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Promoting Youth Mental Health

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Kelvin is a Mental Health Advocate and a Human Rights Defender with special interest on mental health awareness.



We can think, learn, and build our life when we have good mental health. Distress, on the other hand, is having a severe influence on the health of far too many young people today, preventing them from thriving. Many young people's mental health issues have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are missing the routines, social connections, and healthful activities that are so important to their growth and mental well-being because they are unable to attend school, cut off from friends and family and face uncertainty about the future.

The Impact of Mental Health is Severe

It is up to us as a global community to respond and to do so in a way that tackles both the dangers and enormous potential given by this time in history. Adolescents go through significant physical, cognitive, and emotional changes as they move to adulthood. This era of fast change can be a time of increased risk for mental health issues like anxiety and depression, but it can also be a time of opportunity. Building healthy connections and developing healthy habits, for example, can have a long-term positive impact on an adolescent's well-being.

Adolescents, in particular, require guidance, support, and nurturing from parents, trusted adults, schools, and communities as they navigate these transformative events. As a result, we must increase caregiver assistance; so that they may better promote and preserve their mental health, as well as that of their children.

We Must Advocate for Mental Wellness

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3 Solutions to be Considered

So, what are our options? I see three areas where public and private sector action and investment could be beneficial.

  • To begin, we must continue to engage young people, their caregivers, and their communities in nonjudgmental mental health talks. Although it is not always easy to talk about mental health, continuous efforts are required to begin dialogues that promote understanding, connection, support, and de-stigmatization of mental health.
  • Second, we must ensure that mental health promotion and preventive services are available to all young people. It is true that we don't have to start from scratch to accomplish this. We can build on existing global and national efforts in a variety of areas to advance evidence-based action for adolescent mental health promotion and protection. The development and use of technologies that are tailored to local situations in low- and middle-income countries is an important next step.
  • Third, we have an opportunity to form a coalition of public and private actors ready to take action and engage in adolescent mental health promotion and prevention.


With children and adolescents accounting for up to half of the population in some parts of the world, it's critical that we keep mental health in mind as we recover, rebuild, and envision a future that is safer, healthier, and more inclusive for all children. It is the responsibility of everyone to join hands in ensuring that young people's mental health and well-being is no longer neglected and underfunded. All people's futures will be brighter if positive steps are taken today to benefit the next generation.

Therefore, mental health is widespread and an ailment that can manifest itself in various situations which can be either physical or mental. It can happen to anyone anywhere in its both complex and simple form. It is true to say that everyone should be his brother’s keeper because no one knows when it can strike. It is also my advice to people who are suffering alone to come out and speak, it is the only way they can get help rather than living secluded. The only way to deal with this monster is by being vigilant and making sure we do not stigmatize the victims.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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