinking when I felt the negative emotion?

(A) I caught myself thinking about thoughts that made me feel unloved. When I listen to what I have been thinking I find dialogue was negative. I was imagining the worst scenario's and seeing and hearing negative images in my mind along with a negative inner dialogue. I heard horrible thoughts that affected me emotionally and I felt the feelings of guilt, shame and anger as well as other negative feelings.

(Q) How do you want to feel right now?

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(A) I want to feel loved and appreciated. I want to feel relief and I want to be free of worry. I want to feel relaxed and to feel wanted, to feel accepted, loved, appreciated and happy.

(Q) What would it feel like to feel loved and appreciated?

(A) It would feel amazing to feel loved and appreciated. I would feel secure and free from the fear of rejection. I would be free to be myself and do what is right for me to do with my life without fear of judgement. I would feel happy and I would enjoy my life and search out new experiences so that I could enjoy life even more. I would feel loved and I would feel joy, happiness and gratitude for the life I am living.

I would feel self love and appreciating swelling up in me, when I experience total self acceptance and self love, I feel amazing, confident.

(Q) What would you be doing If your vibration was raised?

When answering the last question, close your eyes and imagine how it would feel if you were getting to feel what you wanted. Feel the emotions you want to feel by first imagining what you want and need from life. Be honest with yourself and imagine the life that you want to be living. Get excited about life by thinking exciting thoughts. Think and imagine how life would look and feel for you to feel your higher vibrations. Find a better feeling thought and imagine where you would be, with whom and what you would be doing if you were feeling appreciated and loved. Changing your thoughts through creating images in your imagination that cause you to feel better, will change your frequency of vibrations. Your raised vibrations will bring you happier experiences.

When imagining your perfect situation in your minds eye, remember that, what we think about comes about. We become who we think we are. By imagining and changing our vibration we can change our reality. We can change feeling dreadful and wondering what life is all about and all the negative emotions that come with that state, to feeling on top of the world and expecting only the best from life by changing our vibrations through the power of thought. Change your thought and your emotion will change.

The fastest way to change our vibration if we cannot think of a better feeling thought is to find something to be grateful for. Be grateful for life, for water and the sun. Be grateful for what you have got and your life will change for the better. Imagine a better life and believe that better life is possible and your vibrations will bring to you the life of your imagination.

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Louise Elcross (author) from Preston on September 16, 2020:

Thank you Reshma for your kind words and lovely comments. I hope you are always in a good vibrational state.

Louise Elcross (author) from Preston on September 16, 2020:

Thank you Pamela for comments. I only want to vibrate on a higher frequency which is to me the frequency of love or the source of love.

Reshma Sanoor from Dubai on September 15, 2020:

That is an amazing article and truth. Everything is energies & vibrations. I really loved this article. 5*****

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 15, 2020:

When I became a born again christian everything changed for me. I had so many high frequency days. I had so many problems and I kept thinking there has to be something more in this world. I guess I searched for more. Everyone has a different story I guess but for me this changeld my numerous bad days into many good days.

Louise, I think this is a good article as it teaches us to focus on how we really feel and to change the low frequency days into something better.

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