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Proof the HCG Diet Works for Fat Loss

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Before and After HCG Photos

Before and After HCG- all the fat you see gone was done solely with hcg folks!

Before and After HCG- all the fat you see gone was done solely with hcg folks!

Proof HCG is NOT a placebo

"Anyone will lose weight eating only 500 calories a day...."

"That's a starvation diet, that's what it is."

Have you heard these words and words like these in regards to the HCG diet? These comments are most often made by people who know very little about the diet and have never tried it themselves. I've read many blogs, forum posts, and comments, all by people who claim hcg doesn't really work; that a person is only losing weight because of the 500 calories they are eating, and furthermore, they are losing a lot of muscle.

I have finally have the chance to prove that this notion is dead wrong. dead wrong. dead wrong. Should I say it again? Yes I should. They are dead wrong!

How do I know? Because I had my body fat tested hydrostatically (the gold standard for body fat testing) before and after hcg- it proves without a doubt that I lost almost all fat on the hcg diet. Full details below folks. I don't think the proof could be any clearer. Most would agree that would not have been the outcome if I were simply "starving" myself.

I researched this diet fully- hundreds of hours of research before and during my journey with hcg. How could I be sure I was losing fat on while on the hcg diet? Most would agree that is the number one indicator if a diet is a "good" or not. We don't want to be concerned just with weightloss. If you really do starve yourself, yes you are losing weight, but what is really happening? Your body is burning up your lean muscle mass for fuel and saving your fat. That is something I didn't want.

I chose to track my body fat percent, both hydrostatically before and after my hcg rounds, and using a home device on a daily basis. I compared the results of my home device with the results from my hydrostatic body fat test results. I was pleased to see that my particular home device was very close to being accurate and was quite consistent, therefore a good tool to use while on hcg to make sure I was losing fat, not muscle.

What were the results? I lost 7.5% body fat in one round of hcg, which was about 40 days long. Out of 21 lbs lost this 3rd round of HCG, 16.8 lbs were fat, and only 4.8 lbs were a combination of water and lean muscle mass. All this eating 500 calories a day, and no exercise whatsoever. Not one single bead of sweat broken. Promise.

You can see even more body fat test results and my full story at my blog

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Results- Before R3 HCG

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Results- Before R3 HCG

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Results- After R3 HCG

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Results- After R3 HCG

In Conclusion Folks....

It is pretty much unheard of to lose 7.5% body fat in just over a month eating so little and not exercising. Our bodies do not let go of fat very easily. I have put photos of my hydrostatic body fat results here for you to see.

For any of you out there who've been considering hcg but weren't sure if it was just hype or one more thing to waste your money on that was just a gimmick- now you have true proof that hcg really does cause you to lose fat and conserves lean muscle mass.

HCGChica here, signing off. If you want to see me vlogging my hcg journey, you can find me on youtube:

Stay tuned on my youtube channel for my first E-book coming out soon that will discuss how to make sure you do lose fat on hcg. It is in fact possible to lose lots of lean muscle mass on hcg if you do the diet wrong- I've done it and had to learn the hard way my first round of hcg. 'til then!

Quick Note about Body Fat Test

I want to point out one thing so I don't confuse anyone and so no one thinks there is anything "fishy" going on. The first test shown here taken in April 2011 was taken just prior to my 2nd round of hcg. My 2nd hcg round was a complete flop for several reasons and so my third round started out exactly the same place round 2 started. Thus the seemingly long break between tests. But rest assured, these results are an accurate picture of what happened in the 38 days of my 3rd HCG round.


irma on May 09, 2014:

Where can i get hcg drops?

gem1849 from Miami on March 26, 2014:

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Did you use any apps to help you track your progress and stay on course?

coronado girl on November 06, 2013:

1 week into 10lbs. gone!!!! I get a lot of people commenting on the inability to maintain these losses. It looks like you have maintaned well, inspiring!

hcgchica (author) on August 28, 2013:

Hi Cristina- if you go to my blog you'll see the hCG that I used and that I feel comfortable recommending.

hcgchica (author) on August 28, 2013:

Hey Gerry- I hope things work out for you this time! It's true- making these long term changes to how we approach nutrition can be very difficult- it was definitely a process for me that didn't happen overnight with some backsliding at times. But now I've been 100% gluten free for 2 years and I don't eat sugar in any form for a long time now and I never would have thought this was possible- hCG definitely helped me make the transition. Take care.

Gerry Walker from Treasure Coast, Florida on August 28, 2013:

Hi HCGChica: I too went on HCG for 40 days, lost 25 pounds (my first post is above cristina's). Had good luck resetting whatever it is you reset, but couldn't keep away from sweet stuff and dairy, so unfortunately I gained back nearly all. The next time I tried I couldn't quit sugar so of course flubbed it. That was in June this year. Ten days ago I decided to give it my "all" and started again. I'm trying to integrate either no fat yogurt or a tofu smoothie with 1/2 cup skim milk every other day as I miss my dairy so much. I'll let you know how it works out. So far, so good. 10 days and 5 pounds.

The HCG source I used for the first round (18 mos.ago) isn't selling it any more and I found a couple others, for more money of course. One was The Real HCG and the other website is The Complex is the one I'm on now.

cristina on August 27, 2013:

Where do you get your HCG from?

Gerry Walker from Treasure Coast, Florida on February 23, 2012:

Hi gal: My son and I are starting the HCG protocol in the next few days. I'm doing drops and he's doing injections. It's my first time and his second. I'm journaling our "journey" -- a mother and son effort -- we have different health problems, mine are allergies and his is blood pressure, so this will be a truly interesting experiment. He's between jobs, so back home for a while.

When I heard he wanted to do this I was horrified. HORMONES! I thought. But when I read various info pieces,I thought, well heck, why not give it a whirl?

We're going to take before and after pix as you did. I only hope we come out as well as you. Where did you find the home device for body fat testing?

Thanks and good luck to us all!

hcgchica (author) on December 27, 2011:

Of course you may! I'd love it if you would. I really want to get this information out there because there is very little "proof" as far as fat loss goes with hcg. It has finally been laid to rest for me.

Ash Kat Hcg on December 27, 2011:

Just reading this article and it is so awesome. Do you mind if i post this or tweet this? I'm so proud of you. OMG and the information is so good!

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