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Quit Cigarettes for Good With One Piece of Plastic


It took one little piece of plastic, to help me quit cigarettes for good!

I was a smoker. Was. I didn’t think that I would ever say that. I’ve been smoking cigarettes for 27 years and I never thought that I would be anything but a smoker for the rest of my life. The strange and sad thing was that I couldn’t even see myself as someone that didn’t smoke. Not even a little. I could see myself getting down to a few a day, had to have one in the morning, one before bed, how would I function? These are hard-made habits that are made over two thirds of my life, there is no way I can live any other way.

I haven’t liked smoking most of the time, for a long time, but as I said, there was no way out of it for me. Now that I have quit smoking, the time, the money, the loss of lung capacity, no more running, is more evident than before. What it did to my brain was make it so that I genuinely didn’t think I could ever not do it, so I couldn’t even give it a real try.

Something changed.

I can’t say exactly what it was, but I guess it started with a show I was watching, Money Morons. It’s an old Canadian show and she is always busting the smokers for the cost. Then, as I write articles for different clients and saving money was one of them, I wrote an article about quitting. This led me to a lot of stats and it got me thinking, what the hell am I doing? 2250$ a year. Takes 13 years off your life. It stinks. You can’t fricking breathe. You know, all the stuff we already know. Something just felt different and I looked into it some more.

What I learned was that nicotine has a fast turnaround. You only have to wait a few days for it to be out of your system and most of the really strong cravings will be gone. So I thought, I can go through a lot for only a few days. Why not get through this and get on the other side of smoking? It’s 20% physical and 80% mental, isn’t it always that way?

So the worst craving came the next morning. I quit at 8:30 pm and I really wanted a cigarette in the morning, it was what I had done for the last 27 years after all, talk about muscle memory.

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I wanted something in my hand, needed it almost. I needed the feel of the cigarette in my hand, in between my fingers and I needed something to puff on. The thing was though, nicotine replacement therapy just prolongs the physical withdrawal, so I didn’t want to pick anything had tobacco. I don’t want to get rid of one for another, I wanted smoking gone. So, I picked up a straw. It was a thicker one that went into one of my toddler’s cups and it was just about the right thickness and length. I put it in my hands, played with it when a craving would come and even ‘hit’ it like I would a cigarette. It doesn’t feel the same, but close enough to trick my brain. It says that cravings are 3-5 minutes, so all you have to do is trick your brain for a few moments.

So, the need to trick my brain became less, especially so when those elusive 3-4 days was over and my body didn’t want to suck it out of the air anymore. Going cold-turkey scientifically leads to a higher chance of success. If you really want this time to be the time to stick, use a straw and don’t give into the idea that it’s only one. It all started with one, so don’t ruin your progress. Get through the first two hours and it gets better. After three or four days, it’s a lot better. After that, you are feeling better and it's easy to remember why you don’t even want to go back.

You can do it!

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