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4 Tips to Improve your Social Skills

Nicole Pauline is a 19-year-old Ba Communication student from Saint Louis University.

Have you ever thought of living completely for yourself?

We each exist in our own lives because when we share our experiences, we open the door for others to relate. Sharing my journey statement can, in some ways, bring me along with those who share my vision. I realize this isn't the type of tale you're looking for, but I assure you it has to be told.

Shortcuts Don't Exist

I haven't done much social communication since I was a child. I was only responding to my teachers' inquiries. That's my daily routine: being quiet, calm, and only speaking out if they ask first. Eating alone is comfortable for me. Everything I want to keep to myself. Others should not interfere with my business. The biggest reason is that I don't want people to bully, criticize, or make hurtful jokes just because we're friends. My classmates are teasing one another it’s not fun at all. They were hurtful to one another's sentiments.

However, as I get older, being alone is something I'd like to avoid. The difficulty is, especially as I progress through middle school, there are a lot of school group projects, and I'm having trouble joining or starting my group. Of course, I must first approach them. First, ask them whether I may join their group, and then you can assign me to any aspect of the project to get it done.

I want to getaway. I wish to improve my social skills and become a more sociable person. I'd like them to come up to me first. In middle school, I tried so hard to be an extrovert, so hard to be confident, and so hard to improve my growth. Is it possible for me to take shortcuts in my personal development? I was hoping it would be as simple as I imagined, but I was mistaken.

However, reality forbids shortcuts. It requires a lot of effort. Don't be fooled into thinking that the road to personal development is simple. It's satisfying and worthwhile, but it's not going to happen quickly. There is no easy method to always live a fulfilled and happy life. You can't merely snap your fingers and satisfy your need for life. It will never be that straightforward, and anyone who tells you differently is most likely not enjoying their life to the fullest.

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4 Tips to Improve your Social Skills:

  1. BE CONFIDENT. You must avoid negative thoughts about yourself. You must accept yourself as you are. And don't worry, all of those imperfections are natural and normal.
  2. STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Allow yourself to indulge in those times and feed your introverted side. Everything that comes once you step outside of your personal bubble, you'll automatically achieve more than you have in the past.
  3. PRACTICE A COUPLE OF CONVERSATION STARTERS. Make an effort to engage in some pleasant and polite conversation (in the mirror). Also, while conversing with one another, make an effort to appear more nice and accessible.
  4. WEAR A SMILE. You must wear a smile one day, and those trained and maybe phony smiles will undoubtedly transform into genuine and pure ones.

Make Room for Yourself

Receiving my personal development later than my peers provides me with the necessary progress for my college years. My prior experiences have strengthened me.

For all of the effort, I believe it is worthwhile. It's now becoming evident where my route is leading after a long and winding trip. The person I am now compared to the person I had been before embarking on this endeavor is vastly different.

My old and new selves may almost be two distinct persons. It's today. It's to see today the decisions, adjustments, and actions I undertook to get here. Perhaps this journey would not have been so arduous if I had realized where I would wind up back when I was so confused and doubtful. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I understand that I had to travel that rough path and get to where I am now. It has made a significant difference. In the end, I know that almost all of the agony, work and effort, and suffering were well worth it.

© 2022 Nicole Pauline Panis

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