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Rid Yourself of Poison Plant Rashes

Poison Ivy


Great Video on How Poison Ivy Really Works

The Beast of Three Seasons

Cutting the vines that strangled my Rhododendron was joyful until the next day. Upon rising, I felt that forgotten itch which lost me over the winter’s frosty season and itched my chin freely. Come afternoon, I realized that I was scratching poison ivy. Anyone that’s had it knows the extreme discomfort that it entails. We just welcomed Spring, and I'm already stricken with a stinging burning itchy rash that's spreading like flames under my chin.

There are numerous remedies, but the only one I’ve found to instantly take the ‘itch’ off is fresh horseradish. It works for several hours relieving the stinging and itching. I buy it fresh as a root and cut it up before throwing it into the blender to grind. I put it in jars filled with pure water and apple cider vinegar and refrigerate. It lasts a long time.

I’ve yet to find a cure to stop the oil from spreading into other monster rashes, so I am listing all sorts of suggestions. I believe we all feel desperate when plagued with poison ivy. Edgar Cayce suggested using the ancient old anti-bacterial soap cuticura. Bathe with it, and then apply Ray’s solution. I’ve found sitting in the direct sun to be very helpful in drying them up and lowering the itching level.

I’ve heard and will be trying has*h oil which instantly takes the itch away and kills the poison ivy by going into the body via the skin by the next morning.

In Ayurveda (natural medicine from India), they drink coriander tea and apply cilantro pulp to the rash.

Lobelia plant made as tea is used as a wash for itchy skin diseases.

White oak bark tea is supposed to be excellent for poison oak which may work for ivy too.


A recipe I found very soothing is a few drops of peppermint and cedar essential oils to a few tablespoons of water, one of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of salt in a spray bottle (close your eyes if spraying your face). It is sore to touch and increases the itching. Salt and vinegar disinfect and dry the rash while inhibiting infection. You could also add tea tree oil in which I found positive results as far as drying it out and allievating some of the burning and itching.

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Could an oxygen-rich body reduce the spreading of poison ivy, such as drinking oxygenated water?

Allersodes are homeopathic substances used to produce anti-bodies for a certain ailment. There is one for poison ivy/oak.

Internally: alternate chaparral and echinacea capsules every two hours. I added vitamin C, and beta glucans for additional immune system support.

Externally: Slippery elm powder mixed with water makes a paste that you apply to infected skin. It's very slimy and hard to stick, but just use a bit of pressure and make it loose enough. It dries like concrete and pulls the skin, but just let it do its thing. It forms a covering and sucks the blisters dry. It will chip like a facial mask, just reapply. Be careful not to pull it off when dried unless thin and flaky, otherwise it will literally rip the skin with it. It drieds the sores and heals them.

*NOTE: do not eat during the most infected time

Fast for two days during the inflammatory period just consuming raw organic carrot juice (we are attempting to purify the blood) and slippery elm tea, as this will relieve the symptoms.

Soaking in a cool bath with a cup of baking soda accelerated the healing. I also made a spray with baking soda so I didn't have to touch the blisters. This stops the itching for about two hours. I successively used a apple cider vinegar spray that stops the poison, both helped greatly. During this time, I drink a lot of water with lemon to clean the blood.

The Poison Ivy Vine


Slippery Elm Tea


Gabby on January 26, 2015:

Time to face the music armed with this great inifomatron.

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