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3 Beneficial Preventions of Mental Health

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Moon is a professional psychologist for 3 years and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from NU.

What is Prevention?

Preventing mental health means taking measures to prevent mental illness before it occurs. If it can be prevented before mental illness, then people can be protected from mental illness. Mental health does not just mean the absence of mental illness. There are also some positive aspects of mental health. Proper mental health includes the development of a person's latent abilities, the attainment of the fullness of his personality, the development of skills necessary for the attainment of human well-being. The current psychiatric prevention system has been developed based on the information and theories that experts have constantly researched and tested.
• The immune system is divided into three stages. These are- Primary Prevention, Secondary Prevention, Tertiary Prevention.

Helpful Prevention of Mental Health

Helpful Prevention of Mental Health

The Benefits of Prevention

If measures are taken to prevent the disease from occurring before the onset of mental illness, then its long-term harmful effects can be avoided.

Primary Prevention

The primary prevention is to take measures to prevent the disease from happening at all. There are three types of primary prevention; Namely: - Biological resistance, social resistance and soc-cultural resistance. These are discussed below

• Biological Prevention: The future physical and mental health of a healthy and strong child depends on its birth. When it comes to the family designed to give birth to a suitable child. Primary prevention begins with family planning. Exactly when a couple will have children, how many children they will have, how long there will be between two children, these are very important issues. Prospective parents can take genetic counseling. We know that genetic defects can cause multiple physical and mental disorders. So the couple can have their genetics analyzed and if there is any defect, they can take further action as per the advice of the expert.

Genetic analysis of the fetus in the womb can be done and if there is any defect, if it is not possible to remove it, then necessary steps can be taken. The pregnant mother needs to be kept under the care of a doctor at all times to take care of her nutrition and health. The baby needs to be cared for under the supervision of a physician similarly after birth. Maternal and child welfare certificates together can play an important role.

• Psycho-social Prevention: We know that in order to deal with the various problems of life and to maintain harmony with the society, one has to acquire some necessary skills. Just as he needs to acquire physical skills to sustain life, he also needs to develop the necessary intellectual capacity to solve problems, acquire useful social roles and skills. Therefore, in order for the development of physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills in a child to the fullest extent, it is necessary to create the necessary opportunities and environment.

• Soc-cultural prevention: The purpose of every human society is to provide security for every individual, to provide equal opportunities and facilities for the full development of the individual's abilities and talents. But it is a matter of great regret that this purpose and ideal of society is not implemented in most cases. The people of the society are divided into groups according to race, religion and ideology and the majority group continues to dominate the minority group. In addition, there are some exploitative classes in the society, who exploit others from generation to generation. Such exploitation must be eradicated through social reform.

The Child Needs to Be Given an Idea About Life

The child needs to be mentally prepared in advance about the common crises that a person faces at different stages and chapters of life. Problems in marriage and marital life, occupation and conformity to occupation, conception and childbirth, new adaptations of middle age and compulsion, create stress in many cases for the individual. If there is mental preparation in advance, the person can easily overcome these crises.

The Main Goals of the Prevention System

The Purpose of Prevention

Primary PreventionSecondary PreventionTertiary Prevention

The main goal of primary prevention is to prevent the disease and to create a lot of awareness for it.

The main goal of secondary prevention is to ensure that the mentally ill can recover as quickly as possible and that the patient receives health benefits in his or her area.

The main purpose of the Tertiary Prevention System is to prevent the recurrence of mental illness by relieving the mental patient, rehabilitating him / her in the society and taking care of the patient.

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Helpful Prevention of Mental Health

Helpful Prevention of Mental Health

Secondary Prevention

If a person has a mental illness, it is called secondary prevention to identify it at an early stage and try to cure the patient quickly by keeping the patient in the family or in a medical center in his area. Secondary prevention measures are required only if the primary prevention system fails. Early detection of the disease and treatment of the patient by keeping him in his area. The prevalence of the disease can be largely prevented if there is information about what kind of disability is more prevalent in an area, why such disability is arising or through which the prevalence of the disability is increasing.
There is also a need to set up residential area based mental health centers for secondary prevention. Such area-based mental health centers have two types of facilities. First, the medical system is delivered to the edge of the patient's home. As a result, the patient and his family can easily seek the help of a doctor. Second, if the patient does not go to the medical center voluntarily, the health center staff are well-versed in the area so they can easily find out about the disease and arrange for its treatment.

Helpful Prevention of Mental Health

Helpful Prevention of Mental Health

Benefits of Mental Health Centers

• Benefits of full-time treatment: For a short period of time, the patient can be kept in the health center round the clock and his treatment can be arranged.

• Emergency Services: The staff of the health center can be availed for 24 hours to deal with any emergency.

• Counseling and teaching: Health workers can provide counseling and education to the people of the area about mental disorders and their prevention.

Tertiary Prevention

If secondary prevention fails and the disease becomes complicated, sending the patient to the hospital and rehabilitating the patient quickly and rehabilitating his family and area and arranging post-sick care is called tertiary prevention. If the temporary treatment at the mental health center does not cure the disease and if the disease becomes progressively more complex, the patient has to be referred to a mental hospital immediately. Curing a patient's disease requires a well-controlled environment in a mental hospital and the constant supervision and treatment of a physician.

• However, it is necessary to keep a watchful eye so that the patient's stay in the hospital is not long lasting but short. This is because being separated from the family and being in a remote mental hospital creates stress for the patient as well as for the family. In addition, if the patient's stay in the hospital is prolonged, the patient becomes accustomed or addicted to the improved environment and lifestyle of the hospital. It is difficult for such a patient to return home later and start a normal life by adapting to the environment. As a result, they are re-infected. Therefore, the patients in the hospital are treated as soon as possible and are sent back home as soon as the disease is cured.

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