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Quantum Mind Power Review: I Have Tried It For Over Two Years, It Is Worth It?

Quantum Mind Meditation

Quantum Mind Meditation

Quantum Mind Power was originally launched in the late of 2006 and everybody especially mind enthusiast was so excited about it. It was announced as a new breakthrough technology in mind power filed. I didn't instantly buy into the hype but instead tried the two free demo tracks and tested them for about six months. In the second quarter of 2007, I decided it was time to get the full drive and see if it could really do what it claimed.

Before I continue with quantum mind power, I assume that you have already known what is brainwave entrainment and if you haven't you can head to brainwave entrainment and find out what it is.

When I first bought this system and logging into the private member's area, I was really shocked because of the massive files contained in it. It was almost a gigabytes of download. You will feel the same if you have seen the member's area. Most people got it wrong and I must admit I was too (although it is stated clearly in the website itself).

For the first and second module, namely 'Neural Synergy' and 'Eden Energy Wave Dynamics', the creator, Morry has prepared them into two types of stimulation patterns, known as monaural and isochronic which each of them has another 6 choices of base tone variations. For that, you have a total of 12 variations of stimulation patterns for the above modules to choose from.

In order to save your time and bandwidth, you need not download the whole things for these modules. You can try listening to each of the 24 tracks samples in the member's are. Once you have decided that the certain beat is most suitable for you, then you can proceed to get it.

This is truly an extensive brainwave entrainment program because Morry has taken into consideration of the differences and tastes of each and every individual. He formulated the base tones based on the principle of mind pattern similarity and you will definitely find one that you feel comfortable with. Although this is a high level stuff of mind programming but the advanced neuro-science technology behind it was simplified so that the acceptance level of every user is increased.

Now, in a simpler term, the 12 recordings for Module 1 and Module 2 are divide into two subcategories: monaural and isochronic. This was done based on how they are set up to hit the brain and which, then split between each subcategory with 6 different frequencies that again based on how deep you want to go. You might be wondering now what is the difference between monaural and isochronic.

Monaural Vs Isochronic

The most significant difference between monaural and isochronic lies in the size of the difference between the peaks and valleys in the waveform and which then determines how strong the CER will be. Cortical Evoked Response is defined as how the brain will react to the stimulus applied and ultimately determines the level of the brainwave entrainment process. This can be observed via a EEG machine.

To explain them in more detail, isochronics are the strongest while monaurals are smoothest. When the waveforms are printed on the paper, isochronics are shown as square pulses (the pulses are completely separated) while monaurals ramp up and down from each other joining at the bottom in a smoother transition.

People react differently to these two types of patterns. Research has shown that entrainment is likely to be more effective if the people react to the sounds positively. This could be simply achieved by choosing the track that you feel most comfortable with. This also means that if you like monaural better than isochronic then it is likely that the monaurals will produce better entrainment, even though it is not as strong as isochronics. The key point here is 'comfortable' and 'likeness'. It's not about the strength or the track itself.

In the end, the only thing that matter is the track that sounds best to you, as it is the one that will be more likely to produce better results for you. Do not confuse with the technical side of these stuffs; I made it here so that you will know what you are really getting, at least the basic info you should know!

Quantum Mind Power is the only one in the industry that has really raised the bar in it's field. Could you find any others that offers such wide variations to choose from? I doubt that and you wouldn't believe that one size fits all, do you?

In addiction to Module 1 and 2, you will also get the 'Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation' and 'Emotive Brain Wave Hynopsis' . The third and fourth modules serve as the supports for the first two modules because the real essenses are really them .

In order to get most out of this training, two training guides are prepared and, which you are highly advised to follow the manual strictly.

Cautiouns: Do not listen the tracks in random because this program was created in such a way that you can't jumble up the entrainment as you wish. Beside, you need to be consistent in your listening. If you have found a listening schedule for yourself, you must stick to it. On the first two modules, do not change the variations once you started especially if you have done it for a while. If not, it will interrupt your mind pattern and make the entrainment fails. On top of that, you might feel uneasiness in your body because of the constant changes of the wave pattern which is not good for you.

Quantum Mind Meditation

It is real with a one push button and meditate deeply like a monk?

Yes, you can but do not expect instant result because nothing could ever achieved without effort. It's the same for effortless program. Quantum Mind Power is not a magic pill for success. Instead, it is more like a mental fitness program which you have to listen to it consistently. Like the muscle you build on your body, your mental muscles also need constant training.

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Aryanna Timothy on September 17, 2012:

There are new points here that interests me. I love your review of quantum mind power. I guess this is not for everyone but it is best to try it if you are looking for mind power techniques. But like you said, there are things that has yet to explore.

Madu on February 29, 2012:

How can i reshape my maind to success

Michael Shane from Gadsden, Alabama on April 04, 2010:

Interesting hub KenWu!

Narain.K.D. from India on March 29, 2010:

Like bringing the whole universe into a single chip,you have brought a mega theory into a simple but informative article.Well done.

jj on March 06, 2010:

I think life flow is the best :)

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