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Quarantine as soon as you enter the UK

Citizens coming to the united kingdom must stay in quarantine. Corona also will need to show a negative certificate from next week. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the remarks at an area hospital on Friday, because the price from a coronary heart condition in hospitals rose. The rule will become next Monday, AFP reported.

People from South America and Portugal were banned from entering the united kingdom yesterday for fear of a replacement strain of coronavirus spreading from Brazil.

Citing top medical and scientific officials, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Corona would need to show a negative certificate if she entered the country. This certificate of Corona test must be taken 72 hours before departure. He added that he would need to stay in quarantine for 10 days after coming to the united kingdom. you cannot leave your home for any reason and go anywhere else. However, passengers can test another corona five days after leaving Quarantine.

Passengers from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore could easily enter the united kingdom. In these cases, quarantine or corona test certificate wasn't required. This was thanks to the low incidence of coronary heart conditions within the UK.

UK Transport Minister Grant Saps said during a tweet that it had been difficult to seek out call at which countries new sorts of corona infections had spread. For this reason, restrictions are imposed on entry into the UK. The rule of showing Corona test certificate to travelers started much later within the UK than in other countries.
One week ago, the united kingdom announced that tourists in England and Scotland would need to show a Corona test certificate before arriving. This announcement is going to be effective from next Monday.

The official price from corona infection within the UK rose by one-third last week. So far, 6,295 people have died of corona within the country. This rate is the highest among European countries.

Another 1,270 people died within the UK yesterday, civil time. thereon day, another 55,061 people were infected with a corona within the country. So far, quite 3 million people are infected with a corona within the UK. However, the speed of corona infection has decreased by 14 percent within the last week.

The Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson has called on the people of the country to suits the lockdown. He said now's not the time to run loosely. Everyone has got to occupy home. People are advised to remain reception without work, children, and exercise. officialdom believe that coroner's infections have decreased thanks to strict regulations.

The UK plans to vaccinate quite 3 million people by the center of next month. All adults are going to be vaccinated within the fall. "We're getting to win the fight against Corona," Johnson said during a video released yesterday.