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Preparing For Older Age

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Old Age

Have you ever heard the expression, "old age is creeping up on me"? Well if you live long enough, you will eventually either say it or feel it. It's a strange time of life, especially if most of us felt if I lived a good productive honorable life, I would have the people near and dear to me helping me in my declining years. After all wasn't that what it was like on the Walton's? This might be what it is like for some people, but more often then you think, for many others it does not follow suit.

I had only to look around my own small neighborhood of 60 houses to observe that is the fate of many senior citizens. I have lived in this neighborhood almost 30 years so observing was to learn. Somehow seeing you are not the only one, is still comforting, although it doesn't change a thing.

Our Own Fate Realized

I never thought much about growing old. If you read another article I wrote, you would see that I didn't even realize I was getting old at age 66. With the murder of my oldest son, when he was 44, and now the realization that my youngest son now 48, would always prefer to be estranged from us, it made me think that I needed to think in the survival mode.

My Own Fears Realized

The first thing I thought of when I realized that we were on our own, was "how the hell do I get out of this world when the time comes"? It sounds funny but the gory reality is, it as a reality for us as well as many others. What is the old saying, "the only things you have to do, is pay taxes and die". Well as unpleasant as it sounds it's still true.

So I started doing some research, and hopefully I have some helpful suggestions for those that find themselves in a similar situation.

You might find that those who find themselves in our situation happens much more often then you would think.

Make Your Own Funeral Arrangements

Yes, this can be done to our surprise. You can purchase your own cemetery lot and plaque and pay a funeral director for your expenses, including taking your remains to the cemetery.

This is not at all uplifting, so I sent my husband to do it. We decided to do it this way, knowing eventually one of us would be the lone survivor.

What Can Be Delivered To You

When I thought about what being independent in our older age entailed, I thought about what we would need help with and how we could do it ourselves.

So it bought me to this question. What can be delivered to you. In today's world I think it makes it much easier for everyone, especially seniors. I can remember my sister and I trying to make sure our mother had what she needed. My mother was one of the luck ones, others will not fair as well. Realizing I was not going to be one of the lucky ones, I strived to see what was available.

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Good news is the world has changed. Jeff Begos and his wife changed the world when they started a delivery service of goods and products from their garage. Yes, we have Amazon. Not only Amazon but the many companies that now participate in the mail order and delivery of a host of products. Covid 19 gave us all the opportunity and practice to take that concept for a test drive.

I found I can get both of our clothes and my medical supplies delivered directly to my door. This can be all important to all of us as each year passes into your own old age and how it can assist you in remaining independent. I also found I could order seeds for our garden through all kinds of different seed companies, as well as potting soil, arbors, and trellis, and yes even live plants delivered directly to your door.

Prepare Your Home

Don't give old age an advantage, prepare your home. Look for trip hazards, and while you still can arrange your home for a senior citizen. Put things where they can be easily reached. Anything that prevents fall.

Take Care of Your Health

A priority for my husband and I is taking care of our health, so we can be there for each other.

I have a host of health problems. I didn't do well in this area when I was younger, so it is imperative that I get it right now as I live with these handicaps.

Getting It Done At 71

So now at 71 years old, I continue to research how to survive our descent into the so call "golden years"

It's about courage, faith and determination, and how you can maintain your independence.

In my own neighborhood, there are those who have lived here most of their adult life, and they still walk around this neighborhood with a cane and a walker. Some still drive their automobiles at 88, and 89. Others are not as lucky. Visitors come less frequently as the years go by. Some have stopped coming all together.

Through all the loss in my life, and I have certainly had more than my share, I still am more fortunate than others. My husband and I have each other, and we look after each other.

What you can see from your window when you have lived somewhere for so many years, can teach you a lot. Some people who took care of their children and even their grand children, now sit alone, and family seldom stop at their house.

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