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Protein Fluff: An Easy To Make, Low Calorie Snack


I am always hunting for new ways to make low calorie meals that taste good. Since I'm horrible in the kitchen, I normally fail at this (even if the recipe is incredibly basic). That's why I was so excited when I found out about an easy-to-make snack that helps you lose weight as well as grow muscle. Seems to good to be real? Well, that was my first thought when I read about the mouth watering treat, protein fluff.

What's protein fluff?

Protein fluff is a lightweight, airy mixture of protein powder as well as a few additional ingredients such as skim milk or fruit. It is made by combining the substances together and then allowing the mixture to stand. I first found out about protein fluff on leangains.com and after trying it I couldn't comprehend why it wasn't more well-known.

Although there are plenty of variations of protein fluff, there is truly simply one type of protein powder that you should use.

Casein protein powder: The base of protein fluff

It's necessary to use casein protein powder in order to attain a superb texture. Casein proteins actually thicken in your stomach so food digestion takes a lot longer. It's possible to make use other kinds of powders, yet casein most certainly creates the thickest, creamiest fluff.

You are able to find Casein Protein at a local business or online for about $25 per 2 pounds (not a bad deal at all).

Protein fluff recipes

Below is the exact protein fluff recipe that I have been eating (it was spotlighted on LeanGains).


- 40 grams of Casein protein Powder

- About 200 grams of mashed fruit (my fav is strawberries)

- 2 ounces of fat-free milk

1. Mix all the components in a dish

Simply pour all the substances specified above in a mixing bowl and stir for a few minutes.

2. Use a mixer/blender on the highest setting for 5 minutes

I have had luck using both a mixer and a blender.

3. Let it stand for about 10-15 minutes

This is when it'll start to puff out and look remarkably fluffy.

How you can use protein fluff

If you're looking to gain muscle it's ideal to consume protein fluff right before you go to bed. Not only does it make a great late night treat, the casein slowly breaks down while your sleeping.

If you're trying to use protein fluff to diet, you must replace your breakfast with one serving of fluff. It will fill you up and is simply 200 calories.


Protein fluff is an excellent method to cut your daily calorie consumption without giving up taste. It's great for anyone that wants to replace meals with a healthy alternative.

For more health and fitness advice for the busy man or woman head on over to No Nonsense Fitness Tips.

Here's how to make protein fluff quickly


simone on April 30, 2012:

hey am i not looking right does it tell you how many serves you get from this recipe?

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