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The Origin of Rage

The content of a man's heart is unknown, but the words of his mouth reveals his abstract possession. The predictability of a man's action is vague, but a single step from his foot presages his inward motive. The moment we arrived on earth, the world around us celebrated, the carrier was comforted, the carrier's partner felt relieved, but yet, the first thing we ever experienced was melancholy; we cried out loud in confusion and paroxysm. We wondered, what manner of place is this? How did I get here? What am I? Even though our mind as a child was void and bare, it was first filled with sadness and then questions that came from nowhere. We came into this world with a pure heart, a blank heart, without filth and guilt. We knew nothing, but everything knew us. We were controlled, directed, taught, led, and all we did was observe, listen, and absorb. We grew as an infant into a toddler, and it never stops. Our ignorance as a child caused us to make mistakes that resulted in chastisement and reproof. We tried to explain ourselves, but we were shunned, our words were inconsequential, we had no say in such matter. We said in our tiny little heart, "I'll never do that again," but with time, we repeated the same mistake, with time we made new mistakes, with time we became imperfect. The child who was once a blessing, now became a burden. The hatred he felt was equal to the love he received, his peculiarity began to lose its sanity, his morale began to depreciate. "That’s how it all starts. The fever, the RAGE, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel!"

Serenity and Indignation

Serenity and indignation are apparently two opposite state of actions, which seemed unnecessary to be coached to us as children. Most of us weren't taught how to behave, neither were we born with emotional intelligence (EI), we all passed through a stage of life which I term as "The Czochralski Process." This is a scientific terminology which simply means "growing," and is customarily known as "a process of producing a new rod of single crystal silicon from molten silicon." It might sound complex to understand, but that’s not an issue. This is a very important stage in a silicon's manufacturing process, which helps define how the crystal reacts to the heat of nature (The Sun). I believe we as humans, also passed through this refining stage of life, which indirectly impacts how we act and react to external behaviors. As I said earlier, 'we came into this world void and empty,' but our environment plays an important role in defining who and what we become in terms of our emotional idiosyncrasy.

The Rage Virus

Rage, which can also be termed as resentment, is usually a growing-type of expression or emotion. Some people see it as a normal form of body language, while others perceive it an eccentric form of inhumane reaction. But as a matter of fact, there is more to rage than the eyes can see. It all started from childhood. Being a child is like being in a liquid state, the more you add ingredients the more the water solidifies, the more the viscosity increases. The more children grow, the more difficult it becomes to control them. The rate at which children assimilates is an amazing phenomenon, which I believe scientists can explain better. It has been ascertained that children born into a divided home often turn out to be depressed and sometimes become socially inept. Exposing a child to such formidable behavior, amongst his parents, usually goes a long way in determining how such child responds to an individual's exasperation.


A child rage, often referred to as "tantrum," is an emotional outburst which is typically characterized by pertinacity, screaming, defiance, and so on. Tantrum is usually caused by hunger, pain, temperament, stress, overstimulation or situations that children just can't cope with. The good news is that tantrum can be controlled in a child if it is observed early, but once a child grows into teenagehood with such unacceptable behaviors, it becomes difficult to restrain. Obviously, you wouldn’t expect a teenager to start screaming like a child because of a minor pain or discomfort, but the point is that, such childish behaviors (if not corrected) usually affects how the child responds to people when he/she becomes a fully grown adult, which is a potential pathway to rage.

One Solution to Rage

Rage can be difficult to restrain once it’s loosed, but it can be easily controlled and cured. A burning flame can only be aroused if fuel is added, but no matter how ignited it is, water will always reduce or completely suppress the flame. The same applies to rage. There are many practical ways rage can cured but there is one solution that supersedes others (irrespective of one's age, status or religious beliefs). In Paul's letter to the Ephesians, he said "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (6:12). Most of the problems and challenges we encounter in our day-to-day lives are not always innate, neither are they hereditary. There are indeed extraterrestrial beings (spiritual beings) who are behind the predicament we face as human beings. That's why "prayer" will be a propitious solution to rage. No level of scientific experiment nor a technological device can stand against spirituality. You can't use an eraser to clean the ink of a pen, neither can you use a physical ideology to stop a spiritual jinx. Prayer is a spiritual exercise, if done in spirit and in truth, bonds will always be broken, chains shattered, curses reverted, sickness healed, stagnations revoked,. . . . . ., Rage cured.

NB: Rage is also caused by some internal brain deformities

Rage is just a scheme waiting to be caged once prayer becomes an option.

— Pacesetter Abbey

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