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Quick Tips Women Should Never Do Abdominal Exercise


Quick Tip Women Should Never Do Abdominal Exercises

We know that one of the main concerns of women with figure is the line of the abdomen (yes, men). This is a very important muscle group and it is important that they stay in good shape.

This is because, traditionally, a man with a small "belly" is acceptable, but a woman with a good "beer belly" is practically unacceptable.

However, even with such an effect on the human body, there are still many disagreements about the training of the abdomen , which often causes it to develop improperly or to deviate from the ideal beauty and function.

In between these theories and erroneous murders we can find far more than those who want exercise, damaging women's abdominal muscles and looking for a "slim waist".

Therefore, in this article we will comment on the Stomach Exercises for Women.

Some Of The Practices That Should Be Avoided

Before we can understand why we do certain abdominal exercises, we must first learn a little more about general abdominal exercises, as well as the major muscles and activities.

Between the main and lateral muscles

The main functions of the right ventricle of the rectum are most commonly found in the abdomen, with an increase in abdominal pressure, itching, and trunk approximately 30።.

Abdominal abnormalities: The main functions between the posterior ribs and the abdominal line are compression on one side, rotation of the abdomen to the chest, and double contraction of the abdomen, which promotes abdominal flexion and flexion.

Abdominal abnormalities: Located in the upper abdomen and in the muscles, it has the same functions as the external abdomen, but rotates the chest in the same direction.

The abdominal pyramid is located at the end of the abdomen, close to the pubis, leaving the line unbroken.

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The abdomen is located between the last 8 cartilages and the iliac crest, and its main functions are to increase abdominal pressure and stabilize the lumbar region .

Do women need training, supplementation and nutrition like men?

As we can see, many abdominal muscles, such as the abdomen, have functions beyond movement.

Therefore, as they are in the local area (body center), they have very important functions related to the repair of other objects.

However, our focus is not necessarily on the function of these muscles, but on their effect on appearance, right? Well then Let's move on!

Avoid Exercises for the Stomach Side

All weight-bearing exercises have hypertrophic stimuli, some of which are numerous and few. However, we must understand that hypertension and hyperplasia itself are not only in training but also in diet and commonly used protocols.

This generally happens in the body, that is, it is not possible to do only hypertrophy of one part of the body, especially if you want a harmonious body composition. So if you are overweight, the number of muscles, which causes all muscles to become hypertensive , including abnormal Muscluses. But what is wrong?

If we assume, it does not matter, because this is a natural process. But if we notice that the abdominal muscles increase in size, then we can assume that the waist size also increases and decreases.

So, you know the muscles clearly, yes, but with a wide waist and avoiding the goal you really want.

In general, if your goal is to have a low waistline, you should avoid certain exercises for the abdominal area, especially for the abdomen.

Also, the mandatory supplements are like a free square or a death load (known as one of the best exercises for the abdomen, strangely!).

Some of the practices that should be avoided

Talking about avoiding exercise is not about getting out of your daily routine, but about doing it sparingly and occasionally. Among them are:

Forced absence on boards or on the floor;

Single-phase negligence ABS on rotation;

Side-by-side foot elevations; And

Heavy luggage racks.

These activities can cause a great deal of stimulus in the region, which in turn increases disparity.

Even if you need to avoid them, you do not need to completely eliminate them from your daily routine, because it is important to emphasize that these muscles help to strengthen and control the whole body balance.

Choose exercises for further recruitment of straight abdominal muscles such as: Stomach in Plank, Stomach in Stomach , Stomach in Machines, etc.

Only use these others (excluded ones) as supporting roles and finally, okay?

Women's Abdominal Training Suggestion

This training can be done 2X a week at the end of weight training.

On the belly button on the knee joint - 5X20

Super Collection Rejected by Pedestrian Lifting - 5X25

SuperSet from: Air Bicycle - 5X30 seconds

Lumberjack Oblique Belly (Turning Bag) - 3X25 (for each side) [Perform the exercises individually]

Rest between sets for 30 seconds.


Crazy animals are the most sought after muscles and that is why they train so much. However, training for disagreements can lead to mistakes that can hurt your appearance and your body.

Therefore, exercise choices may be important to you to enhance your results.

Good training!

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