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Psychedelic Plant-Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Known by these names as well as others:

Argyreia speciosa, Baby Hawaiian Woodrose, Baby Bidhara, Convolvulus nervosus, Elephant Climber, Liane d’Argent, Rose des Bois, Silver-Morning-Glory, Vidhara, Vridhadaru, Woolly Morning Glory.

The best part of this plant is its use for spiritual enlightenment, psychedelic, and hallucinatory trips. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contains a natural hallucinogenic toxin (LSA) which is a precurser to "LSD" in genetic structure. When taken for experimental purposes, it can be described as combining the intoxicating feeling of alcohol intoxication (sedative feeling) with the visual, auditory, and mental enhancing properties of LSD. A spiritual trip from the seeds of this plant will typically last 4-8 hours. It is not entirely understood how LSA produces these effects within the body.

This is an ornamental plant that shares commonalities with a sister plant, the Morning Glory. Morning Glory trips tend to be more visual, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is more mental. The most common and native growing locations for HBW are Hawaii, Florida, and California. Seeds of this plant are primarily used to make medicine. It relieves pain, and encourages sweating, purging, and flushing. This plant is a perennial climbing vine with big heart-shaped leaves and beautiful white trumpet flowers, as previously stated seed pods contain the psychedelic LSA.

The in-between without substance


LSA is a psychedelic ergoline alkaloid related to LSD, commonly taken by consuming an extraction made from (morning glory) or (Hawaiian baby woodrose) seeds. Side effects include auditory and visual hallucinations, spatial and temporal distortion, introspection, as well as side effects such as euphoria, nausea and vomiting.

There is gray area within the law when consuming Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds because they contain LSA which is a schedule III controlled substance.


What you decide to do with this information is at your discretion. This article assumes no responsibility for your negligence, stupidity, or health repercussions. Many health professionals claim HBW is unsafe. This article is not meant to promote drug use.

Side effects from use include:

  • Dizziness
  • Stomach cramping
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Gas
  • Sweating
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Blurred vision
  • Rapid eye movement, and dilated pupils
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety, nervousness, euphoria

HBW should be avoided and removed from the system at least 5-7 days before having any type of surgical procedure. People that are pregnant should not use HBW, nor should those with known mental illness conditions, or those taking any kind of anti-depressant medications.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

  • Legal
  • Generally safe

HBW seeds


Why would someone take HBW?

Besides deep meditation, trance, and hypnosis, some people desire to connect with "spirit or source" on a deeper, and albeit quicker route of travel, others just like to trip! Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can achieve this legally and safely (generally).

Seeds can be purchased from Shamans Garden.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds contain LSA (d-lysergic acid amide), which acts similar in the body as LSD. The seeds are eaten, although there is a variety of preparation methods that can be used (only Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds from native environments should be used). The active oral dosage ranges from 4 to 12 seeds and the "trip" lasts from 4 to 8 hours. 8-12 is considered a high dose, and unpleasant side effects increase with larger doses. For any novice, 1-4 seeds is suggested.

Did ancient Indian shamans do complex extractions of seeds? No, they didn't. They simply ate the crushed up seeds. They'd either chew up the seeds finely and swallow them or at the very least they'd crush the seeds and soak in water for 24 hours, then strain out the seed mush and drink the water, which you can do as well, with beautiful results.

However, this is the best and rather easiest way to prepare your seeds:

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  1. Remove all husk and bark (VERY IMPORTANT)
  2. Grind or crush the seeds first using a coffee grinder or mortar pestle, the finer the better. Put them into a cup or mug, no plastic!
  3. Boil enough water to fill the cup.
  4. Add the boiling water to the cup. You will see the water become a nice light green color.
  5. Let the mixture sit until it has reached room temperature. For the best results allow it to sit for 24 hours.
  6. Pour the mixture through a filter, and discard seed shells.
  7. Drink the mixture and enjoy your journey!

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The HBW expierience

The spiritual trip from HBW is generally mild, you will not find it difficult to act or communicate with others in an albeit normal manner, and many users proclaim being able to turn the effects on and off mentally or at will. Which means you won't typically require someone to talk you down if you happen to "lose it". However, high doses can produce delirium, confusion, fear and paranoia. So mind your tolerance. Once ingested, expect the peak to begin about 2-3 hours after they've been ingested, preceded by stomach cramping and nausea. If stomach pains become intolerable, lay flat on your back and breath through the cramps, they will pass. The effects of LSA will creep up on you slowly. You may begin to wonder if anything will happen, but it will. It just won't immediately take you over. Before taking HBW, make sure you are well fed, rested, and in good health, and that you are in a generally safe, positive environment with people you trust. It is also suggested to let someone know you are taking them should any adverse side effects or allergic reactions appear. With any psychedelic, you should avoid negative environments during use, this should be a given, but I feel it should be said. It is best to avoid horror movies, negative music, and negative people. As with any drug, HBW will most likely make you sick at some point. Achy joints, vomiting, (like psilocybin, it is toxic) so it does have it's unique set of side effects. A wonderful location to take HBW is outside, anywhere you can fully connect with nature. Camping trip anyone?

For most people, HBW can react like speed for the brain. The trip is mainly mental, although visual hallucinations can occur, they are usually mild and appear as geometric shapes, colors may intensify, and you may catch trails. Thoughts may run in and out of your mind faster and faster. Flashes of brilliance or nonsensical thoughts are common, taking notes while on HBW is a nice idea. Or recording your thoughts for later reflection you may find interesting. Gentle touches become intense making sexual stimulation quite extraordinary and pleasant. Physical pain resembles a soft touch, like a gentle breeze blowing across the body. Thoughts become clear, logical, connected, and interwoven. Solutions to problems may become easy to solve, as if they've always been readily available. Reality may simply slip away during the duration of your trip. Solidity of substance often becomes void. The veil of reality will simply lift away.

It is important to have clear intentions when using this substance, and a positive mindset before taking your journey. Just like with LSD, your state of mind before the trip is important to avoid unpleasantness. What would constitute clear intention? Well, if you are on par with meditation practices your intent and desire would be to quickly pass through the doorway of this realm connecting the next. To obtain peace, tranquility, enlightenment and to become one with the higher source and all things good and one.

LSA from HBW should be respected. It has been used for centuries by shaman, healers, diviners and spiritual leaders. This is not a substance that should be casually used, and most users state that a single use is beautiful enough to last a lifetime. This is not a drug addicts abuse and take advantage of.

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