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Rabbit Tobacco: a Very Unhealthy Habit

Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.

Write's note: this is another Anti-Smoking Cigarettes piece. This is aimed at anyone who has made up their mind to forget being a non-smoker into a full-time smoker. But do not be deceived. This hub is NOT about starting, but staying away from all cigarettes. Although the current fad, "Vaping," allegedly allows current smokers to quit, I do NOT suggest such a stupid life-event. If you are now a smoker, stop now. If have never smoked, stop! Think about the dangerous habit you are about to begin. I am very serious. Thank you, Kenneth.

WARNING: this junk is very unhealthy. Beware.

WARNING: this junk is very unhealthy. Beware.

Let Me Be The First One to Say

that it was a sheer struggle to find the best way to write my headline since the subject was not about smoking cigarettes or any other thing, but the men (and women somewhere) and how they have somehow developed an art, to be specific, in how to roll a cigarette.

Then there are those strictly-amateur cigarette rollers who only think that they know how to handle such a noble art, but quickly find-out that this special even takes years of patience, hard work and loads of patience. This formula would be a great way to not begin or to stop the awful habit of smoking. I know what I am talking about. It takes as much patience, hard-work, and patience to get used to the deadly habit of smoking. Did you know this? Remember, (if you are still smoking) those times when your first urge to be "cool" and you wanted to light-up a cigarette in front of people and even look older? Then immediately came the harsh coughing, heaving, and swearing that you would never touch a cigarette for as long as you lived. These statements are good food for thought.

I remember "the" time that I latched-onto a cigarette, (brand is not applicable), and yes, I was hanging-out with a few buddies, and like a mindless machine, I asked one of my friends for a light. And like clock-work, I was on my way to achieving an important milestone of growing from a kid to a teenager and then I sucked into that one puff and then my lungs seemingly tore from my body through my mouth and I all but lay on the ground coughing and my face turned a blood-red and my buddies almost lay on the ground laughing "at" me, not with me. This, new smokers wannabe's, should be the reason why you do NOT need to start smoking.

A tough way to do this awful thing.

A tough way to do this awful thing.

Then There's My Story About "Mr. Duncan"

who was a hero of this eight year old, me. I am not a"glory hog," I just wanted to take the credit for something that I admired: Mr. Duncan's slick way of rolling his own cigarettes instead of buying "ready rolls" as smokers (back then) referred to them.

At first glance, rolling seemingly-looked so easy to do when Mr. Duncan doit. He even carried on a conversation while rolling his cigarette. There was a certain formula for rolling a cigarette and it was not as easy as some might think. You were not able to escape spending a few pieces of change to buy the ground-up tobacco in these small thin cloth pouches and these thin pieces of paper used to put the tobacco inside, make sure that each side was tight and then gently lick the cigarette and light-up. Easy? Don't try this.

Mr. Duncan was a farmer. One of the most-successful farmers in our community, but with all of his lands and money, he remained a very humble man. He always had time to park his tractor and sit down to chat as long as a neighbor wanted. Duncan had the time. But I give him the credit for not "chain-smoking," as he sat and talked to friends, because he might roll and smoke no more than two cigarettes and then that would be that.

I did admire Mr. Duncan for this one act of rolling his cigarettes, but now comes the super-embarrassing time when I was tempted to start rolling my own cigarettes just so I could be as manly as Mr. Duncan, who was at least 43, quite the years from being eight as I was.then.

Simple, yes, but leads to cancer and other health issues.

Simple, yes, but leads to cancer and other health issues.

Vaping Versus Rabbit Tobacco

and I hate to even bring this fad up to you. It is the factory-produced cigarette substitute for those who just cannot give-up deadly cigarettes. Here is how it works. You buy not only the tube which you fill with various flavors of tobacco and use the one who fits your fancy. Then as your urge tells you to "grab a smoke," all that you have to do is grab your vaping tube and with the effeciency of a pocket lighter, your vaping experience begins.

What a way to stop smoking while not quitting cigarettes. Yeah, sure. It's the same as "smoking your cigarette and quitting it at the same time." Talk about the amount of steamy smoke! You will definitely have plenty of smoke, just as people say that you will have. But be ready to have your eyes and nose be stung like a swarm of yellow jackets, because vaping is not a suitable substitute for smoking real cigarettes.

Now Enter The "Rabbit Tobacco"

(a real plant) that grew into the woods near our home and my dad taught me about this scrawny-looking growth, but left-out why I should never add this stuff to fire, so I thought this would be a safe "toy" and a very big way to have fun. When you are eight, and your parents are share croppers, you do not have that many store-bought toys to play with, so you make your own fun by using what you see around you.

The day came when I ran to this special place near the woods and picked myself a good handful of rabbit tobacco and let it dry into the hot sun. Even I knew that this damp stuff was not a good thing to do. In about two hours, it was ready and I was glad. While the rabbit tobacco dried, I was busy designing my first homemade cigarette that was made from a brown paper bag. And it was a beauty. It measured five inches long and in the shape of a perfect triangle. I was growing more excited with each heartbeat.

I was nervous as my shaking hands took the tobacco and shaped it into my cigarette and placed it it into my lips. I had secured a few of those long Fire Chief Kitchen Matches to just make sure that I would have enough fire in order to not let my fire go out. Then it came. My very first "drag" off of my rabbit tobacco cigarette and the smoke entering my mouth and throat burned like swallowing a pint of Tabasco sauce because it sure didn't taste like Tabasco, but grass that was burning. So was my mouth and throat. That was the single and last "drag" that I took before crushing-out the end of my rabbit tobacco cigarette. I threw the rest of my tobacco near our backyard and did not look back as I walked b
So much for the rabbit tobacco cigarette and so much for Mr. Duncan, rest his soul.

October 31, 2020_____________________________________________

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Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on November 01, 2020:

OK, my friend Kenneth, ya got me. I'm one of those women who tried rabbit tobacco. One time. Just once and that was enough. It burned the heck out of my nose and throat, too. I wonder about all those boys I heard talking about smoking rabbit tobacco. I'm beginning to think it was just a big joke to them and that they didn't actually use it when the real thing wasn't available. A person would have to be part dragon to use it on a regular basis.

Liz Westwood from UK on November 01, 2020:

At one time, many years ago, smoking was not seen as harmful. It's sadly addictive and many have paid the price with their lives and compromised health as a result.

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